How to Use an Arizer Air 2 Portable Vaporizer

Quick Setup Guide

The Arizer Air 2 is a tough little vaporizer with a great battery life. It’s one of the easiest dry herb vaporizers to use—and the vapor is smooth and plentiful.

The Air 2 makes an improvement on every aspect of its predecessor, including a decreased draw resistance and an increased battery. While you can sandwich in a little concentrate, the Air 2 is designed for dry herb only, and a nice chunk of pressed kief will vape for days and days.

We’ve simplified Arizer’s instruction manual below, providing everything you need to know in this illustrated step-by-step guide on how to use an Arizer Air 2.

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- Arizer Air 2 portable vaporizer
- Interchangeable 18650 battery
- Charger/micro-USB power adapter
- 70mm glass aroma tube
- 70mm glass aroma tube with tip
- Glass botanical dish
- 2 x silicone stem caps
- Belt-clip carry case
- Stainless steel stirring tool
- 4 x stainless steel filter screens
- Package of botanicals
- Owner’s manual

- Highly durable unit
- Isolated airpath
- All-glass air path
- 60-90 second heat-up time
- Use while charging
- 75-minute battery life (continuous use)
- Micro-USB charging (3 hours to charge)
- Precise temperature control
- Ceramic heating element
- Interchangeable batteries
- High quality components
- Built to ISO quality standards

Step 1. How to Switch The Device On

Press and hold the menu button and the minus (-) button to power on the unit. When the greeting message appears and you hear the beep, you can let go. (There are 3 volume settings or it can be muted altogether.)

Notice that you have to hold the buttons down for several seconds while a timer counts down on the OLED screen to show the power-on delay. This is a safety feature to make sure you don’t switch your Air 2 on by accident. The delay can be set to 4, 6, or 8 seconds (where the default is 6 seconds).

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Step 2. How to Set The Temperature and Heat Up

The Air 2 heats-up in 60-90 seconds, depending on your battery level and target temperature. Simply press one of the three control panel buttons and it will start heating up to the last used temperature.

To change the target temperature, press the plus (+) or minus (-) buttons. A short press adjusts it in 1-degree increments, while a long press adjusts it in 10-degree increments.

You’ll find a wide range of temperature settings to customize your vaping experience, from 50-220ºC (122-428ºF). There are a few factors that determine which temperature is best, such as the type of herb, the moisture content, and whether you’re using whole flower or ground herb. With ground herb at 188ºC (375ºF), the Air 2 puts out more vapor than many portable devices can at higher temperatures.

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Step 3. How to Load The Glass Aroma Tube

Put some coarsely ground herb in the included dish and then gently push and twist the glass stem into it to fill the tube. As always, don’t pack your herb too tight, a light tap is sufficient. Leaving a 1mm gap at the top of the stem will ensure optimal performance from your Air 2 and will make it even easier to clean and maintain.

The Air 2 is designed for dry herb only. However, you can always mix a little concentrate in amongst your dry material without it getting too gummed up (you’ll want to clean when it does). Do be careful that the concentrate doesn’t melt down into the unit though, as this will affect performance.

Remember, you can carry pre-loaded glass aroma tubes in your carry case for quick and easy vaping on the go, which is one of the reasons this is such a popular portable vaporizer.

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Step 4. How to Vape With Your Air 2

After 60-90 seconds, the Air 2 indicates it has reached its target temperature. Note there’s no vibration alert, which is common with portable vapes. Before you take your first big hit, give it another 15 seconds or so and a light pull to warm up the herb inside.

Then inhale your vapor through the glass aroma tube with a slow and steady draw. The vapor produced is pretty impressive, and when using whole buds, the flavor is knockout good. I tend to use ground herb in my Air 2 and whole buds in my Solo 2.

However, if you have a sensitive throat, you might find the vapor a little too warm with the included 70mm stem. We recommend one of these Air-2-compatible long stems, water pipe adapters, or bubble straws for smoother, cooler hits. Without this added cooling, the vapor isn’t particularly harsh—but it’s not particularly smooth either. Upgrading the stem really knocks things up a gear for the Air 2.

Unlike other portable vaporizers, you don’t need to push the temperature higher towards the end of the session. The heater can keep up with multiple pulls so it’s easy to get the effects you want really quickly. It’s a brilliant performance from such a handy little vaporizer.

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Step 5. How to Clean and Maintain Your Air 2

The Arizer Air 2 was designed with low maintenance in mind, so you don’t have to do much to clean it and keep it working at the top of its game. For instance, there’s no fiddling around with emptying or cleaning bowls—it’s super convenient.

Of course, the glass parts are the inevitable exception. After several uses, you’ll notice residue building up, so drop your glass tubes in a small amount of isopropyl alcohol for a couple of hours and then rinse them off with hot water. This will usually remove all the residue and have them looking and performing as good as new. If they still look dirty, just repeat the process again, and dry the glass off fully before the next use.

Step 6. How to Maintain The Battery

Depending on how you use your Air 2, a single charge can last for 75 minutes of continuous use. When it gets low, charge it up with the micro-USB cable, which takes about 3 hours for a complete cycle if you leave it alone.

However, the novelty with the Air 2 is that you can also use it while charging, so you don’t have to wait 3 hours for your next hit. Note that if it’s really low, you’ll need to partially charge it for about 15-20 minutes. But after that you can set the temperature and take your hits while the battery charges. Handy!

It’s impossible to over-charge or over-drain the Air 2 battery. If you want to conserve battery life, use it in a temperature-controlled environment (avoid extreme cold) and stick to lower heat settings. Make sure you don’t store it fully charged or fully empty for more than one month—if you’re shelving your Air 2 for a while, leave it on a partial charge.

Arizer uses high quality 18650 batteries which last for hundreds of charge cycles before losing any capacity. When you do notice a deterioration in the battery life after a complete charging, you can simply order a replacement battery rather than having to replace the whole device.

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Final Thoughts

The Arizer Air 2 is a classic portable vaporizer and it couldn’t be easier to use. So if you hate the fuss of intricately loading and cleaning multiple vaporizer parts, this is a fine choice. The pure glass airpath provides clean, flavorful vapor and you can get large back-to-back clouds with ease.

Arizers are among the most reliable vaporizers in the industry. With the Air 2’s portability, interchangeable batteries, and preloaded stems, there’s no limit to vaping on the go.

Overall, the Air 2 demonstrates solid improvements over the previous model and comes at an affordable price. Take a look at the full Arizer Air 2 review and see what still makes this one of the best portable vaporizers in 2020.

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Arizer Air 2, Battery, Charger/USB power adapter, 70mm Glass aroma tube, 70mm Glass aroma tube with tip, Glass botanical dish, 2 x Silicone stem caps, Belt clip carry case, Stainless steel stirring tool, 4 x Stainless steel filter screens, Package of botanicals, Owners manual