Vape Talk

  • Watch Here: This week on Vape Talk, some Q & A What was my favourite part of CHAMPS?      If you haven’t seen the video from my trip to Las Vegas for the CHAMPS Tradeshow check it out here.  Every time I go, I am hoping there will be ten new vape announcements, but that’s not really what the... View Post
  • Watch Here: Welcome to the first Vape Talk of 2019!  Let’s go over some questions… Are you going to grow your own plants?     Where I live in BC you can grow up to four plants per household that can’t be viewed from the general public.  I take that as you can’t put them in your front yard or som... View Post
  • Watch Here:     Merry Christmas everyone! Thanks for stopping by for this special Christmas edition of Vape Talk. I hope Santa brought you a brand new vape, if he did then heat that sucker up for a nice holiday session with us as we go over some common questions. What is a really heavy ... View Post