Vape Talk Episode 47

Hey guys, it’s Sneaky Pete here, welcome to Vape Talk. Vape Talk is the series where I talk about the new vaping related products that I have been using recently, as well as older products in my repertoire that have found their way back into my current line-up. So what have I been using recently? Let's take a look.

DynaVap ObsidiuM M 2021

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DynaVap has introduced a new colour option for their ever-popular M model: the black ObsidiuM M 2021. Last fall DynaVap released three colour options for the 2021 M - RosiuM (pink), AzuriuM (blue), and VerdiuM (green), all gorgeous variations. Now the brand new ObsidiuM brings the classic dark look back to the coloured M lineup. When you compare the ObsidiuM to the 2020 PhantoM model, the PhantoM is more of a grey/ blue colour, whereas the ObsidiuM is a dark and shiny deep black, just like with the brilliant ObsidiuM version of the OmniVap. The black PVD coating on the ObsidiuM is smooth and consistent across the whole device, covering the tip, cap, body, and the condenser.

Compared to the original version that was released many years ago, the DynaVap M has made massive strides to become the incredible device you see today. It’s still the entry level model, but it has received so many improvements and enhancements that it has become a vape that you may not need or want to upgrade from. The 2021 M features DynaVap’s captive cap, and mine had a nice fit right out of the box, with no adjustment necessary. The sharp edge of the tip is designed to be stabbed straight into whole flower, to load the bowl quickly and easily without even needing to grind first. The tip also features greatly improved airflow and the adjust-a-bowl, which lets you reduce the bowl size, this is great for microdosing or anyone who likes to change their flower out more often for better flavoured hits. Adding our Sneaky Pete Half-Bowl Converter to this tip makes it much easier to use the half-bowl position and even adds some extra punch to your bowl, thanks to the extra thermal mass.

The body of the 2021 M has a nicely updated profile, with complex grip sections at each end. You can set it up in an inverted fashion if you prefer, and the grips will remain available to your fingers, no matter which position it’s in. The dual airports create complex airflow patterns, and even work excellently if you leave them completely uncovered; giving you much better vapour production than you would expect and it’s much cooler. The mouthpiece fits like a gentleman into a 10mm female joint, which means you can use it natively with a water pipe without needing to add an adapter. If you want to use your M with a 14mm female water pipe, you can simply add a Fat Mouthpiece or one of our Master Adapters.

The 2021 DynaVap M is one of the best value vaporizers on the market, and it’s not much more expensive to step up to one of these stunning coloured models instead of the plain raw stainless-steel version, the three original colours and the new ObsidiuM all sell for only $87USD.

Magnet Ring for Anvil

The Anvil needs to absorb and retain a lot of heat to produce such impressive clouds, and this results in it remaining very hot for quite some time after you have finished your hit. Swapping out the oven while it’s still hot is pretty much impossible, and I haven’t figured out any way to cool it down quickly, what you can do however, is use a magnet to remove it. The Magnet Ring for Anvil is a simple metal ring with that nice strong magnet, which firmly and safely grabs the chamber for removal, even at its hottest, and the metal structure of the ring will also help to dissipate the heat and cool the chamber faster. It’s designed to be worn on your upper finger, and once you have the hot chamber securely on the ring, you can set the ring down and it will keep the chamber elevated above the table, so it can cool down safely and quickly.

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Pipsqueak Water Pipe

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The Pipsqueak is a small and straightforward beaker style water pipe that features a straight tube downstem to give it that classic chug sound, on a tiny scale. Even though it’s not a huge piece, the shape means it still holds a good volume of water and will actually make a big difference at cooling vapour down. The curved mouthpiece also means that you can fill it to a higher level before you start getting water in your mouth. It’s available with either a 10mm or a 14mm female joint, but be aware that it’s not a super deep joint, anything long like an Anvil won’t fit in it, but any of my glass connectors, the VonG, or a Master Adapter will fit perfectly. The small size makes this the perfect travel rig. Whenever I take my Mighty+ on the go, I also bring a Master Adapter and the Pipsqueak, it makes a night and day difference when compared to using the Mighty+ dry.

After-Shock Micro Stem Beta

The After-Shock Micro Stem is an upcoming stem for DynaVaps, I would describe it as a purpose built micro DynaVap stem designed to be used with a water pipe. I have a beta version, so it’s a little different from the final version, but it features a series of screw together parts set over a central condenser, and on the bottom it has a water pipe adapter that will fit in a 10mm or 14mm female joint. The point where the water pipe adapter connects to the After-Shock Micro Stem is the same size as a 510 Drip Tip, so you could theoretically put a ton of different connections on here, rather than just the included adapter. The retail version will also include a dry mouthpiece option so it looks to be a great value. For someone like me who wants a simple and effective way to use a DynaVap tip with a water pipe, this is a great little option and I’m excited for it to be released.

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Simrell Titanium M.V.S. Master Pack

The Simrell Titanium Modular Vortex System (M.V.S.) is an amazing high-end cooling stem for DynaVap tips and the new M.V.S. Master Pack is the ultimate way to get into it. The Master Pack includes everything you could possibly want and all the options available to the M.V.S. system. The M.V.S. stem features a rotating regulator valve that uncovers either one of the two airports. There’s a standard airport that matches the regulator hole shape, and a dual turbulating airport which really changes the airflow characteristics. In this Master Pack there’s a mini valve for the M.V.S., which gives you a much smaller overall length at 63mm, while still allowing for the same airflow options as the larger regulator valve. I would say that the mini valve is designed to be a flavour heavy set-up, while the longer valve is focussed on providing the most efficient cooling possible.

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You get dual condensers, giving you the option of anywhere from 45 to 85mm of total condenser length, which means this will work in a standard body like a DynaVap M, or even in longer XL bodies. Inside condensers you can throw in one of the three intercoolers. There are two regular length intercoolers. The standard intercooler will give you the best balance of airflow, flavour, and cooling. The high flow intercooler, which features noticeably less twists, is designed for less restrictive airflow and an emphasis on flavour. Then you have the XL cooling intercooler, which will work in the longer included condenser, this is long and twisty, meaning it’s going to give you the maximum amount of cooling possible. Keep in mind that all the twists will restrict the airflow a little, but that’s the price you pay for cool vapour without a water pipe.

The last part of the system is the two mouthpiece options. You get the full Simrell Stinger kit which has a fixed titanium mouthpiece, and can be used it things like a VonG, an M, or a variety of others. It also includes the new spinning titanium mouthpiece, which I love. It’s beautifully machined and held together, and it spins very freely within the stem. It also gives you a 10mm male connection, just like the regular mouthpiece, to use in a water piece.

Overall, this is a great system with a huge amount of modularity and options included. Keep in mind that with an adapter you can use the M.V.S. system with a lot of other vaporizers. It also works natively with the POTV One and the Healthy Rips Edge/Rogue to add substantial cooling.

Sneaky Pete Mega Cube

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Now I want to show you the newest water pipe in our ‘Mega’ line-up - the brand new Sneaky Pete Mega Cube. Joining the ever-popular Classic Mega Globe and the new-ish Mega Globe Mk 2 that features an additional 10mm joint, the new Mega Cube is the largest piece in the series. We’ve been working on this one for a while, and we tried a few different sizes, we ended up deciding upon a 12cm width, height, and depth. This generous size gives it more stability than anything else I have ever used, the base is so wide and flat that you really can’t overload this thing.

At the top of the piece is an easy to access 14mm female connection that feeds down into our classic Stereo Matrix Percolator, which is also seen in the Mega Globes. The implementation of this percolator was the most difficult part of the creation of this piece, it’s quite easy to make a straight percolator, but using the wide Mega Globe-style percolator meant that multiple different parts needed to be fused. It was worth the extra effort though, because it means that all the internal space is fully utilised by the massive amount of bubbling it creates.

This is an incredibly stable piece, and that’s before you even factor in the weight of the large volume of water it can hold. It fits up to 900mL of water, so you are closing in on a full litre of water, which is amazing if you’re aiming for maximum cooling and filtration. Because of the low percolator height you also have the option of using significantly less water if you want to, there’s a huge margin of water volume to customise, so you can get exactly what you’re looking for.

The package includes a nice long whip with a 90° joint and a glass tip, a glass mouthpiece, so you can use it with either option, and it also includes glass stoppers for the joints. You’ll notice on the top that it has three 14mm female joints, this means that if you’re vaping with a friend, you can connect the whip and the glass mouthpiece at the same time, so you can both hit the same device at once.

That’s not all though, we’re also including a beta down stem, which converts one of the side 14mm joints into a 10mm joint, like the new Mega Globe Mk 2 features. The beta down stem features a straight tube percolator with 12 additional slits for maximum airflow. This means you can use this piece as a 10mm, a 14mm, or both at the same time with this beta down stem. The reason I call it a ‘beta’ down stem is that we weren’t positive that we were going to include it and was more of a last-minute addition, so we decided to include it at no extra cost with this first production run. Based on people’s feedback we will decide whether we continue to include it.

The huge size, massive water capacity, and extreme stability make the Mega Cube a new favourite of mine, I love running all my vaporizers through it, and it’s just such a powerful statement piece.

I hope you enjoyed this instalment of Vape Talk, thanks so much for reading and watching guys, I really appreciate it.

Keep it green, keep it sneaky!