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The Medium Brilliant Cut Grinder is the one we recommend if you don’t know which grinder to buy. It produces a uniform, fluffy, medium grind that will work for all your needs. The medium grinder is the most versatile of the 3 grinders and is sure to satisfy.

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Love the magnets

I bought the grinder direct from Grinders for Life after seeing Pete’s reviews primarily for the easy open and close system using magnets I was so tired of all the buggered up threads to clean and deal with that the idea of just popping the grinder open really appealed. I also wanted a 3 piece rather than a traditional 4 piece I like to keep my Kief with the bud. Although Pete highlights the ease of grinding and how well it cleared that was not a concern as my 20 year old Sharpstone was still doing a good job of grinding my herb just need to keep it clean. After using my new brilliant cut grinder for a week and doing a close comparison with my old sharpstone I am still pleased with my purchase. I love the feel of the grinder it is smooth but hard, the metal seems so much more substantial compared to the softness of the aluminium in the sharpstone, they are both almost the same size but the brilliant cut weighs almost twice as much as the sharpie. Looking at the teeth in my old sharpstone they are considerably smaller than the BC and you can see significant wear on them and a few bent teeth from pushing the grinder too hard. Bent and broken teeth have been the biggest failure point next to buggered threads in the softer aluminium grinders but that feels like that will not be a problem with the harder aluminium in the brilliant cut. As far as grinding my herb it does a good job but nothing special really. The teeth still will need to be cleaned I still get some left in the top with real sticky bud etc. all issues any grinder has but over time the threadless design will be the game changer as keeping the center post clean is easier then cleaning threads. Great luxury item if you have the budget but not really life changing or necessary to have if you don’t.

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   Sneaky Pete says:

The Brilliant Cut Herb Grinder's genius design uses magnets, combined with interaction between the centering cylinder and inner teeth, to create a grinder that delivers consistent results with none of the residue build-up, and subsequent jamming, that hampers traditional grinders.  No metal on metal friction makes the Brilliant Cut Grinder a pleasure to use, and a snap to keep clean.

Key Details:

The innovative magnetic design with simple clam-shell opening makes using this grinder a breeze.  At the same time, the magnets are strong enough to keep the contents firmly in place, even if you drop your grinder.

The Brilliant Cut Herb Grinder will grind and release any sized load of herb.  A cutting edge between the magnets ensures no herb is left in the middle, allowing the grinder to fully close. This, combined with the teeth embedded in the outer rim, creates a grinding area much larger than traditional grinders.  The net effect of all the grinding areas is a consistent grind, not a crush, which leads to less residue left behind.

Made in Vancouver BC, the CNC manufacturing ensures quality control.  And by using aerospace 7075 aluminum – one of the strongest aluminum alloys ever created, and much stronger than the commonly used 6061 aluminum alloy – this grinder is built to last.

As cool as the engineering that went into this grinder, The Dazzling Brilliant Cut Design looks even cooler. Choose your own color scheme, from 10 different colors, across the three different sections of the grinder.

Along with the customizable color scheme, you can choose from three different grinder plates – which are easily swappable - giving you the ability to get just the consistency you're looking for.  And regardless of your choice, each plate delivers a consistent grind, free of chunks, with dependable flow through.

Customizable, durable, and beautifully engineered and built, the Brilliant Cut Grinder is best in class.