DynaVap WoodWynd Review An elegant, sophisticated hourglass shape along with a host of design enhancements make the return to wood at DynaVap a welcome one.


The WoodWynd Was Worth The Wait

It’s been a full two years since DynaVap last released a wooden vaporizer: the original VonG back in 2021. For us, the 2 years was worth the wait because we are really digging this brand new DynaVap device that they’re calling the WoodWynd. When we were initially exposed to the WoodWynd, we thought that it had a very sophisticated and upscale sort of a design to it, but the marriage of wood and metal is truly beautiful in and of itself and also, the XL length is perfect. The hourglass design is reminiscent of a 60s bombshell and is just as stunning. The WoodWynd sits perfectly in your hand and has a very nice balance between your fingers.

The WoodWynd is equipped with a stainless-steel cap, stainless steel crowns on the end of the wooden stem, then a titanium mouthpiece at the top. Functionally, the WoodWynd has the new titanium Helix tip and a titanium condenser inside the stem. The entire WoodWynd, cap and all, only weighs around 10g. For comparison, the M Plus weighs around 20g so this is an incredibly light and easy to handle vaporizer.

A Gorgeous Juxtaposition of Wood and Metal

That really sticks out about this stem is how the wood is married to the metal harmoniously. The joint itself is very smooth, but the stainless-steel end cap goes inside of the stem as well. While it's very easy to make precise things from metal, with wood it's a lot harder. In previous wooden setups from DynaVap, your tip was coming into contact with the wood on the inside of the stem, but now you get a metal-on-metal connection meaning that it's a very tight and a precise connection on both sides.

O-My, a Singular O-ring Size

Another thing we found impressive, and this is a first for DynaVap, in this vaporizer you only need one size of O-ring. The updated condenser has no O-rings involved whatsoever, and that makes things so much easier to clean. Now, the condenser interfaces with the mouthpiece, giving you a modular mouthpiece setup, and when the condenser is in place, simply place that into your device. With the WoodWynd, they've been able to completely eliminate the condenser O-rings which is such a cool design enhancement and evolution.

For reference’s sake, we do have a full video on the Helix tip available if it’s new to you, but essentially, this is an awesome new titanium tip from DynaVap that has an increased amount of surface area that is going to shield the heat from transferring down to your stem and wood is also a fantastic insulator meaning the will be a wild reduction in the heat transfer that takes place as compared to something like a DynaVap M Plus. Another example of the capabilities of this new tip, with the Helix, you’re going to get the best Adjust-a-Bowl experience that we’ve experienced. The Helix also has airports directly in the tip and that's going to give you the best possible air flow you can get in the tip, compared to some of their old tips especially. Another very cool addition for the first time since 2017, DynaVap has a brand-new stainless steel CCD in the WoodWynd. All in all, you Helix tip in the WoodWynd with that brand new CCD and though it's tough to gauge, it looks like it has more perforations in it, so we imagine it's going to get slightly better air flow, but either way, it looks cool, and it is nice to see a new design as it has been some time.

Incredible Machining and Design with Purpose

The triple helix design on the aptly named Helix tip has a stunning aesthetic, and when you look at the other end, at the mouthpiece, that same triple helix design is duplicated in the titanium mouthpiece and that’s really impressive from a design standpoint. Although the WoodWynd doesn't have the same taper as you see on M Plus for example, the mouthpiece is compatible with 10mm female joints, making it easy to use your WoodWynd with a water piece and you know we love vaping through water. With the two O-rings in the mouthpiece and two in the tip, you have four in total and they're all the same which is a first from DynaVap, and the mouthpiece has a couple little tricks that we thought were neat.

You don't need anything additional to use or maintain this device; you can get the CCD out or change the CCD position with the condenser, and the mouthpiece also fits into the tip, for two reasons. Number one, you can use the small end of the mouthpiece to push that CCD down into the very bottom position, or you can flip the mouthpiece so that the little side's pointing up big side’s pointing down and can then use it as a jig of sorts to give you that perfect half bowl position with absolutely no effort.

The WoodWynd has a straightforward airport and a small oval shape positioned right at the waist of the hourglass shape. You can leave the port completely open, closed, or you can feather your finger over it, it’s truly up to you.

The Perfect DynaVap for Almost All Use Cases

Overall, this is a great addition to the DynaVap lineup; as soon as we got one in hand, we really enjoyed using it. We love how natural it fits in your hand, the XL extended length gives the device so much more real estate to work with and it begs to find the right spot between your fingers. It's also something we’d consider if you are a real cloud chaser, as you can just plug the WoodWynd into a 10mm water piece to cool it down tremendously for those larger hits.

It's crazy to see just how upgraded and enhanced the overall lineup from DynaVap is now and their machining skills have increased noticeably. From something cool like the design on the Helix tip being mimicked on titanium mouthpiece to the inside of this stainless-steel crown engraved with the DynaVap logo, they’re doing some really creative artistry that can’t be ignored. We think that this is a very cool new addition, they've utilized wood in a functional way, and they've created a beautiful, sophisticated vaporizer in the WoodWynd.

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