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LINX Hypnos | Extended Review & User Guide | Sneaky Pete's Vaporizer Reviews from Sneaky Pete


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The LINX Hypnos is a powerful, pocketable vape pen with a couple of awesome features.  The glass mouthpiece is amazing to draw from, and it has tremendous airflow allowing for large, satisfying hits.  It also has a raw metal, industrial design that catches the eye.  How does it stack up to other popular pens?  Does the shorter height mean a small battery?  Join me as I answer these questions and more!


0:20 Components of unit

1:45 Atomizer overview

2:14 Charging

2:48 How to use

3:16 Variable temperatures

3:57 How to load

5:16 Flexibility

5:31 Cleaning


6:22 Battery life

6:47 Heat up time

7:26 Atomizer Review

9:00 Taste

9:33 Size of hit

10:12 Harshness

10:29 Smell

10:42 Ruggedness

11:19 Efficiency

11:48 Effects

12:07 Price

12:31 Favourite things

13:55 Gripes

15:14 Final thoughts

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