Pete's Pick - Tinymight vs Mighty+ Which of these powerful portable vaporizers is best for you?

Hey guys, welcome to Pete’s Pick, the series where I directly compare several aspects of two different vaporizers, to help you decide which one would be the best choice for you. I will also choose my own personal favourite that will be crowned ‘Pete’s Pick’.

This time I’ll be comparing two units that I absolutely love, the Tinymight and the Mighty+. If you’re looking for more information about either of these devices, we have a full individual review for each of them, check out the Tinymight here and the Storz & Bickel Mighty+ here. Alright, let’s get into the comparison.

Vape Design

The Tinymight feels great in your hand, the body itself is constructed from solid oak, and it has metal caps on the top and bottom ends. It has a nice reassuring weight that feels substantial, and it’s just over 3.5” tall, so it’s reasonably portable.

On the bottom there's a charging port, as well as a dial that allows you to adjust the temperature on a scale from 1 (250°F) to 10 (460°F). The dial can be a little hard to adjust without using your fingernail or a tool, but at least it means you won’t accidentally change temperature very often.

On the side of the bottom metal cap is the single button which controls the unit, and it doesn’t have the best button feel compared to other devices. I find that it works far better if you pull the button into the palm of your hand, rather than trying to press it with your thumb. On the top of the unit is the heater where the glass stem is inserted, and a screw on-top where you can remove the battery if you want to replace it or charge it outside the device.

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The Mighty+ is a large handheld, you won’t find many portables that are bigger than this one. It stands about 5.5” tall and weighs just under 250g, so it’s a beastly unit. I find that the shape fits very well in a jacket pocket, but it’s definitely too big for pockets in your pants. It’s made entirely from plastic, which people are sometimes turned off by, especially at this price. However, it has 10 out of 10 build quality and the plastic feels super high-end, so I really don’t see it as a downside.

There is no external stem or mouthpiece needed for the Mighty+, meaning that you don’t need to worry about breaking anything when transporting it in a bag. There’s a power button on the side, and arrow buttons on the front for temperature control. It has a basic screen that displays your temperature in either C or F, and the battery life. This vaporizer is really built with pure function in mind, it doesn’t have a lot of bells, whistles, or extra features. It won’t stand upright by itself, it does come with a little kickstand which works well on a flat surface, but I much prefer the far more stable Mighty+ stand that we stock, it’s a must have accessory.

Heat-Up Time and Heating Method

The Tinymight can be used in two different modes - session mode or on-demand mode. The only way I use it is in on-demand mode, because I find one hit at a time is sufficient with this vaporizer. In on-demand mode it heats up in about five seconds, giving you true on-demand performance. It vibrates when it’s at temperature, and is ready to produce vapour straight away. It has a massive heater coil, which you can see inside if you take the stem out, it provides a huge amount of full convection heating that instantly flows through your flower to produce great results. You don’t find a lot of devices that are ready to go this quickly while also producing such large volumes of vapour.

The Mighty+ gives you a mix of primarily convection heating, with some conduction added in through the bowl. The purpose of this is to give you a stronger initial punch from the vapour, and a faster overall heat-up time. All the new Storz & Bickel devices operate with this same mix of convection and conduction. The heat-up time has been improved since the first version of the Mighty to only 60 seconds on the Mighty+, and like the Tinymight, it will produce vapour as soon as it’s at temperature. I find the heat-up time very consistent, and since this is a session-style vape I find 60 seconds to be acceptable, especially considering the amazing clouds produced when it’s ready to go.

Battery Life and Charging

The Tinymight only features micro-USB charging, which is less than ideal, the more modern USB-C would have been preferable. Charging it through micro-USB, from a dead battery it’s going to take at least two hours. However, when you remove the screw-on lid you will find that the Tinymight uses a standard 18650 battery, which is super handy as these are inexpensive and very common. This lets you pop in a fresh battery while on the go, charge the battery in an external charger (which can greatly reduce the charge time), or replace a tired old battery with a brand new one to get new-device-level performance.

Using the Tinymight in on-demand mode at temperature six, I was able to get 30 rock-solid hits before the battery went dead. I’m very happy with that battery life, I think 30 hits per charge is enough for any vaporizer, and you can just pop a new battery in if you don’t want to wait for it to charge.

The Mighty+ now charges via USB-C instead of the proprietary charger that the previous version used, which is a great upgrade. It’s really convenient for charging on-the-go since USB-C cables are ubiquitous, and you can now charge it with a battery bank. The Mighty+ also allows for faster 45W charging, meaning that if you have a better power source, you can charge the battery significantly faster. With a 45W charger you can get an 80% charge in only 40 minutes, which is a noticeable improvement.

During my testing I tried to use it as normally as I possibly could in terms of real-world use, and I got 16 full sessions before the battery was completely dead. For a portable this is a huge amount of battery life, if you leave the house with a full charge, it should last you a full day or even more, no problem. You don’t get a removable battery with the Mighty+, but you're going to get a ton of life from the device, and you’ll probably want to replace it with something else before the batteries start dying anyway.

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Ease of Use

The Tinymight is quite a straightforward device to use, it has single-button operation for all its functions, and vibration is used to communicate things like battery level. The rotary temperature dial makes it easy to adjust, though it does lack the precision you get with the Mighty+. Loading the included glass stem is quite easy, as is maintaining it, as long as you go with a soak in alcohol method of cleaning, rather than a full disassembly like the manufacturer recommends, as I find that to be a pain. I do find the button a little imprecise and squishy, especially while the device is upside down. You can hit this one as hard and fast as you want, so there’s not a lot of technique required to get good results.

I consider the Mighty+ extremely easy to use, it’s borderline fool-proof. It has an obvious orange power button on the side, and once you turn it on it will automatically start heating up to the last temperature it was set at. To change the temperature, just press the bright orange up and down buttons, and you can easily see the precise temperature on the screen as you adjust it. It’s very easy to load and unload, and as there is no external stem it’s very easy to preload and take with you, meaning you are one button press and 60 seconds away from a session. The addition of dosing capsules makes it even more convenient and I highly recommend using them.

It pumps out visible extraction with ease starting at around 355°F, and you can hit it with short little puffs, or long and hard puffs, working fantastically however you choose to hit it. It’s not too often that you find vaporizers that are this easy to use while also producing such amazing vapour. It’s a perfect device for a first timer with a higher budget, there’s just no going wrong with how you use it.

Vapour Quality

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The Tinymight is well-known for its vapour, it produces more vapour than virtually any other battery-powered device on the market. The size of the hits that you can get from this vaporizer are astoundingly large, the Tinymight is one of those few portables that can go head-to-head with pretty much any desktop vape in terms of the production capability. Keep in mind that these are also pure convection hits, meaning that you’ll get excellent flavour at lower temperatures - anything at temperature four or below is good for flavour emphasis.

The pure convection also means that the effects are exceptionally strong, especially when you couple them with those super thick and heavy clouds. For anyone looking for a battery powered on-demand unit that is a true heavy hitter, the Tinymight is pretty much at the top of that list, and one of the top reasons I would recommend buying this device.

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For a session style vaporizer that doesn’t need a longer stem or anything external, the Mighty+ creates surprisingly smooth and cool vapour when you use it at lower temperatures. The winding passage of the interior of the cooling unit does a great job of cooling down the first few hits, but if you want to use it at higher temperatures or for extended sessions a water pipe isn’t a terrible idea.

The flavour is very smooth and pure, especially considering the plastic used for the construction, it doesn’t affect the flavour to the vapour at all. The new ceramic lining in the bowl also helps keep it clean and enhance the overall flavour. Thanks to the mixture of primarily convection heating with a pinch of conduction, you get very strong effects. I find that three or four hits are usually enough for my needs and then I pull it out again as necessary. The consistent, easy to achieve high-quality vapour is what the Mighty+ is known for and the main reason to consider it.


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The Tinymight can make ABV as dark as you would want it to get, so it’s easy to get great efficiency from this device. That being said, it does create a pronounced darker ring in the herb, so stirring between hits is a good idea to achieve the best efficiency possible. When I use it through a water pipe, I’ll do two or three hits per bowl, giving it a quick stir and tamp after each one.

The large heater provides a large amount of residual heat that passes through your flower while you inhale, meaning that it has a very efficient and effective process throughout the temperature range, if you give it that stir. The Tinymight can also be used with quite a small amount of flower, making it great for satisfying single hits per pack. Some people prefer this method of use since it means you get more frequent fresh flavoured bowls.

Although I feel like you get impressive efficiency with the Mighty+, the ABV doesn’t get anywhere near as dark as it does with the Tinymight. I don’t necessarily need or want the ABV super dark, but even at higher temperatures the Mighty+ will leave it a nice, toasted brown, not super dark. I feel like the Mighty+ produces the proper amount of vapour that you should get from your flower, and nothing more. The crazy thing is that while it works like that, it still spits out fat vapour clouds, even at lower temperatures like 355°F, without overbrowning your flower.

Some devices claim to be operating at 355°F but will give you dark brown ABV, while the Mighty+ operates in a completely different manner, giving a nice true vaporization at the set temperature. You can get away with loading a considerably smaller amount in a Tinymight stem than in the bowl of the Mighty+, so that’s one thing to keep in mind if you have any interest in microdosing.

Favourite Things

My favourite thing about the Tinymight is the vapour. Not many vaporizers produce massive full convection clouds like the Tinymight can, and it’s even rarer to find those clouds coming from an on-demand portable at a pocketable size.

It doesn’t take long for the Tinymight to heat up, and it will white wall a water pipe mere seconds after you start inhaling. Of course, you don’t have to rip it this hard and it performs well at lower temperatures as well, but it’s the capability of just completely knocking it out of the park which makes it one I pull out with regularity (giggity).

My favourite thing about the Mighty+ is the simplicity and consistent results. It is an extremely easy vaporizer to use, from turning it on, to adjusting it, loading, and unloading it, even maintaining it. It’s an unintimidating device that’s a perfect choice for a first timer or somebody who doesn’t want to mess around, and just wants good and easy results.

When you add the consistent vapour output that it produces, without any technique or learning curve required, it really ups the ante. You get nice thick and satisfying clouds even at lower temperatures, and a nice ABV pattern at any temperature that is never overdone.

Pete’s Pick

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This one is a tough choice for me, I truly love both of these vaporizers, and appreciate each for what they bring to the table. They are quite different devices, I think you would be ecstatic with whatever choice you make, but even though I’m the kind of guy who likes to do one hit at a time through water, when I really think about it, Pete’s Pick this time goes to the Mighty+.

The Tinymight is a monster for such a tiny and compact device, it really does excel when you are using it one hit at a time through a water piece. But to me, the Mighty+ is such an easy device to load up beforehand and take on-the-go with you. You don’t need anything external; you don’t have to risk breaking any glass, or forgetting something before you go out. From that single load I can get multiple sessions, and it also outputs ample vapour without needing to turn the temperature up too high, meaning I can have a nice thick and satisfying session.

The Mighty+ has exceptional battery life for a portable, super consistent and impressive vapour results, and is incredibly feasible to use day-to-day as a portable. This all makes it the must have device for me, though I would definitely miss having my Tinymight to pull out if I could only have one of the two devices.

I hope you enjoyed this instalment of Pete’s Pick, and that it might help you make the very difficult choice between these two brilliant vaporizers. Thanks so much for reading and watching guys, I really appreciate it.

Keep it green, keep it sneaky!