How to Use a DynaVap Vaporizer

Quick Setup Guide

8 Steps on How to Use a DynaVap Vaporizer

So you’ve got yourself a sweet DynaVap dry herb vaporizer and want to know exactly how to use it. Follow these 8 easy steps for a quick setup and get vaping right away.

This guide is based on how to use a DynaVap M 2020 vaporizer—although the steps also apply to the Omni and Vong ranges which use the same critical VapCap. Remember, these are all battery-free vaporizers, so you’ll need a free-flame torch or lighter to provide the heat externally.

Before the first use, we strongly recommend you do a burn-off. This means flaming the device while empty in order to remove any potential factory residues which cause unpleasant smells and tastes. To do a burn-off, just follow the instructions below but without any herb or product. Then run through the steps again with your herb inserted and you’re all set.

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Step 1: Remove the VapCap from the tip

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Orient your device as per the image and remove the end; this is the famous VapCap.

Step 2: Push and twist your herb into the chamber

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Grab your herb of choice and push it into the DynaVap chamber with your fingers. It helps to twist the herb while pushing at the same time. You can also use the VapCap to pack it in. Just be sure not to overfill the chamber or pack it in too tight.

If you’re using ground herb, make sure you don’t grind it too finely, otherwise the particles will sneak their way through to parts of the DynaVap where they don’t belong.

Step 3: Replace the VapCap

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Make sure you haven’t overstuffed the chamber, and replace the VapCap onto the tip.

Step 4: Use a lighter or torch to heat the DynaVap tip

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Hold a flame to the coiled part of the tip for between 4 and 15 seconds. At the same time, rotate your DynaVap to heat the tip evenly. Like magic, the DynaVap will click twice when it’s fully heated. This means it’s ready to vape. Don’t heat it any further or your herb will burn and your VapCap can be permanently damaged!

Take note: your heat source matters — and it will affect the quality of the vapor. A free-flame torch heats up the tip faster, in around 4-7 seconds, while a lighter flame may take 10-15 seconds. The click will tell you when it’s time. But the key is to heat the tip evenly, which is achieved with a slow, smooth rotation. So you might want to use a gentler flame (a lighter or candle) or consider an induction heater (see below).

Step 5: Inhale the vapor via the mouthpiece

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Draw from the end that isn’t now superheated! You have about 30 seconds before the heat dissipates and you need to flame it again for your next hit.

Step 6: The DynaVap will click again when it has cooled

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After 30 seconds, the tip cools to the point that it’s no longer vaporizing your herb. Listen for the click. However, don’t actually touch the tip with your fingers as it’s still super hot to touch.

Step 7: Flame the tip again for your next hit

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Just like before, hold your flame to the coiled part of the tip, while rotating your DynaVap for even heating. Further clicks mean it’s ready to vape — remove the flame immediately.

Step 8: Empty the chamber when you’re done

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Your herb will be exhausted after 3-4 long draws. When you’ve finished your session, allow the VapCap to cool. Remove it carefully and empty the residual herb from the chamber by blowing or tapping it out. You can also use the end of the VapCap to scrape out the residue.

But this “waste” herb is not actually waste! You now have some AVB: Already Vaporized Bud. It’s gone through a process of decarboxylation and is still potent if consumed. Eat it in a sandwich or with some yogurt if you want to enjoy the benefits of a slow release.

How to Use a DynaVap Vaporizer with Concentrates and Oils

Did you know that you can now use concentrates and oils with your DynaVap vaporizer?

The DynaCoil is a precision engineered concentrate adapter, made from a single piece of medical-grade titanium. It’s designed for use with many full melt concentrates, oils and liquids.

The porous design of the DynaCoil allows the concentrate to soak in and fully saturate the coil, meaning a lot of surface area for vaporization and great airflow regardless of your load size.

This method of vaporization gives you outstanding flavor and efficiency from your concentrate. It’s a must-have accessory for any DynaVaper interested in concentrates.

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How to Heat Your DynaVap with an Induction Heater

Induction heaters are a completely different way to use your DynaVap, allowing for a more consistent hit with better overall flavor. We’re glad to see that DynaVap has released its own brand product, called the DynaTec Apollo 2 Induction Heater.

This heater is compatible with either a stainless or a titanium tip, reaching vape temperature in just 5-8 seconds. It’s really simple to use and eliminates the guesswork of using a flame to heat your DynaVap tip.

Simply place your tip into the chamber until you feel the heater engage and see the red light illuminate. Wait until you hear the now familiar click. Then you’re ready to inhale.

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Final Thoughts

DynaVap's VapCap M 2020 is a spectacle of engineering. It’s small and lightweight, requires no batteries, and gives instant vapor. In fact, for a budget portable vaporizer, it has features usually only found on high end devices, making it unbeatable on price and performance.

For more instructions on how to use a DynaVap dry herb vaporizer, check out my DynaVap M 2020 video user guide, or order your DynaVap at the best price guaranteed with free shipping.

We also carry the full range of DynaVap vaporizers and accessories in our store, so check us out for adapters and accessories once you’ve learned how to use your DynaVap vaporizer.

Keep it green, keep it sneaky!