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Sticky Brick - HydroBrick Maxx


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Sneaky Pete Says:

The HydroBrick Maxx is an absolute monster, it won my 2016 Vape Award for Hardest Hitter.  The vaporizer comes with a 18mm male joint that will work directly with a HydraTube, and it also includes a whip adapter so you can use it with any water piece you already have.  The Maxx has a handy wooden storage lid as well, so everything is self contained and hidden out of sight.  Instant convection vapour with massive hits that are designed to be used with a water piece, what more does a guy want?

The Maxx is one of our favorite products to date. It comes loaded with everything you need to have a truly portable desktop unit. Built in storage and hideaway cap help conceal everything nicely inside the Maxx. We ship the Maxx with a whip, 18mm female and 18mm male connectors, the dry 18mm mouthpiece, built in 18mm male connector for water use, storage jar and cork for material, built in stir stick compartment, a torch, screens, two corks for the carb, led lighted tweezers, and a stainless tool. The Maxx is available in Walnut, Cherry and Maple.

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