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Shell Shock Stem

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The tactical look and incredible design of the Shell Shock Stem for DynaVap is unlike any stem you’ve used before. This easy to grip stem with a heavy duty, industrial feel has great weight in the hand and an incredibly solid build, made from stainless steel for years of trouble-free use.

A super modular device, all you need to add is a DynaVap tip, as the condenser is included and built right into the stem. The entire stem screws apart for super easy cleaning and doesn’t use O-rings, which is incredibly rare, and done with purpose. Contained in the stem is a spiral air chamber and heat fins as well as increased thermal mass which contribute to cooler vapour when compared to less burly stems.

With the ability to adjust the manoeuvrable control ring to any number of positions, this versatile Stem allows you to set your desired airflow so that you don’t need to use the carb, if you’d prefer. Sleek looks and rugged design, you’ll be floored by the Shell Shock Stem for DynaVap.

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