'TED' Talk Ep. 42 The Series Formerly Known As Vape Talk :)

Hey guys, welcome to TED Talk, I’ve got a lot of stuff to talk about today, so let’s get right into it.

What I’m Currently Vaping:

Vape Press Pro

The Vape Press Pro is a tool that compresses flower into tablet shaped pellets which are sized for a snug fit in your thermal extraction device, this allows you to load significantly more flower into the bowl, and means you get more sessions from each load. You’ll want to play around with how much to pack into each pellet, as you can definitely overload it, but you can safely fit at least three times the amount that you’d normally get in a bowl. The Vape Press Pro also reduces the need for maintenance, the pellets are more akin to using dosing capsules than loading loose flower, so your bowl doesn’t get as messy.

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The new Pro model stands head and shoulders above the older Vape Press, all of the components which endure torque have been upgraded to stainless steel, and the internal mechanism is far simpler, with fewer components, so it’s stronger and works a lot better.

The only thing that’s not as good as the old model is that you can no longer get different sized inserts that allow you to use the same Vape Press with different vaporizers. You need to have a specific Vape Press for each device due to the internal design change, but the upside is that you end up with a far higher build-quality doing it this way.

There are Vape Press Pro models available for the Pax 2 and 3, the Mighty and Crafty+, the DaVinci IQ and IQ 2, the Healthy Rips Fury and Edge, as well as one for Flowermate vaporizers.

Simrell Modular Vortex System

The new Simrell Modular Vortex System (M.V.S.) is the second generation of the Vortex Stem by the Simrell Collection. I was a huge fan of the original Vortex, naming it ‘product of the year’ in my 2019 Vape Awards, and there are some really interesting changes on this new model.

The new modularity means that you are now able to completely disassemble it for easy cleaning and maintenance. Some people didn’t like the sort of dead zone inside the original Vortex which was difficult to reach for cleaning, although I found that alcohol could always get into that space, but the modularity removes this issue, so it’s easy to keep clean and no longer a concern.

The M.V.S. consists of a few different components, and it’s all based around the Simrell Stinger, which includes a telescoping condenser as well as the intercooler. Keep in mind that the Stinger can also be used with a lot of other devices, including the entirety of DynaVap's lineup, as well as certain glass stems.

You’ll notice that it has an articulating airport, this gives you two different options for your airflow. It has the traditional teardrop airflow like on the Vortex, and it also has a dual turbulent airflow option that is designed to really move things around. The airport is chosen by rotating the upper section, this allows you to choose between either of the two options, or you can fine tune them with small modifications to the rotation, effectively giving you infinitely adjustable airflow.

Whenever there’s adjustable airflow I normally like to just find my perfect position and then use it hands-free, but with this one you really do need to try feathering the dual articulating airport on and off, it delivers a massive blast of extraction to your dome.

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Ed’s TNT Tinymight Accessories

Ed is one of the original wood guys in the vape game and there’s a reason that he’s stuck around this long, he makes everything by hand and he’s at the top of his game.

We stock two different accessories that Ed makes for the Tinymight, the first is the Wooden Tinymight Stem. It’s about 3.5” inches long, and is made from beautiful cocobolo wood, which has such a wide variety of different looks and textures. They are sized to perfectly fit the Tinymight cooling unit, which is awesome as it makes the Tinymight a much more viable device to use without water cooling. Even though I’m typically a glass guy, I prefer this wooden stem as I find it does an excellent job of cooling and the mouth feel is unparalleled.

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We also have the Wooden Tinymight Water Pipe Adaptor, which is absolutely gorgeous, the lathe work on it is beautiful and very precise. It will work with a 14mm or 18 mm water piece, and you simply load your flower into the conical screen, which then lodges inside securely, then just go ahead and rip it through a water piece. It’s a very nice upgrade to your Tinymight that you can use wet or dry.

Sneaky Pete Half-Bowl Converter

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I’ve really been enjoying using our new Sneaky Pete Half-Bowl Converter recently. I’m a huge fan of the way it changes how I use my DynaVap, I never use mine without the Converter in place anymore. I find I get two to four hits before I change my flower out (and I’m definitely not the kind of person who wrings every last drop from my flower), which is about the same number of hits that I would get from a full bowl before refilling because the flavour is gone.

You really do need to give the half-bowl position a try, it’s amazing how much extraction you can get from that small amount, and the Half-Bowl makes it fool-proof to get your CCD locked in that position. Simply pop out your CCD, place the Sneaky Pete Half-Bowl Converter in the tip, lock your CCD back in place and you are ready to go.

The other benefit I’m a huge fan of is the heat soaking that you can utilize thanks to the additional thermal mass of the Converter. When you aim your torch directly at the bottom of your cap you’re going to direct some of the heat right into the Converter and this will help to produce a hit which is even more massive than usual.

It’s also great because it’s the kind of thing you only need to purchase once, it’s never going to wear out and the amount of flower that you’ll save by switching to half-bowl position means that the Converter pays for itself very quickly.

Blazer Pencil Torch

The torch I’ve been choosing lately is the Blazer PT-4000 Pencil Torch. Blazer makes a lot of heavy duty dab torches, but they also make torches with more traditional butane flames that work well with butane-powered thermal extraction devices.

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The way that you ignite the PT-4000 is quite unique, first you click the button to turn the gas on, then you just hit the end against the table. The button used to turn the gas on also functions as a flame lock, so your torch will stay on. It features an adjustment dial, quite a large fuel reservoir for its size, and a small built-in stand, so you can turn it on and then heat your DynaVap with two hands if you want. The shape of the PT-4000 also makes it ideal for use with a Sticky Brick, as you can hold it like a pen. It’s by far the best torch I’ve ever used with a Sticky Brick because it’s so easy to hold and aim, and the high-quality build is just the icing on the cake.


Finally, I’ve been using our new Desperado 10mm Portable Water Piece a lot. This one works perfectly with devices like the DynaVap M and the Simrell M.V.S., but I’ve been ripping it a lot with the DynaVap VonG. The VonG fits into a 10mm or 14 mm female water piece, the joint on the bottom of the Desperado is a 10mm, so it’s a perfect fit.

The Desperado has a much larger intake valve than most water pieces, so you get really good airflow and more of a chug compared to the very small bubbles of the Little Bandit, for example. Where this one gets really interesting though is the redesigned internals. The dual opposing dome design and the upgraded drainage system holds more water than you’d expect from a water piece this size, and it allows you to rip it harder than you would think, without getting water in your mouth.

If you don’t have anything like this in your setup and you’re only using your extraction device dry you’re really missing out, water pieces make an absolute world of difference and this is definitely one of my favourite portable water pieces.

Keep it green, keep it sneaky!

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