Magnetic Vape Loading Shovel - Demo Video A perfectly sized Loading Shovel with a magnetic base makes loading your vaporizer or bowl easier.


Magnetic Vape Shovel Makes Loading Easy

You know, although you’ve probably never seen your fingers ‘fing’, they’re definitely not for loading your favourite vaporizer. It’s actually kind of staggering how many elements of the vaping experience were improved upon before companies started addressing the need for vape loading tools, but now it’s an integral and necessary part of the process. The Magnetic Vape Loading Shovel makes loading your vaporizer much easier and cleaner to load with less flower ending up on the floor.

The Next Level of Loading Tools

Using a tool like the Vape Loading Shovel, you’ll find you have additional maneuverability while loading your vaporizer as this instrument was designed specifically for the job. Measuring just over 3” tall, the Magnetic Vape Loading Shovel has a magnetic base so that it secures in place on magnetic surfaces, and a healthy sized Loading Shovel on the other end.

Designed with Intent and Purpose

The Shovel features a small cut-out on the tubular shaft to provide your fingers a natural place to fing… err grip. The payload on the shovel is designed to fit with and load in the majority of popular vaporizers and is shaped to hold the flower while loading to limit spillage. Starting from the lip, the high edges taper as they go back to provide free access and precision to the edges of the shovel. The capacity is pretty “Goldilocks” (not too big, not too small); you’ll find a couple of shovels full will help you through your hardest days, white half a shovel is ideal for microdosers.

Brass or Titanium, We’ve Got You Covered

Please, keep in mind that this is metal, and you don’t want to scrape a metal tool on a metal grinder, so load in accordingly. Available in both brass and titanium, the Magnetic Vape Loading Shovel will ease the loading process with probably every vaporizer that you own.

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