How Much Weed To Buy On Vacation Here's a helpful guide showing how much I bought vs how much I actually used during my vacation.


Leaving Las Vegas… With Too Much Leftover Weed

When we get to Vegas, it’s suitcases down and head to the dispensary, but we have always wondered how much we actually should buy when we're there. We always end up buying way too much, our eyes are bigger than our lungs so to speak, and just leaving some of the supply behind because we can't bring it on the plane back home. We’re going to walk you through how much we bought for a five-day, five-night trip versus how much we actually were able to use in that same period of time. Ideally, this will help you better gauge how much you actually need to purchase and hopefully buy the proper amount from the dispensary.

When we came down to Vegas for this trip, we brought a 510 battery for cartridge use and also a DynaVap. If you're not using something like a DynaVap, for example if you're rolling joints or using a pipe, your results are going to vary wildly. Essentially, these calculations are going to be for somebody who's using something similar to a DynaVap, not for somebody who's combusting their flower.

We used to always go to Planet 13 and if you've never been there before, you have to check it out; it's a super cool dispensary, it may be the largest dispensary in the world. Lately, we've been going to NuLeaf; it's not that far from the hotel we usually stay at, and the price is much better, there’s a great selection and all that kind of stuff as well. Definitely check out some dispensaries that are a little bit off the strip, you're going to find some way better pricing, as with everything in Vegas. Another thing to keep in mind to save yourself some time is that most of these places are cash only. Some of them will let you use a debit card, but virtually none we've ever seen will let you use a credit card. Also, with NuLeaf and we’re sure other places as well, they'll even let you pre-order it online, so you can simply go in and pick it up. You can also see any discounts that you're going to get this way, and you know exactly how much cash you’ll need to bring with you.

Flower Power: White Shark from New Leaf

The first thing that we did was grab some flower and normally we’d go with pre-rolls and either hit the pre-rolls or unload them into a DynaVap, but this time we decided we’re just going to grab an eighth of flower. This way, we can roll it up if we want, but chances are we’re not going to, we’re just going to be enjoying this flower in a DynaVap. We decided on a strain called White Shark that is a hybrid testing in at 21.8% THC and overall, super happy with it. The nugs were super tight, unbelievably uniform, and dense. We don't know a better way to describe them, but this is way beyond anything we can grow at home for sure. The taste was exceptional, and the effects were really good as well; those sativa elements were definitely coming out a little bit more, especially if we had one or two hits at a time.

One thing that we weren’t able to bring was a grinder. Obviously, you can't bring scissors or something similar on a plane, but we were just able to break this flower up with our fingers. It wasn’t too sticky, but it was covered in kief or crystals, whatever you like to call them, and overall, this was a great purchase, and we would buy this again. All of the prices that we mention here are in USD, and this strain came to $30 for 3.5g, but the nice thing was that we only shopped the sales section, and we only chose products that were on sale, and this was only $25 for 3.5g after the discount, so a very good price in our opinion.

The Crumble was an Absolute Dream

Next, we wanted to supplement our DynaVap usage and to be able to kick it into that next gear, so to speak, we bought a half gram of Blue Dream crumble. This was super easy to handle; it's not waxy, you don't need to dig it off your tool or anything like that, you can almost just grab it with your hands, and we used this to load a little bit on top of our DynaVap bowl because it really takes it to a completely different level. We would way rather add a little bit of concentrate to our DynaVap bowl rather than do three or four DynaVap hits in a row; it's just a way better experience and it's far stronger. Overall, it's a little tough to comment on this because we never used it on its own, but overall, the strength on the Blue Dream is fantastic and the taste, while we never got the pure taste of it, it really did enhance the flavour of the bowl when we put it into the DynaVap load. The taste and the smell overall are kind of earthy, not super strong in the smell department; there's not a tonne left, but it definitely has a bit of an earthy flavour to it.

The Blue Dream crumble clocked in at 79% THC and this was an absolutely perfect choice for kicking those bowls up a notch. It definitely made us question how we utilize DynaVap bowls at home, maybe now adding a little bit more wax to the bowl a little bit more often. The Dream was the only thing that wasn't on sale, but it was only $25 for half a gram, so again that's a really fair price. So, with the flower and the concentrate using the DynaVap, you're pretty much limited to enjoying in that fashion in your hotel room; you can't be hitting a DynaVap out on the casino floor, but of course that's where the edibles and the cartridges come in handy.

510 Cartridges to Take Everywhere

Normally, we don’t hit the cartridge style vapes very often, but when you're out and about, you cannot beat cartridges for their stealth and their portability. The ones we picked up in Vegas were decently tasty, too. The first cartridge we purchased in Vegas is a half gram cartridge and the strain is called Mac and Cheese. We couldn't find out too much about this strain, but just had to buy it from the name alone. This cartridge clocks in at just under 87% THC and the flavour is really nice. It's not a heavy-duty flavour, we think it's made solely from distillate with no additives, and it doesn't taste like mac and cheese at all, and we don't know if we’re happy or disappointed about that, but it's got nice uplifting effects.

On this trip, we noticed that when we take a hit off a distillate cartridge, we usually take shorter tokes. Our typical drag was 3-4 seconds, though when we amped it up to 8-9 seconds, we found the results were much stronger. If you find that cartridges aren’t getting the job done, maybe try and hit it at the same temp, but longer, to still have an enjoyable experience, but one with a better chance of having effects. The half gram M&C cartridge was $25, but on the sale that they were running, it was $8 off so, leaving only $17 to pay, which is a great price for a distillate cartridge.

We did purchase one more 0.5g cartridge and it was an Orange Sundae which is more of a sativa strain. Like the M&C, it does not have a super heavy flavour, but it's a nice, pleasant taste, a light kind of a spicy tang. Like the other cartridge, we found the effects pretty uplifting, especially if you're doing those longer, heavier hitting tokes. The Sundae cartridge was a little bit less smooth overall compared to the other cartridge; with the M&C, we could do a larger number of hits, we could do longer hits, and the Orange Sundae is just a slightly less smooth. If we had to decide between one or the other cartridge, we would go with the Mac and Cheese. Like the M&C, the Orange Sundae 0.5g cartridge came in at $25, but it was also on sale for $8 off so it was only $17 and that’s a solid deal.

Mmmm, Pina Colada Edibles

At this stage, we’ve got the goods that we can enjoy at the hotel, taken care of the portable situation, but for some real power, you need to have some edibles to give provide that base layer. The first selection we tried is a watermelon flavoured edible. It was not too bad, it's like any kind of candy but we did find it a little chewy, chewier than we would prefer. This pick didn’t taste nasty, but also not super tasty. We’d say it pretty average in the flavour department, but we found that two of these was a very nice dose. Even going up to three maybe a little bit too strong, so there was a little bit of punch to them. We’re going to give you the price on the watermelon gummies after we discuss the other gummies because it was a package deal. We got two packs of this type and one more kind of gummy, a New Leaf branded offering that was Pina Colada flavoured. Once again, this is a 10mg gummy and these were absolutely fantastic. It would have been better to get three packages of these, rather than two of the watermelon and one of these. The Pina Colada flavour was unbelievable, we would eat these as candies if they weren't infused. The Pina Colada gummies are nice and soft as well and lack the bite you would expect from eating distillate whatsoever.

One thing that we noticed is that the Pina Colada gummies had a little bit more of a punch. All the edibles we tried were of the 10mg variety, so maybe it's kind of in your head, but overall, there was good strength on the edibles. From an eating perspective, we preferred the second ones that we tried overall and in terms of the price, we purchased three packs containing thirty individual 10mg edibles at 10$ in total, but they were on sale at three packs for $25, so we paid $25 for thirty, 10mg edibles and that is a killer price for that.

So How Much Did I Actually Use?

Now that we’ve discussed what was purchased, and how we enjoyed what we bought, let's talk about how much we actually consumed. We landed on Monday at about 11am or so and probably hit the dispensary about 10pm that day. As we write this, it’s Saturday at about 10pm, so it's been a five night and six days trip. We have vaped and consumed as often and as much as we wanted, but we’re not making a point to try to overdo it, or just to consume it solely because we bought. It’s kind of like if you're at a restaurant and you don't just force yourself to shove it down solely because you paid for it. In a perfect world, you would put it in a doggy bag and take it home, but when you're flying home it's just not that easy.

We didn’t happen to have a scale on hand so we can't tell you exactly how much of everything we have left, but we’re going to do our best to estimate. Let's start by taking a look at the flower. There is three decent sized nugs left and if we had to estimate how much we had left, we would estimate there is probably a gram or a gram and a half remaining. There is also a little bit more left over from the hand busting up that we used in the DynaVap. We would estimate that there is roughly 1.2g of flower left.

Those numbers argue that we used a healthy amount of the flower. If you wanted to use any more than that and you'd need to be using a DynaVap out and about all day. Maybe if you're at home vaping all day you can get through an eighth, but we don't know what you're going on vacation for if you're spending it all day in your hotel room vaping. Thus, we think an eighth is a good healthy amount to purchase. We don't think that you're going to want more than an eighth if it's just one person using it and if you're only going to be doing it sort of sporadically throughout the day. If we had some zigzags with us, we would just roll up a big stomper and get through all this before we left but instead, we guess it's going to be a little bit of a tip for whoever's cleaning the room.

Next up is the Blue Dream crumble. We actually got through way more than we were expecting to. We really didn't know how this was going to work an addition to a DynaVap bowl, but it turned out to work perfectly. To estimate how much is left, there's probably about 15% left and with some quick math, we consumed over 80% of this crumble. This was probably the best purchase we made of the whole trip because it let you do dabs on the go without needing to have a dab rig. We probably would buy more crumble next time and bring something like a Puffco Plus; that would be the perfect on-the-go device that you can use in a casino or out and about and $20 for a half gram is a fantastic price. We don't even feel a little bit bad about having to leave some of this behind.

Too Many Cartridges

When looking at the cartridges, we would say this is the area where we really gauged our potential usage poorly. No one needs two 0.5g cartridges for a week, it was only because they were on such a good sale price that we decided to get two different kinds. Maybe if there was more of us or we were going super hard, sure grab a couple cartridges, but 0.5g for the six days would have been plenty for us. In general, cartridges are a little bit harsh, it's not like you can just hit a distillate cartridge all day long and not really feel it, so there is a limit on how much cartridge that we can hit, unless we want to bring like a water piece or something like that next time. Essentially, if we could go back in time, we would have only bought one of these cartridges; the second one was overkill. If they had a 0.75g cartridge or something like that we would go in that direction, and as they did have a 0.9g option, maybe one day. Still, we don't think we would have got through anything larger than 0.5g and that would have been totally adequate. This one is by far the hardest measurement to estimate, but if we think of the 1g of distillate that we got in between these two cartridges combined, we might have got through 20-25% of that max, so 0.25ish grams.

Finally, we have the edibles. This was another case of our eyes being bigger than our stomach as we weren’t able to get all through the edibles. The second pack of watermelon gummies is completely full; there's 10 of them in here. The first pack of watermelon, though, is completely empty and in the remaining pack, the really good Pina Colada ones, there's three of them left.  At this time, there's 13 of them in total left, but it's 1pm and we fly out tonight, so we'll definitely be consuming some of these before the plane. Safe to say, we’re going to get through at least three of these on the cab ride over, so let's round it up to four. That would leave a total of nine edibles left, meaning we got through about 67-68% of the edibles. We probably should have bought fewer edibles, but it was on a package deal, so a pretty good overall unit price on them. Realistically, we didn't need thirty 10mg edible for that length of a trip, but two packs of these gummies would have been enough.

Conclusion: I Bought More Than I Needed

That’s a brief a breakdown of what we bought, how we liked it, how much we used, and what sort of a purchase decision we would make next time if we repeated this trip. We hope that gives you a good sense about how much you might realistically use when you're on a trip, rather than how much you might think you use. Again, if you're using something like a DynaVap you are going to have a way better chance of getting through something like an eighth as compared if you plan on using pre-rolls for your whole trip, you're going to want to get yourself a quarter.

Thanks so much for taking a read, everyone, we really hope you enjoyed that. Now, we’re going to do our best to consume whatever we can before we go; we still have a couple hours till the flight so let's get lit.

Keep it green, keep it sneaky; we'll see you next time.

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