Puffco Proxy vs Puffco Peak Pro - Pete's Pick The Puffco Proxy vs The Puffco Peak Pro - which one is a better choice for you?


Hey everyone, it’s Sneaky Pete here and we're back with another episode of Pete's Pick. I know, it’s been a hot minute, and if there’s more interest, please let us know, we love doing these. Puffco has a history of great mobile dab rigs and we're going to look at the Puffco Proxy and the Puffco Peak Pro.

The Puffco Proxy is a modular concentrate vaporizer that's designed to be used dry when you're using it with the included glass piece. However, as the Proxy is modular, you can remove the base itself, which is basically the engine, and then use it in anything like a water pipe, a water pipe adapter or even just a different dry piece. It's quite small and portable and that makes you want to take it with you, especially if you use the sweet, included case. The case will hold everything that the Proxy needs including your concentrate and even some Q-Tips for on-the-go cleaning.

The Puffco Peak Pro is the second version of the Puffco Peak which was the first smart e-rig available in large circles. The Peak Pro is meant to be more of a bong for concentrate whereas the Proxy is meant to be more of a dry pipe for the same extracts. I think the look on the Peak Pro is just amazing: the lines, the silhouette, it all just looks so good. On top of how the device looks powered down, you also have the light show that when activated is capable emitting light from a few different places to really give it that interesting, dynamic look. The Peak Pro also comes with a nice case and while it doesn't have quite as much room for extra equipment, you can hold everything you need including the charger, a little bit of concentrate, a few Q-Tips and it's a great travel case made of shock absorbent materials.

The Puffco Proxy has USB-C charging, and it will charge to full in about an hour and a half. The Proxy has a 1350 milliamp hour battery, and it is rated for about 15 hits per battery charge. The output will depend on what temperature range you're using though, as at lower temperatures you might get a few more hits or a few less if you’re going high temp. If you want to check the battery on the Proxy, just triple click the button and it will display one of three levels; at green, you know you’re good to go.

The Puffco Peak Pro also has USB-C charging, and also has wireless charging, which is a super convenient option; if you just sit it down on a wireless charger, it is going to charge up with no hassle. If you're charging it through USB-C charging, it can get to a full charge in about two hours, but it is going to take longer if you're using the wireless charging option; you give up a little speed for convenience, as you’d expect. On the Puffco website, they don't list the battery capacity for the Peak Pro but compared to the Proxy where you get 15 hits per battery charge, the Peak Pro will give you 30 hits, so it's around double the hits per charge.

The Proxy offers four pre-programmed temperatures that you can select from, and the device will take around 30 seconds to heat up after you’ve made your temp choice. The Peak Pro also has four pre-programmed temperatures that you can select from, but the Pro can also be set with an app that allows for user customization, so you can literally set any temperature within the range available as well having multiple temperature settings stored. Just like with the Proxy, it will take around 30 seconds to heat the Pro up when you do have your temperature selected.

We’re big fans of the vapour production on the Proxy, big fans. While not typically somebody that wants to do monster huge dabs, the Proxy works well for that use case. If you prefer to do sizeable dabs, I'd more recommend the larger brother: the Peak Pro. As the Proxy is a dry device, it is going to be a little bit warmer to the touch if you're using it at the higher temperatures and honestly, you need to turn up to the higher temperatures to get that thick dense vapour, if that's what you're after.

Personally, I really like the vapour from the Proxy, but if I want those thick hits I'm going to be using that modularity and putting the base in a larger water piece, perhaps something like our Insider, because then I can go with those nice high temperatures and get that thick vapour but it won't be as harsh if you're enjoying it through water, and it might be unforgiving if you're using it dry. The vapour on the Peak Pro is exceptional because as you're only running it through water, it's never going to be too harsh, unless you go up to the very highest temperatures. But in general, it's a very smooth device that’s nice and tasty. Both of these devices have a 3D Chamber, meaning it heats up on the sides of the bowl for better efficiency, and this also gives you better vapour production. So, if you're looking for the heavier hitter between the two you do definitely want to go with the Peak Pro. It's not like the Proxy can't put out nice hits, but compared to the Peak Pro it is definitely less powerful.

Not only is the Puffco Proxy extremely easy to use, it's also incredibly approachable; it looks like an old-fashioned pipe. Most people are familiar with this shape, so it's not as overwhelming or intimidating as concentrate devices can sometimes be for new users with their sometimes alien-like designs. The Proxy has one button, four temperatures to select from and that's it. The Proxy also has an easy-to-use interface, and it is very straightforward while performing really well.

To use the Proxy, all you have to do is put some concentrate in the Chamber, double click the button and once you have your temperature that's about it; inhale when it vibrates to enjoy. The Peak Pro is also incredibly easy to use and if you don't want to use the app, it functions pretty much identically to the Proxy from the four pre-set temperatures and one button interface, so it's not hard to use at all. Now, if you want to go into that app, you can get an elevated experience and really dial things in, but it's totally optional.

Both of these devices are extremely easy to use, but I have to give the edge to the Proxy on this one. Once you have integrated water a la the Peak Pro, it just adds a little more complexity because you can put too much water in the reservoir or what not, as well you’re really setting it up per use. You just can't have those problems because the Proxy is a portable system that’s very convenient you can pre-load it if you prefer, and it has a carb cap that covers the bowl, so you can just pre-load it before you go, close that carb cap and then put this pre-loaded device into your sling bag or a large pocket. With the Peak Pro, it's also very convenient but it's more of a homebody sort of a device. You really don't want to travel with water in this vaporizer, that's a big no-no. Thus, you have to fill it when you get to your destination and of course if you use this at home you can just keep it filled, but not as convenient as the Proxy.

Similar to the ease of the use category, just having that water integration makes the Proxy overall a little bit more convenient. Our favourite thing about the Puffco Proxy is the modularity. You can buy this device and use it the way it comes, with the stock glass piece, forever and you're going to be totally happy with the device. The big add though, is the fact that it has the option for modularity and if you want, you can take that base out of the pipe attachment and put it into a water piece like the Lighthouse that we sell on our website. There's a multitude of other water pieces is in different styles and adapters; it's a very unique system and having that modularity means the Proxy is really kind of whatever you want it to be.

Our favourite thing about the Peak Pro is the performance; it is a true dab rig replacement. Whatever you're currently using for concentrate could be replaced with the Peak Pro because it has the power and the capability to produce those massive hits. On the Proxy, a majority of people are using it at the highest temperature a lot of the time and we don't think most people are following that example with the Peak Pro because it just pumps it out almost too much vapour at the highest temperature; I definitely turn mine down a bit.

Usually, Pete’s Pick is a hard choice, and this is no exception. They are both amazing devices, but when I really get down to it, if I can only have one of these, I'm going to go with the Puffco Proxy. I chose the Proxy for a few different reasons, the first being that you can use it dry. It's designed to be a more portable and dry system, so I just find that if I'm taking the Proxy with me a lot more often than I am something with a water piece attached. While you get bigger hits with the Peak Pro, the ones that I get with the Proxy are totally adequate because I'm not a snake charmer doing two-gram dabs or anything like that and when I do want to do those big hits, I just turned up to the highest temperature and then run my Proxy through a water piece. Fifteen hits per battery charge is plenty for me, and the Proxy is USB-C so you can charge it on the go easily. But in the end, it’s that modular aspect. The fact that the Proxy can be this, but it can also be this just makes it such a flexible and fun unique device, and the best compliment I could possibly give it as I find since I got my Proxy, I am using constraint more often.

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