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    The Healthy Rips Fierce is the big brother of the Fury 2, which won my 2018 Vape of the Year Award.  This is the newest version of the Fierce with improved firmware that fully opens up the heater’s power.


    Your Fierce will come with a lot of accessories.  The mouthpiece isn’t bad, but if you don’t like it there is a glass option included.  An accessory attachment makes all the included options work with the vape. 

    It comes with a silicone cover, a concentrate pad (I prefer actual concentrate vapes myself), an extra battery door screw, screens, O-rings, a USB-C charging cord instead of the normal micro USB, and a wall charger.  There is also a cleaning brush, tweezers, a loading tool, and an owner’s manual. 

    It’d be awesome if they included a water pipe adapter, but fortunately, we’ve got you covered.  Get the official Healthy Rips WPA at or

First Use & Battery Life

    I did a thorough burn off and cleaned all the accessories and glass with ISO.  The Fierce’s battery is huge, and it’s removable which is great.  They used custom Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries instead of the every-day 18650.  LiPo’s are said to be safer when really pushed and for back to back continuous use.  It is rated at 4050mAh and will run for about 2 hours of vaping.

Design & Cleaning

    The Fierce isn’t huge, but it’s not small.  It’s a hefty 10 ounces and about 4” x 3” x 1”.  Compared to the Fury 2 it is quite a bit bigger, but next to the Ghost MV1 it’s not that big.  It’s made from the same Kirksite alloy that the Fury 2 is made of, so the build is very solid.  During testing, my Fierce survived a hard fall and even more impressively my karate chop as I attempted to catch it.  Nothing has ever survived my karate chop…

    The air path is isolated from any electronics and the bowl is stainless steel.  The mouthpiece is plastic on the outside but glass on the inside, so the taste is pure, but it’s still durable.  The mouthpiece and accessory attachment slide on and snap in place with magnets.  Maintenance and cleaning aren’t needed very often, but it’s very easy to brush out the bowl and soak parts in isopropyl so they’re just like new.

Loading, Use and Efficiency

    The bowl can hold 0.3g but the convection works well with smaller loads also.  When I load directly into the bowl, I fill it up but I don’t pack it.  The Fierce has turned me on to dosing capsules.  Before, I didn’t see the point, but now I love how convenient they are and how clean they keep the bowl and vape.  You can get dosing capsules for the Fierce at and  We also carry them for the Fury 2.

    Clicking the big button three times will turn your Fierce on.  It’ll start heating to the last set temperature.  To get a different temp just press the smaller buttons.  It’ll go from 320F up to 430F, I prefer 375F with a capsule or 390F with a water piece.  Holding down the big button will change the session timer.  It’s set to four minutes, but you can change it from 3 – 8.  It’ll take your Fierce about 30 or 40 seconds to heat up, but it is fully ready when it vibrates.

    The airflow is very free, one of the best vapes I’ve used for easy draw.  The heater is powerful, especially with its new upgraded firmware.  You can take huge hits back to back to back, the Fierce will keep up.  It also handles really well through water.

Vapour Quality

    Primarily convection heating in your Fierce will produce good tasting clouds, though it’s better with the glass mouthpiece.  I don’t think it’s super strong, you’ll get a few nice terpy hits, but it doesn’t get top marks in the flavour category.  Good but not great.  It is very smooth; even huge hits didn’t leave me coughing.  And huge hits are something the Fierce has no trouble delivering every time with very strong potency from convection heating.


    The Fierce is currently on sale for $189 (down from $219) which is a great price for a big powerful vape.  We don’t know how long that price will last, so snag it while you can.


    I love the airflow from the Fierce.  It’s very free and that low draw resistance helps for nice, easy hits.  It’s a great session vape since it can be set for eight minutes and the 4050mAh battery lasts forever.  Perfect for an afternoon being passed around a group of friends.  The Fierce is also built really well and feels like it.  It’s powered by a LiPo battery instead of the typical 18650, and that LiPo is user-replaceable, a feature I love.


    I’d like to see it permanently at $189.  I think with its quality and features that’s a perfect price.  During long sessions, the mouthpiece can get a little bit warm.  Again, the flavour is good but not amazing.  The best taste is through the included glass mouthpiece.  Finally, the screen seems to scratch very easily, so maybe a better material or coating should be used.

Overall Thoughts

    While the Fierce did have a tough time in the beginning, Health Rips has recovered nicely with the updated model.  It is a handful without being massive.  It’s built well and has a huge battery.  The heater is powerful, and the new firmware fully unleashes its ability.  Your Fierce will easily keep up with the biggest hits, so it’s great for heavy users or long sessions.  Its size, power, and that great free airflow with almost no draw restriction make the Fierce an excellent option if you’re looking for a bigger, more powerful vape at a good price.

Right now, the Fierce can be yours for only $189US at or $254.97CAD at


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