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    The Nano is Flowermate’s newest entry into its V5 series lineup.  It has a few upgraded features, a few new features, and overall, it’s a really impressive vape for about $130USD.  New features to this vape are a black ceramic chamber that looks super cool.  It has a removable 18650 battery and it features a mixture of convection and conduction rather than just pure conduction.  Yours will still come with that awesome hide-away mouthpiece but this time it’s a nice opaque glass.  This thing is really portable but it still packs tons of features into a convenient little vaporizer.


    The 18650 battery is 2500mAh and provides around 45 minutes of run time depending on how you use it.  Charging is done by micro USB and it’ll take two or three hours.  The screen has a graphic to let you know the battery recharging progress.  It gets about 8 – 12 sessions per charge again depending on the temperatures you use and the length of your sessions.  We cleaned the mouthpiece with a quick wash in some isopropyl alcohol and did a few burnoffs with some phantom tokes.  The initial flavour was pretty clean, much better than some.


    The Nano comes in some nice packaging.  It includes an awesome funnel, I love how they thought about loading because it is a pretty narrow vape.  Slick that it’s magnetically attached.


    This must be Flowermate’s nicest looking vaporizer yet.  It’s pretty sleek, the materials feel nice, and the glass mouthpiece definitely makes it feel higher-end.  It’s really portable at just 3.5” by 1.75” and weighing only 155g.  The screen is bright and vibrant and the design is functional with the ability to load a bowl, slide the cover over, and then hide your mouthpiece in the body making the whole thing very easy to take with you anywhere.  It would be nice if the slide cover were on top and the buttons were less chunky and sleeker, this takes away from that sophistication somewhat.


    This bowl is good sized.  I get two or three sessions per pack with a stir after the second.  The bowl is long and deep so the funnel will definitely come in handy for loading.  It hangs on magnetically and is rather strong.  Just pour your grinder in there and then tap or poke it with a toothpick.  Pack your Nano so it’s pretty full.  You can pack it a bit tight because there’s lots of conduction, but don’t pack it overly tight or you’ll limit the ability for convection to work its magic too.


    Five clicks of the button will turn it on.  Hold the button for two seconds to begin heating up to your last temperature setting.  The default session is five minutes and then it goes into standby mode.  When you’re done with your session you can always just click it five times to turn it off totally.  It’s got a weak vibration that will let you know when it turns on and off and arrives at your set temperature. 


    Single degree temperature adjustment is available from 104F to 446F or 40C to 230C.  That is a huge temperature range.  I found that between 360F and 390F is where I like to vape with the Nano.  Click either button to change temperatures, holding it down will change it faster.  Pressing both buttons at the same time will switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.


    The heat up time is a respectable 30 seconds.  You can get vapour pretty much right away, but I’d wait another 15 seconds to get some better flavour.  The heater can keep up with back to back hits even at higher temperatures. 


    Flowermate seriously upped their game with the V5 Nano.  Not that any single thing about it is mind-blowing, but every single thing about it is well thought out and functions nicely.  It’s inexpensive but you get a black ceramic oven, an aluminium body, and a glass mouthpiece that hides in the body for easy transporting.  The Nano has a removable battery, single-degree temperature adjustment, and a fully isolated air path for great flavour and health conscientiousness. 

    Usually, at this price, you’re seeing a lot of plastic or super-basic functionality but Flowermate really has brought a ton of performance and features into something that sells for about $130USD.  The V5 Nano is a very hot new contender in the lower priced entry-level category and definitely one I’d check out.  It offers significant value for the low cost.  We have it for sale on sneakypetestore.com and coming soon on vapenorth.ca.  Check both of those websites to see all of my other reviews as well as weekly sales that update every Sunday.



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