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Hey guys, Sneaky Pete here, getting out of the house today, and I want to talk about two of my favorite things, and the best way to enjoy them. To make sure that a system doesn’t fail me and leave me high and dry, I’m not going to just bring one of each thing, I’m going to dip into my arsenal. And all of these items fit in one box for easy packing!  So, let’s take a look at which products I selected, and why I selected them.  

The first guiding principle that I’m using is to double up everything that you’re bringing. Now, I’m just bringing one Jyarz and one Brilliant Cut Grinder as they’re substantial enough, but in terms of vaporizers, I’m not just bringing just one, regardless of what it is; same goes with heat source and water systems   

First, to store my flower, I’m bringing the Jyarz Satchmo flower storage. They are advertised to hold up to 7g and will probably hold more. Even though the flower I get is usually nice and moist, I’ve used a Boveda Moisture Pack with it for assured hydration. 

For grinding, I’ve brought the orange Brilliant Cut Grinder, love the finish, this is a fantastic grinder, maybe the best I’ve used. You don’t need a back-up with this one, you’re good to go. 

I don’t just vape flower, and when it’s time for concentrate, I like to make sure I have Ed’s TNT Dab Tool to wrangle my dabs. It is not just a multi-use dabber, it‘s also squared off on its edges. This balances the device so that it’ll never touch your table, and that’s a super attractive feature for me. 

Let’s talk concentrate devices, and I brought two items with me. The first one I’ve brought with me is the Pax Era, one of the most popular on-demand concentrate vapes available. I’ve got a soft spot for the Era myself, but this is just a great on-demand system. They are expensive, though. The second thing that I have is the Little Finger Adapter, DynaVap Titanium Tip and the DynaCoil. I’ve chosen this setup because it’s super simple to use. With DynaVap, it is highly unlikely anything is going to break so there’s a level of durability and confidence. It’s a great choice for when you’re off the grid and can’t get a warranty repair or just grab another vape and it works really well through water. You can use it dry, but I wouldn’t recommend that, especially if you’re using concentrate, you’ll want to do it through water. So, let’s talk about water next. 

The first thing that I’ve brought along is the BubbleMax (for Arizer), and I’ve brought this along to pair up with my Solo 2. This is a really effective, portable water piece and the added Multi-Stand is going to give you a lot of stability, which is great if you’re in small spaces and don’t want to knock anything over. This guy holds a tonne of water, and you can bubble it really hard without getting it in your mouth. This is great for when you want to get a lot of cooling and not bring a separate, full-sized water piece. 

For my dry herb vaporizer, I’ve brought along the Arizer Solo 2. This is an easy choice for me when I need reliability. Like any vape, it’s possible to see an error, but they are so few and far between that I find the Solo 2 one of the most reliable, confidence instilling devices on the market. One of the reasons that I bring the Solo 2 and the BubbleMax, is that sometimes I don’t just want to do one hit at a time. Typically, when I’m at home, I am only doing one hit at a time, but if I’m camping, I want to relax a little more and having that water piece as well as the great battery life turns the Solo 2 into a great session vape that you can get multiple hits out of.  

The second water piece I want to discuss is something we’ve been working on with Simrell, the Simrell Globe Cage. This one is awesome. It’s completely safe and secure, and even if it does get knocked over, the stainless-steel cage will protect your glass. On top of that, the globe is a great water piece that will offer a max level of filtration. I’ve attached the Master Adapter to the top for maximum flexible. This guy isn’t too big, but it sure is stable, especially when I’ve connected a Keck Clip to the mouthpiece.  

And as you saw earlier, I also brought the Simrell Vortex Stem dry herb vaporizer which I’m using with the DynaVap Titanium Tip. I’m just a huge fan of the product, the finish looks great and I love my logo on it. Kind of a special piece for me. 

In terms of heating, I’ve brought two different options and you really don’t want to caught short here. Say the Solo 2 got an error and needs some maintenance, then my options will become more limited as I can only rip my DynaVap setup. And if my lighter runs out of fuel, well you’re pretty much unable to take advantage of your vapes.  

For a compact butane torch lighter, I really prefer the Blazer Pocket Micro Torch. It’s easy to use, has a consistent flame and I’ve never had to heat it up higher than low.  The stand really amplifies your usage: you can just turn it on standing up and heat your DynaVap or another vaporizer simply and consistently. 

As a secondary heat source, I’ve brought the Portside Mini. This is a beefy induction heater with a lot of battery life. I make sure to charge this up before I leave for the weekend, and I have full confidence that regardless of how often I use it, I’ll have a lot of battery left when I return home. 

The last thing I’ve bought is the Hippie Pipe. It might look… familiar when you see it. While it reminds me of the DynaVap, you can see there’s a few different components in use here. It’s got a really cool loading mechanic that’s operated like a pen click with a spring to open up the chamber to put your herb. I’m interested to try it out, definitely a mix of the familiar and the strange. If you guys want to see a full review, let me know! 

So, there’s little chance I’ll be bringing the same kit with me the next time I go camping. Variety is the spice of life and that translates to your gear as well. I’m going to rotate through items and bring out some of the great products with me. And for me, it is a hobby; I like to think about the items I have, compare them against each other and then decide why I’d take this over that.  

Looks like I need a new beer here, so I hope you enjoyed the kit I brought camping today. 


See you next time! 



  • Posted by Shane on

    Fun video! I also get far too much enjoyment from planning out my “kits.” hehe :)

  • Posted by Roger on

    Cool review! Do you have the Simrell Globe Water Pipe for sale anywhere on the site? Couldn’t seem to find it.

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