Vestratto Anvil Demo Session The Vestratto Anvil is an incredibly powerful, ultra efficient butane vaporizer that excels through a water piece.


A Game Changer In Portable Vaporizers

Every so often a new and exciting device arrives and permanently changes the dry herb vaporizer market, the Anvil by Vestratto is the next one set to shake the vape world up. Designed by a legit brain surgery equipment manufacturer, the Anvil is completely made in North America and is about to catch the market by surprise.

Thermal Battery Stores Power Until You Need It

While the Anvil has a unique aesthetic, it does have a familiar shape and audible clicks, it’s the mechanics of the Anvil that truly sets it apart from the competition. Featuring a first of its kind copper core, the chamber of the Anvil is constructed from three layers. The inner and outer layers are stainless steel with a core layer of copper sandwiched between them. Because of the high conductivity of copper (25x that of stainless steel), you’re not losing any heat by removing the flame or standard dispersion until long after you've taken your hit. The ingenious copper thermal battery is calibrated to store heat and reintroduce it throughout the cycle, to keep your herb at the ideal temperature throughout your entire hit.

CopperCore Oven With New DuraCore Build

The CopperCore ensures a completely even heat dispersion that results in an extraordinarily thorough vaporization, without needing to spin or rotate your device, and the new DuraCore build brings even greater heat retention and durability to the build. The behaviour is so predictable that you can heat the Anvil right to the point where combustion is imminent, giving you the most efficient vaporization possible, and you can repeat that experience effortlessly every time. You’re truly getting a dab like extraction from your flower. Mind = blown.

A Step Above What You're Used To

Clearly, the Anvil is the best way to take a hit, man. With an industry first copper core facilitating an otherworldly extraction, you’re about to take quite the ride. The Anvil by Vestratto has changed our expectations for dry herb vaporizers, for the better. Enjoy every ounce of your flower by picking up your own Anvil.

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Vestratto Anvil Portable Vaporizer

vestratto anvil thermocore oven in 5 colours
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