DynaVap M 2021 Detailed Review

Hey guys, it’s Sneaky Pete here, and today I want to show you the brand new DynaVap 2021 M portable vaporizer. I could easily believe that the DynaVap M is the best selling vaporizer on the market, there are a ton of vaporizers out there to choose from, but amazing performance and value for money has made the M series outrageously popular. This new 2021 model has picked up where last year's one left off and further improved upon an already great design. Let's go ahead and take a close look at this device.


A stainless steel captive cap and a totally redesigned tip

The 2021 M features the stainless steel captive cap that was introduced on the M last year and it holds tightly onto this year's totally redesigned tip. You'll notice the exterior of the tip sports a complicated and drastically upgraded design compared to the last model. It's designed to give you superior airflow and channel air around the entire tip, rather than just through a couple of paths like on the 2019 M tip. It also more efficiently heats air before it moves into the extraction chamber, which is going to give you better vaporization performance and less unwanted cooling of your chamber, meaning you get a better hit throughout the heat cycle.

At the very end of the tip you’ll see the new septa crown, it features seven cutouts of the same depth, and it doesn't have that same sharp edge as the 2020 tip. If you keep in mind this theme of seven you’ll find a number of related Easter eggs on this device, let me know all of the different ways you see the number seven utilized on this one, I can find quite a few.

Inside the tip you'll find the dual position adjust-a-bowl, I highly recommend that you experiment with the smaller bowl position, you’ll end up saving a ton of flower while still getting a very similar experience. It’s the only way I use mine now.

Further down the tip is the new incremental fin profile which also plays on the theme of sevens. You'll notice that the fins are wide at the bottom and get thinner as they move towards the top. These fins help to provide more cooling as the vapor moves down through the device while retaining heat in the extraction chamber for a more consistent session. The very top fin creates a donut shaped air channel between the bottom of the cap and the tip that preheats incoming air and slows the airflow down a little bit, so that the preheating action is more effective.

The tip connects to the body of the device with three o-rings and it slides in and out very easily, with the past models it’s sometimes been a bit tricky to get the tip in and out, but DynaVap have improved the tolerances on the new 2021 M.

module image


The hourglass profile keeps your fingers exactly where you want them

The upper section of the body reminds me more of the 2019 M than the 2020 M, but when you compare both devices the new finish on the 2021 is definitely far grippier. It has this very complex compound pattern that sort of twists up the device as you rotate it, and there are also little machined marks that further enhance the grip.

module image

It’s immediately apparent when you handle it, but even by just looking at it you can see the new hourglass profile. Not only does this give it a cool new look, but it also makes a massive difference to how fast your fingers naturally find the optimal location for handling the device. When you spin it your fingers want to stay in place rather than sliding up the device, I really like this addition, I think it positively affects both looks and function.

DynaVap really paid close attention to get the finish just right on these devices, you’ll notice when you put the condenser into the body there’s a small lip on the inside that means the o-ring snaps perfectly into place, and that’ll even work the same if you flip the device around and use it backwards.


By far my favorite airport design yet

module image

This airport is by far the coolest that DynaVap have ever put on an M. This is the next generation chiral airport, meaning that it is separated into two sections like on the 2020 M, rather than just a single hole. There is some seriously precise machining going on here, the M shaped chiral airport is carved in steps or layers into the metal. Not only does this look super cool, but these subtle details also help to serve the goals of increased airflow complexity and more effective mixing of the warm extraction air with the cool dilution air. I love how it looks straight up like an M, front and centre on the device, it’s by far my favorite airport design yet.

I was a big fan of the rocker on the 2020 M and how it made that Metallica-ish M on the back, that’s been replaced this year with a compounded angle rocker. It doesn’t look as cool, but it’s definitely way more functional, it reminds me a little of the rocker on the OmniVap but it’s not quite the same. It's designed with the same purpose as the hourglass profile, to help your fingers naturally fall into place and to eliminate the need to hunt and grope after the heat up.

Between the chiral airport and the new rocker you get fantastic back-and-forth airflow, you can hear how well it functions as you rock the device between your fingers. The airflow complexity and the back-and-forth nature helps to disrupt the straight laminar, on or off sort of airflow to help enhance your hit.

One thing which seems counterintuitive, but I highly recommend you try, is to heat it up low on the cap and then take a hit without putting your fingers over the airport at all. You’d think that this would result in too much airflow and a small hit, but I am blown away by the size of the clouds that this method produces and the hits are also nice and cool because you're getting so much airflow. Give it a go when you’re trying that smaller bowl position.


Fits perfectly into a 10mm female joint

The mouthpiece is designed to fit perfectly into a 10mm female joint, so it’s ready to use with a water piece, no need for an adapter unless you want to use it with a 14 mm water piece. I would recommend either a Fat Mouthpiece or one of our Master Adapters for this purpose.

Just above the mouthpiece there’s one more machined section which provides a place to grip, but this area is not only functional, it’s also somewhat of a fingerprint from the machine used to create these devices. What that means is that each 2021 M is slightly unique, I think it’s a neat little touch.

module image


Despite all the improvements on this new model, the price stays the same

I'm a huge fan of this redesign. Honestly, I was a little concerned that they weren't going to be able to top the 2020 M, as that was such a huge leap forward, but they've really created a next generation product here. I don’t know how these things keep getting better and better. The great news is that despite all the improvements on this new model, the price stays the same, it still stands at $75USD.

If you don't have a DynaVap yet, you should absolutely consider getting one. The efficiency is really hard to beat, especially when you use that smaller bowl position, they can hit like an absolute tank when you heat them low, and they give a very analogous experience for someone who is switching over from combustion. The whole system is designed to be modular, so you can mix-and-match parts from different devices, there's no firmware to update or batteries to go bad, and you won't find a vaporizer that is this small and light that performs like this. I’m a massive fan of the DynaVap M series and the 2021 M strongly continues its legacy.

I hope you guys enjoyed the look at the new 2021 DynaVap M, stay tuned for a review of the new DynaVap Vong next.


DynaVap M 2021 Portable Vaporizer

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