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Hey guys, it’s Sneaky Pete here and today I want to show you a quick look at the Vleaf Go by Vivant.

The Vleaf Go is an on demand, fully convection, portable vaporizer and many people have been wondering if this is a Grasshopper killer. I wouldn’t call it that, but for the $70USD price tag it certainly presents an affordable alternative that excels at micro-dosing and hits way above its weight class. Let’s get into some details about this one.


When you buy the Vleaf Go it comes in a small box that it includes a tonne of accessories, extra screens and o-rings for pretty much everything; a stir tool, a cleaning brush, a silicone mouthpiece, and even a replacement chamber.

For $70USD it’s pretty awesome that they include all of that, you really don’t need any extras when you buy this one.

Charging & Preparation For First Use

The Vleaf Go has a built-in battery so you can’t replace this one, and it charges by micro USB. No USB-C, but it does charge in only about 60 minutes as it has a 900mAh battery inside. For reference, I don’t know what they are using in the new Hopper IO, but the battery in my old Grasshopper is 750mAh.

The Vleaf Go tasted surprisingly clean when I pulled it out of the box, but I still gave the entire mouthpiece assembly in an ISO rinse. Then, I used a Q-tip with isopropyl alcohol to clean the rest of the bowl, did a couple of session mode burn offs, and it was ready to use.


This is a super space-efficient vaporizer.  They were able to get this one in at 5.5” tall, only 0.75” wide, and it weighs under 2.5oz or around 70g. At that size, and with the fact that this is on demand, it makes this a really good vape to take with you. You might want to bring a water piece, but we’ll get into that.

One of the coolest things about this vaporizer is that it can be almost totally disassembled and you can replace any component if it ever fails or gets really dirty, or if you ever just want that “like new” performance.

The Ceramic Heater can be replaced by the end-user. This is an insanely cool feature and one I would like to see added to more vapes in the future. Increased modularity like this will increase the lifespan of a device, and it’s a great step for a manufacturer to take.

Another thing I like about the design of this vaporizer is that the mouthpiece will work directly in a 10, 14, or 18mm female joint natively, you don’t even need to use a silicone cover. This is another smart design as this vaporizer really does work best through a water piece.


This is a super easy vaporizer to load; you can do it by simply scooping into your grinder with the angled side of the chamber. Even with a small grinder or if your grinder isn’t that full, it’s really easy to load. Alternatively, you can use the Top Cap as a scooping tool to scoop a precise amount into your chamber.

This does not have a big chamber, less than 0.1g for sure, and you don’t want to overfill it, do not pack your flower down hard in this one or it’s not going to vape evenly. You don’t have to have a full chamber but I think it works best if it’s at least close to full which usually gives me about 3 solid hits, so just scoop some flower in there and then go ahead and put the lid back on.

Turn On, Check Battery

The Vleaf Go has single button operation, 2 different modes, and overall, it’s a pretty easy vaporizer to use. You can turn the device on and off by clicking the button five times, and once it’s turned on, if you want to check the battery, just quickly press the button once and it will light up either green yellow or red depending on the battery level.

The device does have an auto shut off feature as well, so if you do turn it on and then forget to session, the device will turn itself off for you.

Change Temp, Modes

The Go offers you three temperatures. It doesn’t tell you what those temperatures are, but I find myself going between yellow and red. If you are hitting it without a water piece, I definitely would not recommend hitting it on red. To change between the temperatures, just click the device button two times to cycle between them.

You can use this vaporizer in either on demand, or what they call “instant mode,” or you can use it in session mode. To use it in instant mode, just hold the button down and go ahead and start using it, then release the button when you’re finished your hit. If you’d rather use it in session mode, simply press the button three times and then it is going to maintain that temperature for 30 seconds. If you want to end your hit early, press the button once to stop session mode. I find that either of these modes work well, but I use instant mode more often overall as I just find it a little more natural.

Heat Up Time

Using the highest temperature, it’s super clear how quickly the device heats up. It is on demand so you can start inhaling is soon as you press the button, but I would let it heat up for about 3-5 seconds to let that heater come to temperature so you get the best performance

Dry Herb Session

I wanted to do a few different hits to show how the device operates. When I use this in instant mode, I’m going to use a fresh pack for every hit and I’ll do a hit on yellow/medium temperature, and then another one on red/high temperature. 

Then, we'll switch to session mode and try some dry hits on green, and then through a water pipe again on the highest temperature, because why not?

When you are done your session, that same Top Cap that you can use as a precise scoop to load your vaporizer, you can also use that as a tool to empty your chamber. A lot of really good design went into this vape, great effort by Vivant.

Strong Points

As you can see, this device offers pretty impressive performance for a $70USD vaporizer. This is coming in at DynaVap M sort of pricing, performs admirably for a battery operated vape in general, and at this price point, it’s amazing.

I like how even though it’s an inexpensive vaporizer, they put a lot of thought into the design. Being able to take it apart to replace components is great especially the Ceramic Heater, as well as how it’s designed to work directly with the water piece and has built in loading and unloading function.

Needs Improvement

Once the device gets low on battery, you do notice a performance decrease. It would be better if it worked the same and then stopped working when it was out of batteries, so as soon as you notice it’s not performing at an optimum level, just go ahead and give it a charge.

It does take a bit of learning to get nice and consistent ABV on this one, a midsession stir isn’t a bad idea. For me this is basically a direct to water pipe vape, you can certainly use it without a water piece, but it definitely can get warm. I think the Go excels when used through water, but if you don’t like using it like that, this might not be the vape for you.

Overall First Impressions

Overall I am pretty impressed with what the Vleaf Go brings to the table for $70USD. You have virtually on-demand performance, and you’re getting full convection vapour from that replaceable heater. 

The mouthpiece will work directly with your favourite piece so you easily can rip it through water without needing an adapter, but when you hit it dry, it can definitely be on the warm side. If you’re looking for a cheap and effective vaporizer to have one at a time on demand hits through your favourite water piece, have a close look at this one as it’s tough to find something that matches this performance for the price.

Head to and to find the Vleaf Go and then all of the other products you see me go over in my videos.

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