Tinymight 2 One of the best portables gets improved in every way.


Hey guys, it’s Sneaky Pete here, and today I want to show you a first look at the new Tinymight 2. The original Tinymight is one of my favourite portables, and no matter how good this one is that is not going to diminish how awesome the original Tinymight is, but it seems like they have really listened to customer feedback, and they’ve created an even better Tinymight experience with the Tinymight 2.

Device Overview

I will do my best to give you all the specifics I can, but as I just don’t have all of them, I will fill in any information blanks before I do my full review. The Tinymight 2 is manufactured in Finland by a small team, but they have really improved their manufacturing capacity over the previous year and a half or so. The Tinymight used to be impossible to find, whereas they are pumping them out regularly now, so hopefully when the Tinymight 2 is released there will be enough units for anyone who wants to grab one off the hop, but time will tell.

The Tinymight 2 is a portable vaporizer, and it shares a very similar body shape and style with its predecessor. It is ever so slightly taller than the original, but when you look from top down towards the heater, you will notice that it is also wider than the original. It’s still a super portable device that’s easy to take with you, though I would recommend removing the glass mouthpiece while traveling. It measures in at 3.5” total height, 1.3” at its widest point, weighing in at a solid 205g with the glass mouthpiece.

The main body of the Tinymight is made from wood, and as you can see this looks quite different than the original. The old one looks almost unfinished compared to this new one, and the new model is way smoother to the touch along with having the darker wood which I like way more. Both the top and bottom sections of the vaporizer are made from metal, and that also seems to have a much-improved look and finish. Of course, it is still new, but the finish appears to be shiny compared to the duller original with a better overall texture.

On the bottom of the Tinymight 2 you will notice dual LEDs rather than the single LED on the original, and those surround the upgraded USB-C charging port. On the opposite side, you have the dial, and it’s now easier to access and move with your fingernail.  The previous one needed to be broken in a bit before it was easy to move with your fingernail, where is this one is good right off the hop. They have also added a little dot to help point to your selected temperature. On the thinner side of the body at the bottom you find the button which controls everything, and on the top metal cap the first thing you notice is the improved battery cap. You no longer need a coin or a tool to open the cap, you simply do it via hand by grasping the knurled edges.

The last thing you notice on the top is this extra segment, and that is thankfully a built-in unloading tool that is stored in the body. It’s held in place by an o-ring, and it is useful to unload your bowl when you’re done your session. I’m a sucker for built in loading tools, and it honestly took me a few minutes to figure out what this was, as it looks like it’s simply part of the device; I love how they integrated this.

What’s in the box?

Again, I’m not positive what exactly they will include with the final Tinymight 2 package, but I will go over everything that was included in the gear that they sent me. Inside of the Tinymight 2 you get an 18650 battery, and you can either remove this battery if you would like to charge it in an external charger, or you can charge it via the USB-C port. They included this nice long USB-C to USB-C cable, and with the upgraded USB-C connection, you are going to be able to charge up the device much faster when leaving the battery inside. I got a pack of extra o-rings in different sizes, as well as screens, these are good maintenance items to have if you are going to be removing the cooling units often. It also included this circular domed screen, so that you can put this in the long or even the short glass mouthpiece, if you want to use the device a natively as possible, without adding in the cooling units which are typically going to act as a bowl and screen. This would only be something I would do if I was looking for maximum flavour, but I find the flavour is already exceptional so myself I much prefer to keep the cooling units in the equation.

Even though the longer glass stem is only about an inch longer, this makes a world of difference in terms of the cooling. If you put the cooling units in this longer stem, it is going to give you a cooler session experience as compared to the shorter stem, but for on demand mode I find they are similar. The short glass stem is the one I consider the default stem, and it’s the one I have been using most often. It’s made from nice thick glass, and you will notice these two metal structures inside of the stem, secured by o-rings. These structures act as cooling units, the vapour runs through these tubular units, and the internals act to pull a ton of the heat away from the vapour. If you are using this one hit at a time they do an exceptional job, but after a couple of hits they will absorb as much heat as they can, and the vapour will get a little warm regardless of the stem. One thing I love is that you can use the integrated unloading tool to adjust the position of these cooling units. If you want the bowl small for microdosing action, push in the centre screw down to adjust the bolt more to your liking.

If you want to make it bigger, press up on the very exterior of the cooling unit, rather than on the screen, to extend your bowl for maximum capacity. If your stem gets too dirty, I don’t know how these are going to slide, but it works quite well at this point. This last stem is one I would love to see included in the final package, a long metal stem. It is the same length as the long glass stem, but it appears to be made from stainless steel so you’re not going to run the risk of breaking this stem, and it has some weight to it. It had the cooling units already installed, and I really like the mouth feel on this one. The metal seems to pull more heat away from the vapour than the glass stems, though I wonder how the heat transfer will be if you are doing a longer session as it’s metal, but I think it looks super cool and really ups the travel factor for the device.

How it works

Just like the original, the Tinymight 2 is a full convection vaporizer, with an exceptionally powerful and efficient heater. Not only can this output vapour of desktop calibre both in terms of flavour and output, but it also does this in an on-demand fashion. The Tinymight 2 seems to have even faster heat up than its predecessor, I would say it is at maximum five or six seconds.  A great thing is that if on demand, one hit at a time usage isn’t your favourite method, they also give you session mode, enabling you to use this like a traditional session style vaporizer.

The dual style usage that is built in to the Tinymight 2 is a handy feature, and I have found myself using session mode on this new model more often as it’s a comfortable way to use the device. First you want to load your stem, and it’s best to move the cooling unit to a position so that the stem can be totally full, rather than having a big air gap. Feel free to experiment, but I find the positionable bowl a handy feature that seems to best optimize the device.

On the bottom of the device, you select your temperature with a rotary dial, and I think starting at temperature six is a safe way to go. The vaporizer has single button operation, with a very straightforward interface.  When you first turn the device on, it will vibrate one to four times, communicating your battery level in 25% increments. The colour of the LED will also change to indicate your battery level, when it is at the maximum it is on green, and then it changes to purple when it drops down a level and so on, a subtle change that shows they thought through the device a little more than the original. Another thing I love is that when you look top down, you can see that LED come in through the unloading tool. They made the top of that tool with holes, so that that light travels all the way through the device. I love to see little enhancements like this. To use the Tinymight 2 in session mode, triple click it to turn it on, and then when you want to hit it, hold the button down until it vibrates, then inhale as hard as you want. I would advise inhaling harder than softer, but it seems to work well with both techniques.

To use it in on demand mode, instead of triple clicking it to turn it on, you double click and hold to turn it on.  So instead of “click click click, then hold” whenever you’re ready to do your toke, you “click click hold” and the device will communicate the battery level and then long vibrate you let you know it’s in session mode. It’ll then automatically heat up to selected temperature, and this will maintain that temperature while you do your session. This is great if you want to have a longer session to finish the bowl or pass it around in a group. You can triple click the device to turn it off again when you are done your session.

First Impressions

As soon as I got the Tinymight 2 in my hand I was quite impressed. This is a beautiful improvement on the original device and makes a great generation two. It still maintains the look and character of the original, while improving on almost everything. Visually, the device looks much better. This darker wood with the smooth finish looks much more upscale, and the enhanced look of the metal caps completes that upgraded appearance. I like not only the look of the knurled battery cover, but this also makes it way easier to change your battery as you don’t need any additional tools to do so.

The addition of the unloading tool is great, I’m not sure where any remaining flower ends up going if it’s left on the bottom of the tool, but I love how it fits in here and the fact that you can see the light through it. The addition of USB-C is pretty much expected at this point, but it means it’s going to charge much faster, so it is an appreciated feature. One thing I am thrilled about is the improvements on the button. It no longer has that squishy button that you can get, it is super clicky and it doesn’t feel spongy at all, it feels like it should last indefinitely and is much more responsive while engaging it. I did a video where I filmed my first hit in the Tinymight 2, and I turned it up and hit it hard. I was blown away that it no longer had that darker pronounced ring, and rather it gave a super even vape.

One thing the Tinymight is known for is that darker more pronounced ring, and they seem to have all but eliminated that. I notice if you do multiple hits in session mode you can get a darker section, but overall, this gives a super even vape without any stirring, as compared to the previous model. When you glance into the heater of the two devices, on the old Tinymight you can see the heating element, where is on the new Tinymight it has a plate with several holes, which is going to better distribute that heat to the load. I really like this metal stem that was included, again I don’t know if this will be in the final kit, but I would consider upgrading to this stem if it wasn’t included. I really like the bulletproof nature of it, and that metal seems to pull even more heat out than glass.

The vapour on the Tinymight 2 remains fantastic. I love using this in on demand mode, as this thing blows out Instagram worthy clouds all day long with no learning curve required. You can hit it as hard as you want, or you can hit it softer, and it just spews out vapour. As the Tinymight 2 is pure convection, the flavour is outrageously strong and terpy, and the effects are knock you over powerful. The Tinymight is one of the heaviest hitting portables I have used, and the Tinymight 2 retains that crown, I must use it more before I can confirm it hits harder, but it hits as hard so far.

My first impressions of the Tinymight 2 are overwhelmingly positive, they have taken such a great vaporizer and improved on so many aspects that make a difference. I don’t have any major complaints off the top, but I will be spending a good amount of time with this before I do my full review, so keep your eyes peeled for that as it’ll be coming soon.

I hope you enjoyed this episode, and check out vapenorth.ca and sneakypetestore.com where you can find all the different products and accessories you see me using in my videos .

Thanks so much for watching guys, I really appreciate it.