Old Head Dab-Ready Review - A New Way To Dab The Old Head Dab-Ready brings safety, consistency, speed, and convenience to the traditional dabbing experience.


The Dab-Ready | A New Take On Dabbing

Do you remember the first time you saw an iPod? Sure, it had the familiarity of music players of old, but there was something...alien about it. And then, you used it, and it all made sense. That’s how we felt the first time we used the Old Head Dab-Ready. A truly innovative dabbing solution, the Dab-Ready is a simple, fast, and safe way to heat up a banger for dabs.

Keeps Your Banger Dab-Ready At All Times

Simply, the Dab-Ready keeps your favourite 25mm banger at the perfect temperature, so you’re ready to dab at any time. Clever name, right? By utilizing new technology, the Dab-Ready puts a spin on traditional dabbing that really has that basal experience you can’t beat with a high-tech device like a Puffco Proxy. The real issue with traditional dabbers is twofold: you have to heat it up with a torch, which is less than safe at the best of times, and you have no easy way to tell if you’re at the appropriate temperature for the result that you’re looking for.

Consistent Hits Every Time

The Dab-Ready brings an incredible level of consistency that really makes it an attractive option. Your banger is always kept at the same temperature, and it’s the right temperature, so there’s no guess work involved. It also only heats only the banger part itself, any stem or adapter leading from the banger to your water piece will remain cool to the touch. Mind blowing, am I right?

3 Minutes From Cold, 60-90 Seconds To Re-Heat

When you start the Dab-Ready from cold, it takes roughly 3 minutes to heat up - and it only takes 60-90 seconds to re-heat your banger after a dab, that’s it! As mentioned, it will work with most 25mm bangers, but it is not compatible with flared or faceted ones. Keeping in the vein of simple to use, the process itself couldn’t be any easier, there’s a switch to turn it off and on (this works great with a smart plug) and arrows to adjust the temperature.

Protected Heat Guard Keeps Banger Safe

The receptacle that the banger gets placed into is reminiscent of an enail, but this specifically engineered coil works with bangers purposefully and is protected with a heat guard. The device is not only “back to basics” to use, but its simple style also looks great in any battle station. The Old Head Dab-Ready is a great way to revisit the way you learned to dab with a modern twist. With the Dab-Ready, you’ll find the only need for your old torch is starting your next bonfire.

*25mm banger sold separately | North American Version*

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