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The Boundless CFX is the big brother to the CF by Boundless.  The heat comes primarily from conduction, with some added convection as well.  The device features great battery life, smooth & cool vapour, 1 degree temperature adjustment, and a bright informative display.  It certainly shares some design cues with the venerable Mighty & Crafty, but how does the performance compare?  Is this a great value for the money, or is it worth spending more on what the German's have to offer?  Join me as I answer these questions and many more!


0:27 Components of unit

2:27 How to use

4:35 How to load concentrate

5:40 How to load dry herb

7:55 Flexibility

8:48 How to clean


10:17 Battery life

10:48 Heat up time

11:31 Taste

12:12 Harshness

12:44 Size of hit

13:23 Smell

13:57 Ruggedness

15:07 Efficiency

15:56 Stealth Factor

16:11 Strength of effects

16:30 Price

16:40 Favourite things

17:26 Gripes

18:18 Final thoughts



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