The Best Desktop Vaporizers in 2022

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Desktop vaporizers are the heaviest hitters on the market, without a doubt. They’re perfect for large group sessions because they spit out a ton of vapour from a single bowl. Although usually more expensive than portable vaporizers, desktop vapes pack a bigger punch and are built to last with high-quality components and construction. The key to selecting your ideal desktop vaporizer is to consider the most important features of any desktop vaporizer, which are listed conveniently below. Whether you’re after an upgrade for your desktop rig, or you’re completely new to the rooted rippers club, our best desktop vaporizers of 2022 list will point you in the right direction.


Heat up time and power draw

Some desktop vaporizers take very little time to heat up, while others are set and come back later types of devices which can be left on for longer periods of time without overheating.

Heating Method

When choosing your desktop vaporizer you’ll need to consider whether it’s heated via electricity (plugged into the wall) or by an external heat source (like a torch lighter or induction heater). This will ultimately dictate how flexible your desktop rig can be, and whether or not you’ll be limited by the availability of an external power supply.

Material compatibility

Most desktop vaporizers are designed for exclusive use with either dry herb or concentrates, although there are some special models that can handle both dry herb and concentrates, like the Ditanium desktop vaporizer.


Desktop rigs are definitely pricier than the portable options, but with good reason. So your budget may play a large role in deciding which vaporizers are viable options for you.


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The Arizer Extreme Q is a monster plug-in desktop vaporizer that sits at a very modest price point. It’s an elegant and customisable piece, with options to inhale directly from the machine with the whip, or use the balloon-based system to inflate a reusable bag with thick clouds of vapour. We love this option ‘cause it means you aren’t stuck at your rig while taking hits, you can simply fill the bag with a super condensed hit and walk away, taking that portable cloud with you. It’s most compatible with dry herb and keif, but it will also handle a small amount of concentrate.

The Arizer Extreme Q is not the sexiest piece and it’s not a brand new design, but it is powerful. It heats up quickly, and comes with a super handy remote with more options than on the device itself. It’s made from high-quality materials and engineered by a well-known high-quality manufacturer, so have no fears when purchasing this bad boy, it’s got a great reputation.

It’s also ultra-versatile. No matter how you like to vape, the Arizer Extreme Q will satisfy. The value and convenience can’t be overstated, and the vapour the Extreme Q makes is very potent and smooth. This really is an awesome vape and one to seriously consider if you don’t already have a desktop vaporizer.

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The Ditanium is an attractive and safe desktop vaporizer that can handle dry herbs and concentrate easily, or both at the same time! Made in the USA from high-quality materials, this plug-in desktop rig provides some mega tasty hits. The powerful ceramic convection heater, heats up in as little as 30 seconds and can stay on all day without overheating or slowly cooking your herb. 

This desktop vaporizer gives you all the features of a quartz/titanium e-nail rig with the added bonus of being adaptable with dry herb. Plus it’s far more visually appealing than other e-nail set ups and will fit in pleasingly with your home décor. What more could you ask for?

The nail and heater of the Ditatium are protected within the body of the vape, significantly reducing the fire and burn risk that come with most e-nail devices, making it super safe. A step above many other vaporizers in this price range, the Ditanium provides a compelling experience for both dry herb and concentrate - a rarity and the reason we can easily recommend this as one of the best desktop vaporizers.

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The Sticky Brick HydroBrick Maxx is a hard-hitting, instant convection vaporizer, designed to be used with a water pipe. Delivering instant and immensely satisfying vapour from your dry herb at the ignition of a butane torch. It produces massive quantities of flavorful convection vapour that’s sure to tickle your tastebuds and get your brain humming.

The HydroBrick Maxx features a gorgeous hardwood design and includes a wooden storage lid to keep everything self-contained, compact and hidden out of sight. With no cables, it's loaded with everything you need for a truly ‘portable’ desktop unit (except a water pipe). Although technically portable we’ve included this in our list of the best desktop vaporizers. The Maxx is quite a large unit to lug around with you, and you aren’t likely to bring its buddy water piece along for the ride, so it just makes sense to keep this setup safe at home.

As with all Sticky Bricks, the Maxx is amazingly efficient and requires very little maintenance. Above all else, it delivers an immensely satisfying instant vaporizer experience that you need to experience to fully understand. One of the best!

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The WoodScents AromaLog is a fantastic desktop vaporizer, and the new heater core update makes it even better than the original. The exclusive Sneaky Pete Lite Kit delivers the incredible quality of the WoodScents AromaLog at a much lower price by excluding the normally included accessories and leaving only the essentials. With the AromaLog, a titanium DynaVap tip and a power cord, you’ll have everything you need for a sturdy desktop rig that releases dense blankets of vapour.

Safe to leave on for the day, this desktop kit is very stylish and heats up in as little as two minutes. Although we’d suggest leaving it to prime for at least five minutes before taking that first hit, to ensure your herb is heated right the way through.

Ed’s TNT is one of the best wood artisans in the space, and this WoodScents AromaLog vaporizer is at the top of its class. Perfect for dry herb use, the micro dosing capability and efficiency of the AromaLog are exceptional, and whether you like doing small hits or massive rips, this vaporizer will fulfil your needs. Definitely one to consider for your next desktop vaporizer purchase.

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Arizer’s latest release the XQ2 is a strong contender, worthy of a spot among the best desktop vaporizers. With the improvements to the overall shape and sleek finish of this latest design, compared with its predecessor the Extreme Q, the XQ2 will have all heads turning. It’s more of an investment vaporizer, being the priciest on the list, but there’s almost unlimited potential for customisation with all the accessory items that are included.

The Arizer XQ2 is a plug-in desktop rig that heats to temperature super fast, and comes with a dual-bowl connoisseur chamber, giving you the choice between the smaller flavour bowl and the larger cloud chamber bowl (perfect for group sessions). It’s most compatible with dry herb and keif, but will also handle a small amount of concentrate. It includes several accessory items to help customise your vaporizing experience, including balloon bags, a 3-ft glass spouted swivelling whip with angled joint, stir tool, and a remote control that mimics the buttons on the base.

Improved over its predecessor in every way, this is a high functioning, technologically advanced vaporizer with plenty of flavour to boast. Packed with potential and a lot of juice, the Arizer XQ2 does not fail to deliver.

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As of 2022, we believe these are your best options for a ripping desktop vaporizer. Whether you are a complete beginner with desktop rigs, to vaporizing in general, or you’re a seasoned veteran, these are all great options to get you creating your own huge desktop-level clouds. Focusing on the most popular desktop vaporizers here at Vape North, we’ve included models with different heating methods, warm up time and power draw, and those for concentrates, dry herb, or both. As you can see, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution; it really depends on your personal needs, your choice of herb, and your individual budget. However, we’re confident you’ll appreciate the potential of any of these heavy hitters and will enjoy using them for years to come.