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    The Odin 2, designed by Top Bond, is a super basic, minimalistic, stripped down vaporizer that puts all of its focus on the vapour experience.  The Odin 2 gives you convection heating, and the temperature sensor is actually measuring the air temperature rather than the heater so it is more accurate than its predecessor.  It also has a nice isolated airpath leading to a stainless-steel bowl.

    When you unbox your Odin 2 you’ll find the vape of course, and then you get the glass mouthpiece which screws right into the top of your vape, but it doesn’t safely hide away like a Flowermate does.  There is also a USB cable for charging, as is tradition.  For maintenance purposes, there is a poker, a cleaning brush, and a few extra mouthpiece screens.


    The Odin 2 is pretty clean in terms of smell and taste, especially considering the low cost.  Lots of times at this price point you need to do a pretty intense burnoff and clean the parts really well with isopropyl alcohol.  It really wasn’t that bad with this vape.  I did wash the mouthpiece in isopropyl and gave the bowl a quick swabbing out, but there didn’t seem to be much if any residues. 


    The Odin 2 is essentially a metal block with a touchscreen.  It’s stark and industrial looking and very functional and minimalistic in its design.  It’s not super heavy for its size, but it’s not a super small pocket-friendly vape either, especially because the mouthpiece doesn’t store within the vape.  The mouthpiece screws into the top very nicely like with the V5 Nano, but do be sure you keep this area somewhat clean or the threads will gum up.  If this does happen to your Odin 2, just heat it up a bit before you try to unscrew it and it should come off.

    One thing that’s great about the design is the mouthpiece will work with most 14mm female joints, so you might not necessarily need a water pipe adapter depending on the kind of joint your glass has.  It’s got a bright OLED screen to control various basic functions, but it isn't a highly-functional menu or anything like that, just the most basic of things to control.

    The Odin 2 is also quite easy to clean and low maintenance.  Just toss the whole mouthpiece in isopropyl alcohol and shake with some rock salt.  Then rinse with water and let it dry, that’s really about it.  It’s Arizer-level for low maintenance. 


    So, this is where things get kind of silly.  The whole vape is a touchscreen, which isn’t inherently a bad thing, but coupling a touchscreen with no raised buttons, no beep, no vibration, no anything to let you know you’ve turned it on or executed a command doesn’t make a ton of sense.  The majority of the time it’s no problem, but vaping in the dark may be more challenging as it’ll be difficult to know what you’re pressing on the touchscreen.  Turing it on is simple enough though, just touch the power button three times.  This will control power on and off.


    The Odin 2 has a wide range of heat settings as the temperature is variable from 176F up to 428F.  It can be adjusted by touching or holding down the + or - button.  You can switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit by holding down the + and - buttons at the same time.


    When you turn on your Odin 2 it’ll display the last temperature it was set to and then automatically start heating up to that temp.  It heats up quickly and vapour is ready pretty much right away.


    The bowl is pretty large on the Odin 2.  You can run it with a half bowl if you want, though I’d just tamp it down a little bit if doing so.  I load mine with a funnel, it’s easier this way, though still a bit of a pain to load directly from your grinder.  For the video, I packed the bowl pretty full for dry hits and then cranked it up for some good water hits.  I found I liked about 370F to 375F for vaping dry and through a water piece I was more up around 390F to 400F.


    So far, we’ve just been critiquing the design of the Odin 2, no beep, touchscreen, et cetera but I have to say the vapour is surprisingly good from this thing.  Right from the first few hits, I was impressed.  This is clearly where the design dollars were spent, and really that’s where we want to companies focus their engineering efforts.  The taste is very pure, even that first hit will have some decent terps, but hits two and three are the money draws for that good flavour. 

    The draw resistance isn’t great, but there are worse pieces out there too.  It’s similar to something like a Solo 2 with really smooth hits.  Even when I turn it up to higher temperatures, they’re still smooth.  If you add a water piece to the mix it is ridiculous how good the rips are.  Just know that the mouthpiece tip can get warm while drawing on it, though you can put your lips farther down on it to avoid this.  The size of the hits is impressive, the Odin 2 can really pump out vapour it that’s your goal.  Overall, I was not expecting the vapour quality to be this good for this price and I’d say the default vapour with no added accessories is superior to most other vapes in this same price range.


    The battery is non-replaceable, but it is large, clocking in at 3200mAh.  The internal Li-ion battery will give you many sessions before needing a recharge.  This is another category where the Odin 2 does well.


    The best part about the Odin 2 is the actual vapour it produces.  The design is stark and minimalistic but the vapour is tasty, smooth, and there is lots of it.  It is built to be very rugged without being too bulky.  It’s not tiny but it’s still pretty easy to take along with you.  I love that the mouthpiece works with a 14mm female joint.  I use my Odin 2 this way with water all the time as there is nothing to replace or adjust.  The value of this piece is excellent, coming in at just $129USD at the time of this review on either sneakypetestore.com or vapenorth.ca.  The Odin 2 is among the cheapest battery powered vapes but there is no question it outperforms a number of those out there.


    First, it’d be nice if it had a freer draw.  Also, the touch screen was a poor choice.  This vape would be much better with regular buttons.  This design makes it tough to use in the dark, and you can accidentally turn your vape on without knowing as there is no beep or vibration to acknowledge you’ve interacted with it.  Touchscreens are cool and all, but at least give us a beep so we know if we unintentionally changed the temperature or turned it on.  Something this size can handle at least a beep.  It’d also be nice to have a little menu function, brightness adjustment, session timers, things like that.  True, for all these points the original idea was to provide a device that makes amazing vapour at a really affordable price, but I would be totally happy with a $10 to $20 price increase to enhance the functionality and experience of the Odin 2.


    The Odin 2 does one job and one job very well.  It is a vaporizer that gives you a very flavourful and smooth convection vapour at an extremely reasonable price.  The design is definitely simplistic, and it is missing some features that are considered very basic and standard even in today's most economically priced vapes, but they did not cheap out on the vapour production system itself, which is why I still really like this little vape despite its shortcomings.  It’s easy to use and easy to maintain.  You can use it through a water piece via the mouthpiece right out of the box, which is a huge bonus for many.  If you’re in the market for an affordable vaporizer that provides vapour quality on par with devices costing considerably more, the Odin 2 is a great vape to consider.  I believe you’ll be able to see past what it doesn’t offer once you actually try the vapour it makes.

    What are your thoughts about the Odin 2?  Would you consider this instead of something like the Flowermate V5 Nano or others in that category?  Let us know down in the comments.  Also, be sure to check out sneakypetestore.com and vapenorth.ca to see all of my reviews and to find the Odin 2 and all of our other vapes and accessories!



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