The New DynaVap M7 & M7 XL Review The new DynaVap M7 & M7 XL come with a variety of features and improvements, learn all about these new dry herb vaporizers from DynaVap!


It’s M7… DynaVap M7

For many, 7 is a lucky number. For DynaVap, the newest generation of their perennial portable is known as the M7, and they went back to the drawing board to bring new and old fans alike the most sophisticated, high-performance torch powered portable vaporizer on the market. The M7 is a battery free vaporizer that is incredibly efficient with the amount of flower needed to straight up blow your doors off; we were shocked at how little dry herb we needed to use to light us right up.

Elegant in its Simplicity

Through years of experimentation and listening to their supporters, DynaVap has found a way to balance complexity with simplicity and that’s never been truer than it is with the M7. The new device has a simpler, more understated look than the previous device, the M Plus, but it’s still got the interesting visual vibe that we expect from DynaVap. Though hard to describe and truly meant for the eyes, the pattern wrapped around the M7 is akin to an overlapping and interwoven metal design but will only be truly visible under a macro lens.

If you take a look at the device from a wider view, the look is akin to carbon fibre, but the surface is actually rugged metal, a finishing process that was developed in-house by DynaVap.

The Best DynaVap Tip Yet

Another new development for this device is the innovative M7 tip that boasts the sharp Septa Serrated Crown that allows you to grind flower directly from a bud into the bowl. This completely redesigned tip has a completely functional half bowl adjustment that works infinitely better than in their previous models. The thermal mass has been moved under the oven leading to 20% less heat being transferred into the stem. The increase in mass translates into larger hits and though it’s hard to comprehend, DynaVap tips just keep getting better satisfying even the heaviest of hitters.

You’ll Want to Put it in Your Mouth

DynaVap didn’t leave the rest of the device out of the redesign process. The new mouthpiece feels natural in your mouth, and it fits natively into a 10mm water piece. The new airport has a zigzag design that provides a more interesting air displacement while matching the overall aesthetic of the M7’s design.

The M7 fits together simply and snugly. The tip and condenser each only use two o-rings, meaning you need only four for the entire device, and with o-rings, less is always better. The precision of which the tip connects to the body is just so clean, you can barely believe it.

Instead of going for an over the top, complicated design, the DynaVap M7 is a sleek, sophisticated device that won’t look out of place on your desk at work. This is a luxury product that both looks and feels like it and the performance is otherworldly. The M7 outperforms DynaVap’s previous M line iterations and actually comes in less expensive than their last one. It is unreal to see a price drop on a design this much better than the last, but we're into it.

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