Flask Bubbler For Puffco Proxy A better way to use your Proxy at home, through a dedicated water bubbler.


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At this point, the Puffco Proxy is one of my daily drivers; I can’t get enough of its usability and aesthetic, but the vapour can be pretty hot. We’re proud to offer our first piece for the modular from Puffco to truly make the Proxy be what you want it to be, the Flask Bubbler. Customization makes a device truly yours, so let’s explore this option.

As mentioned, the only real knock on the Proxy is that if you’re using it as it was provided to you, all of your intake is through a dry, pretty short airpath and that leads to some coughing and sore lungs with extended use. The Flask Bubbler lets you add water to the equation and you’ll notice the difference right away. It features direct Proxy integration; you don’t need a water pipe adapter for a stand-alone water piece in this case. Rather, the Flask Bubbler IS the water piece, designed to fit perfectly with the base of the Proxy.

Standing 6” tall, the Flask Bubbler has a wide base for stability that also increases the size of the water reservoir with the flask style shape providing substantial cooling. The Proxy’s airpath will now lead through a disc percolator that has an abundance of slits for amazing airflow and little bubbles that would make Dom Perignon jealous. If you like using your Proxy dry, you’ll absolutely love it through water because you can use higher temps, which means larger dabs and more fun all around.

The Flask Bubbler features a comfortably curved mouthpiece to keep your face away from the hot end, and the arm is bolstered to the main body for additional stability and strength. After using the Proxy through water, it’ll be difficult to go back to using it dry, but luckily, it’s a decision that’s easy to make and unmake, based on your whims and desires. So, fill your flask from the cup of life and drink deeply, enjoying your new Flask Bubbler.

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