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The Portside Mini

    The Portside Mini is a battery-powered induction heater for use with DynaVap vaporizers.  It’s made by a guy named “Pipes” on and he’s based in Canada.  I’ve been a big fan of induction heaters since I used my first one, but after having a battery-powered unit, this has become my most used heater.  The device has a raw industrial look, there’s a charging terminal and magnet on top along with a power level gauge and battery test function.  There is also an on/off button, but you can leave that on as it won’t draw any power when it’s not heating.  You’ll get a ton of cycles per charge and it’s much easier to heat oddly shaped pieces like the Baby Bong.  Overall, I really like this heater and it’ll continue to get a lot of use from me.

Terp Kooler

    The Terp Kooler is a dedicated mini fridge designed to store and preserve your concentrates.  For anyone that’s serious about their extracts and spends big money on high-end terps, this is made for you.  It’s a sharp appliance, there are touch controls for temp selection, you can change from C to F, there is LED lighting and even a see-through door so you can always keep a close eye on your concentrates.  There is even a lock at the bottom of the door, but mine was a little lacking in quality.  On top, there are 3 USB charging ports and it is thermoelectric cooled so there’s virtually no noise.  Inside are adjustable glass shelves to accommodate whatever you need to store.  After having it for a while, I’m really glad I bought the Terp Cooler.

Mega Globe Cooling Mouthpiece / Sidestep Adapter / ArGo Cooling Stem / The Reaper

    The Mega Globe Cooling Mouthpiece utilizes the same glass nipple cooling technology as our Hula Stem which helps to cool down the vapour even more with your Mega Globe.  This is the only stem I’m using these days – never can get enough cooling.

    The Sidestep Adapter is made to work specifically with the Mega Globe, but you can use it with any 14mm water piece, and it has both a male and female glass joint.  I love the way dropdown adapters look, the added length to the airpath for extra cooling and how it catches debris to keep your rig cleaner.  Plus, the Sidestep Adapter adds a layer of protection to your setup.  It’s much easier/cheaper to replace an adapter than your whole water piece.

    The ArGo Cooling Stems come in four different colours and they also use glass nipples to cool down the vapour from your ArGo.  They have an integrated glass screen and you’ll notice a huge difference in the smoothness of your vapour when compared to the default setup.

    Finally, the new Reaper Mini Bong for DynaVap is like our Baby Bong and Baby Bong XL, but it has a skull design and an improved percolator system.  You place either a stainless or titanium tip into the end and then heat it up with a torch or induction heater and use the shotgun on top to clear the chamber.  Some may think this is too small to be effective, but it actually provides a ton of cooling and reduces harshness when compared to a dry DynaVap setup.

Dr. Dabber CBD Pens

    Dr. Dabber sent me all four of their new CBD pens and batteries.  It’s a pretty cool lineup.  The batteries have three heat settings and a preheat mode, plus they’ll work with any 510 thread cartridge.  The included carts contain only CBD and naturally derived terpenes – no fillers or thickeners – and they come in four different flavours.  If you already like CBD, then these might be of real interest for you.  I also find they’re great for when I want to vape but don’t want to vape, kind of like a non-alcoholic beer.  My personal favourite is green, then orange, then purple, and blue is last.  Orange and green are delicious, purple is ok, but I find the blue has a fake kind of flavour.  Of course, the taste is subjective.  I do like this development from Dr. Dabber and I much prefer to vape CBD rather than taking a pill or gummy for it.

DynaVap Maker’s Kit

    The Maker’s Kit is a “build your own DynaVap” kit.  You get all the components to make a wooden DynaVap stem of your own design.  It comes with a woodblock that already has the condenser pathway and carb hole drilled into it.  You carve or file down the block to shape your stem, and the kit includes a set of files plus a sanding sponge and DynaWax to make your wood look good.  It also includes a condenser, titanium tip, and a cap.  It’s a pretty affordable way to get into a DynaVap for about $60.  I’ve seen some really cool stems and had my Dad do this one for me.  He made it super smooth and shaped to work with my water pieces, then used a wood burner to make these feathers on it.  Shout out to stoner Dads!


    The CNTRL is a 510 cartridge vape that I’m really enjoying.  It’s a little different than most other cartridge vapes, and I appreciate the innovation.  First, your cart is totally enclosed which means it’s going to have less of a chance of breaking, plus it’s more discreet.  You DO NOT need a magnetic adapter, which is a game-changer.  I want to see this in all non-screw in cartridge vapes.  Adapters are too easy to lose!  To load in your cart the top opens (could be a little smoother) and it just pops inside.  It can handle both top and bottom airflow from carts up to 11mm diameter.  To select your temp, insert the cart when the light is on the temp colour you want, then it’ll be locked at that.  For use just inhale, no buttons or anything else.  The CNTRL is an innovative new vape and one I like using.  I’d like to see the door work better and remove the huge logo, it’s not very stealthy.


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