The Lighthouse Bubbler For Puffco Proxy - Product Demo The Lighthouse Bubbler stands tall above the cooling the Proxy's included glass can provide.


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A Tall, Stable Bubbler For Your Proxy

Many moons ago, before the days of Spotify and iCloud, ships didn’t have computers and had a difficult time traversing near shore during the night or when weather was awful. Boats had a lighthouse to guide them home and show them where was safe to travel. Our Lighthouse Bubbler for Puffco Proxy lights the way for you, providing a much better glass solution than what’s included.

Make Use Of Your Proxy's Higher Temperatures

The Lighthouse Bubbler is a tall and dignified piece that promises the ultimate in cooling for your Proxy. We love our Proxy and use it all the time, but the native glass solution is lacking, and the Lighthouse fixes all of the issues we have with it. Luckily, the Proxy’s modularity lets you use both! You really need to be using your Proxy through water to make use of its highest temperature to get the most complete extraction. While it’s fine on the green level of heating while you’re hitting it dry, the Proxy really proves itself in the higher temperatures, and you’re really going to want a substantial cooling system.

7.5" Of Clear Glass & Free Airflow

The Lighthouse stands a towering 7.5” tall and is made from clear glass tip to tail so that you get a really good view of the Proxy’s vapour production. The top portion of the Lighthouse is laser measured to perfectly cradle your Proxy and that leads to an extended downstem that is bolstered to the bottom of the Bubbler for additional strength. The Lighthouse Bubbler features double slit disc percolators that act to provide free flowing air with virtually no restriction when you draw, just a smooth experience from top to bottom. This specific design makes it really comfortable to use the Proxy for long periods of time.

Easy To Hold, Comfortable To Use

An extended mouthpiece gives you an appropriate amount of room between the Proxy and your beautiful face and the entire glass piece is super comfortable to hold as the thin profile allows you to wrap your hand fully around it for superior grip and stability. At its bottom, this Bubbler is stabilized by a nice wide base making your Proxy as unwavering as a lighthouse on the shore. To truly get the most out of your Proxy, you need to rip it at high temperatures, and using a water piece to combat that with coolness is the way. The Lighthouse Bubbler for Puffco Proxy is a stable piece with a large reservoir and cooling capabilities that’ll let you hit it on high all day.

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