Brilliant Cut Grinder The Grinder You’ve Been Waiting For | Sneaky Pete Review

The Brilliant Cut Grinder is a three-piece grinder that is available in 10 different color options. On their site you can actually get each piece in a different color, so you can get any combination you’re after. It’s made from 7075 aluminum, which has a higher shear and tensile strength and lasts longer. The top and bottom have a great shape that plays with light at all angles. The inner grinding plate is available in either coarse, medium, or fine. I like medium the most but switch to fine for convection vapes to get more vapor. I’ve been using a Brilliant Cut since early last year and it is by far my favorite grinder, it even converted me from being a four-piece fan to more of a three-piece kinda guy.

How It’s Held Together

The Brilliant Cut Grinder doesn’t use threading like traditional designs. Instead, there is a magnetic connection between the plates. It is very easy and fast to open and close the Brilliant Cut and you don’t get that awful gummed up sensation/sound because there aren’t any threads. The quick connect on the bottom has thee arms that hold it in place, to make that chamber extra secure. I was a little concerned with the magnetic connection, mainly whether it’d be strong enough to hold, but these are very strong magnets and I have total confidence putting this in my backpack knowing it won’t come open.

Design Differences

The lack of threads does more than fix the gumming problem, it also changes how you operate the grinder itself. The action is set around the inner cylinder rather than the outer rim. The main benefit is making the grind itself easier, even if the teeth are completely full the twisting action is less difficult. It also helps the grinder stay clean longer and require less overall maintenance.

Complete Grinding

You’ll also notice a huge difference in the results when compared to a standard grinder, where no herb is left unground. The inner cylinder has a drill tip tooth on top, so even if some flower gets right on top it’ll still close and grind with no problems. The inner teeth align to grind right around the cylinder so there are no dead spots. The upper section has outer teeth to get any bud that makes its way to the sides of the plate. No threads mean you can absolutely grind back and forth with no worry about just twisting one way. All these enhancements let you load as much as you want, any way you want, and it’ll still all end up in perfect vaping shape in the bottom chamber.

Final Thoughts

They put a lot of thought into the design and listened to customer feedback when creating this grinder. They didn’t just tweak “off the shelf” ideas, they looked at how a manual grinder works and improved the process. I love the thread-less design, the secure magnetic connections, and how effectively it grinds even the fullest loads with perfect consistency. I’d like to see an XL version as this is a bit smaller, so it can be tough to load directly out of the bottom, but that’s my only complaint. The Brilliant Cut Grinder really knocked it out of the park and everyone I know that has one drives it daily.

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