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  • Today I want to go over a complete four vaporizer set up. The idea behind this video is to consider somebody starting out from scratch who has zero vaporizers and wants to assemble themselves a proper set up.

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  • Today we will be going over the newest injector-style Thermal Extraction Heater to hit the market, the Old Head Freight Train, featuring a thermal Flower Engine built with grade 2 titanium, and filled with 4mm ruby spheres to retain massive amounts of heat allowing you to do back-to-back cloud chasing hits. View Post
  • Today we’ll be comparing two units that I absolutely love, the Vapbong and the Ditanium. If you’re looking for more information on either of these devices, we have a full individual review on each of them, so check that out if you want to find out more, let’s get into the comparison. View Post
  • Convection vaporizers work by passing properly heated air through your material. Your material sits isolated from the heat until you inhale, rather than getting heated throughout your session. Convection yields immense flavour and fantastically strong effects. View Post
  • Today I want to do something a little different, I'm going to talk about 15 different vaporizers in 15 minutes. I'll spend 60 seconds on each device, but instead of trying to review it or list all of the specifications in that time, I'm going to give you 60 seconds of the unscripted general thoughts that pop into my head when I get each device in front of me.

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  • A beginner level vaporizer should be easy to use, without a lot of explanation or experimentation being necessary. People often choose a bad first vape and have a negative experience, leading them to mistakenly think that vaporizers just aren't for them. Don’t let a bad vape turn you off of vaping, let Pete help you!

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  • Join me while I talk with Austyn Simrell from The Simrell Collection - creators of premium vaporizer accessories. We'll be discussing Austyn's approach to design, his favourite creations, details of the MVS system, and the brand new Simrell Full Metal Jacket for DynaVap!

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  • Vape Talk Episode 48

    Vape Talk is the series where I talk about new products that I’ve been using recently, as well as older ones that have found their way back into my current lineup. Today I'm talking about the Hippie Pipe X, the Arizer Beaded Stem, the Pordebowl, the Master Adapter, the DynaVap Adapter Kit For The Wand, and the Chill Steel Pipe. View Post
  • Lets take a look back at vape history with a deep dive on a controversial device - the Ghost MV1, which was made by the now defunct Ghost Vaporizers. I’ll go over the history of the manufacturer, talk about the device itself, and what it’s like to use. View Post
  • Join me as I interview David & Michael from Vapman! The Vapman is a massively flavourful portable vaporizer and is one of my favourite butane-powered microdosers. View Post