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    This is going to cover the entire CCell system and its unique cartridges.  We won’t just focus on one or two of CCell’s individual products, instead, we’re going to discuss their whole lineup and how it all works together.  We’ll talk mostly about the Silo, the Palm, and the TH2 cartridges, but we’ll briefly go over the M3 battery and M6T cartridges as well.

    CCell produces a system of refillable cartridges/atomizers and compatible batteries/vapes that are designed to be used together to enjoy concentrates.  In a perfect world, you’re filling these cartridges with straight distillate.  However, the nice thing about CCell’s specialized TH2 Atomizer design are the four large 2mm flow ports which enable the TH2 to handle thick oils as well.  A lot of other cartridges cannot do this.  Also, as mentioned, they are refillable.  Not indefinitely, but I’ve had customers refill them 10x plus.  The CCell cartridges come in 0.3ml, 0.5ml, and 1ml sizes with a variety of mouthpiece options.


    The Silo and Palm both include two magnetic adapters and a micro USB charging cable.  The adapters screw onto the bottom of your cartridge and then they snap into the vape and are held in place by strong magnets.  Your cartridge is nice and secure when loaded in the Silo or Palm this way and won’t easily detach.


    The M3 battery comes in several different colours and has a 350mAh capacity which will get you a bunch of hits.  It’s charged with the included screw-in USB charger.  The battery is super slim and ultra-portable.  It’s great for a trip or a situation where you might not want to bring it back with you.  The performance is similar to the larger vapes.

    The M6T cartridge is a one-time use cartridge, so once you pop the lid on it cannot be removed.  However, it will take a lot of pressure to put the top on so it can’t happen accidentally.  The M6T comes in 0.5ml and it is perfect for a road trip, festival, vacation etc.  Take the M3 battery and M6T combo anywhere you go for killer performance that you can simply dispose of when you’re done.


    The Silo and Palm usually come with a good charge, but either way just plug them into a USB port to charge.  The light will stay on while charging then when it’s fully charged it’ll blink 20 times and turn off.  Now it’s vape time with no further prep needed.


    A lot of people ask “should I get the Palm or the Silo?”  The price is the same, but as you can see the Palm is thinner and wider while the Silo is thicker but narrower.  The Palm fits better in a pant pocket and it has a 550mAh battery compared to the 500mAh battery of the Silo.  So, as you can see, it really comes down to your own personal preference on size/shape and aesthetics.

    The Silo fits great in your jacket pocket and has a built-in window so you can see the level of your oil.  To me, it feels like the more rugged of the two.  I think I’d take the Silo hiking before I’d grab the Palm.  The Palm is about as sleek as you can get.  It can go in your pocket with ease, and though it seems like the cartridge is more exposed it is still fully protected by the metal wrap-around piece.  In general, these are ideal stealth devices as they are tiny, they have great battery life, and you won’t find a smaller system that can give this many good hits for sneaking into a concert for example.


    Before you use your cartridge, you’ll need to screw on the magnetic adapter and then snap it into your Palm or Silo.  If you don’t have access to filled cartridges you can always fill them yourself in a few different ways.  You can use something like terpene base to thin your concentrate, or you can use a wax liquidizer.  The terpene solution will change how your oil tastes, which may be a good thing.  Wax liquidizer (the standard kind) will not alter the flavour.  Terpene-based solutions usually have no Propylene Glycol while liquidizer does.  Both methods are pretty easy and involve heating up your oil and sucking it up into a syringe and then extracting it into the cartridge.  So, depending on what aspect is most important, you will have some options.

    After I fill my cartridge, I let it soak for 24 hours so the atomizer gets fully saturated.  If you hit it right away you can burn your atomizer and the cartridge will produce poor flavour even with good material in it.  These are simple inhale-activated devices that have an auto-draw function, so there are no buttons or temperature settings.  You just hit on the mouthpiece and that engages the heater.  The LED will light up when it’s warming your oil. 

    I’d heard a 3-5 second draw is recommended.  You can definitely do much longer draws if you want, I just wouldn’t do them back-to-back.  If you ever have trouble getting your cartridge to hit at first, there is a good chance it just needs to be primed.  When the oil is thick or cold it doesn’t flow well, so you just want to inhale on the mouthpiece for a few seconds and then you’ll feel/hear a small pop as things warm up inside.  Now the heater will kick on and you’ll see the LED light up as it starts heating your oil.


    The vapour quality from the TH2 cartridges is the reason you’ve probably heard of the name CCell by now.  Their ceramic atomizer technology produces some of the most consistent and pleasant vapour of any system on the market.  The taste is really going to depend on your distillate or concentrate, but if you stick to that 5-second draw it will be pure and true to your material.  It will get hot and likely degrade the flavour if you hit it for a long time, like 10 seconds or more.  Quite surprising smoothness on short draws, but if I do longer than 8 seconds I’m guaranteed to be coughing.

    The size of the hits is ridiculously massive, especially considering there is no heat up time or waiting for the device to turn on, just inhale and in just a few seconds you’re blowing clouds like Krakatoa.  The speed, ease, and ultimately the satisfying vapour, are the reasons I like this system so much.  It’s been my primary on the go system lately, but even at home, it’s gained a spot in the lineup.  You’ve likely seen in my other videos I will put a DynaVap fat mouthpiece on a cartridge and use the CCells through a water piece.  It will instantly milk out any glass.


    It is rated at about 200 plus draws per charge and I find that to be accurate.  Very often I’ll put one of these on the charger before going out and it’s fully charged up within two minutes.  These batteries last forever.


    Both the Palm and the Silo are currently going for $25.97 and the TH2 atomizer cartridges start at $4.47 on and the Canadian equivalent on  It’s crazy how affordable this system is considering it is also one of the best I’ve found for on the go use.


    The convenience of the CCell system is exceptional.  It’s super small, the battery lasts forever, and a 1ml cartridge lasts me a very long time.  Add to that the fact that there are no buttons or settings and it really can’t get much easier to use.  The stealth factor is off the charts.  On top of that distillate has virtually no smell after being exhaled, so it’s the perfect bathroom toker if you’re sneaky like ol’ Pete.  It is all super affordable and you can even reuse the TH2 cartridges to get more bang for your buck.


    If you only have access to flower or your only interest is flower, this system won’t really be of interest to you.  It is strictly for concentrate.  You must allow the oil or distillate to soak into the ceramic atomizer for a bit.  I have ruined an atomizer by hitting it right after filling and the whole rest of that cart had a bad flavour.  Priming the cartridges can be confusing and a bit of a pain at first.


    This whole system – the Palm and the Silo and the TH2 cartridges – was a real game changer for me.  I am extremely impressed by the convenience, ease of use, and the power that these little things can put out especially through a water piece.  The battery life is amazing, and 1ml of distillate lasts for many, many, many hits.  Great efficiency with this system.  If you hate recharging, refilling and cleaning devices then the CCell system is likely a good option for you.

    If you’re looking for a perfect vaporizer to keep in your pocket definitely consider the Palm and Silo.  I always have one or the other on me and I am using it at home a lot more due to its on-demand abilities and the massive rips it can make through a water piece.  Overall, I highly recommend this entire system.  Be sure to go to and to find the Palm, Silo, TH2 cartridges, and all the related CCell accessories to get you up and running with this amazing system.  Also, check out the review tab on both sites.  We’ve added written reviews for many of our videos so be sure to give them a read!



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    I have used several different vaporizers and enjoyed them all. However, once I acquired the Ccell Silo, there was no going back. It provides hearty vapour clouds along with a smooth rip…no burning,,,so smooth! This inexpensive vaporizer is highly recommended.

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