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  • The XMAX Starry 4 takes a great, affordable vaporizer (The Starry 3) and makes it even better with a series of notable improvements.  You get USB-C charging, 15 second heatup, great battery life with a removable battery, and a unique adjustable airflow system to dial the session in according to how you like it. View Post
  • Hey guys, welcome to Pete’s Pick, the series where I directly compare several aspects of two different vaporizers, to help you decide which one would be the best choice for you. This time I’ll be comparing two concentrate vaporizers that I absolutely love, the Puffco Proxy and the Puffco Peak Pro. View Post
  • The Lighthouse stands a towering 7.5” tall and is made from clear glass tip to tail so that you get a really good view of the Proxy’s vapour production. The top portion of the Lighthouse is laser measured to perfectly cradle your Proxy and that leads to an extended downstem that is bolstered to the bottom of the Bubbler for additional strength. View Post
  • The CCELL M3 Plus is 510 cartridge battery that will work with all 510 style cartridges. It’s a slim, pen style battery coming in just under 3.5” long, and available in a number of colours. The M3 Plus has upgraded to USB-C charging, so it will charge the 350mAh battery quickly, and it’ll last you for a whole bunch of hits once it is charged.

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  • Hey everyone, it’s Sneaky Pete here, and let’s take a tour through what we consider to be the most essential tools to use when cultivating and trimming your freshly grown flower. Strap in and find out how the ‘pros’ do it! View Post
  • DynaVap is back with their biggest, most progressive release yet, the DynaVap M Plus. An almost complete rebuild from the ground up, DynaVap adds all sorts of new upgrades to their iconic portable vaporizer, bringing you one of the best transportable flower vaporizing systems on the market. View Post
  • The PAX pod system is a proprietary design dialed in to get the most consistent vaping experience and is a much more elegant solution than refillable cartridges that get messy and sticky. The new Era can provide hits up to 50% larger and more potent than ever - even though it’s the same size. This is super impressive for something you can fit in your pocket AND provides all day battery life. View Post
  • The Ditanium Desktop Vaporizer provides incredible flavor and large hits for either dry herb or concentrate! The Ditanium is made in the USA from high-quality materials such as natural wood, pure grade 2 titanium, and quartz. The powerful ceramic heater warms up in as little as 30 seconds and can reach temperatures as high as 900°F for the biggest hits. View Post
  • The Puffco Proxy is renowned for not only its powerful engine, but the ability to take said engine and modularly and connect it to different devices. You know we love the water pieces, and the Insider Bubbler for Puffco Proxy is a girthy, substantial bubbler that is heavy and robust, just like your fifteen-year-old bong, but much sexier. The Proxy is really designed to be hit at the highest of temps, and with a water piece like this, a scorched throat will be the last thing on your mind. View Post
  • A truly innovative dabbing solution, the Dab-Ready is a simple, fast, and safe way to heat up a banger for dabs. Simply, the Dab-Ready keeps your favourite 25mm banger at the perfect temperature, so you’re ready to dab at any time. Clever name, right? The Dab-Ready brings an incredible level of consistency for dabs! View Post