Herb Grinders

A key part of getting a nice even vape with no scorching, is ensuring that your herb is broken up evenly, this makes a grinder an essential accompaniment to your dry herb vaporizer. So put mom’s scissors back in the sewing drawer and invest in a grinder that will give you an even and consistent grind that is perfectly suited for vaporization.

From entry level plastic grinders, to artisanal wooden grinders from our favorite woodworker at Ed’s TNT, to the ultra-sophisticated, space age titanium-built Herb Ripper, you are sure to find the right grinder for you at the right price.
The Herb Ripper Grinder may be the last grinder you ever need to buy. Unlike most grinders, which are made of aluminum, the Herb Ripper is made from medical/food grade stainless steel; a rare sight in the space, but a...