Dynavap (Vapcap) Detailed Vaporizer Review


    The DynaVap (VapCap) is the closest thing to a vaporizer one-hitter.  It is an ultra-portable on demand butane powered vaporizer.  It has conduction and convection heating.  The cap gets hot and you pass the warm air through your material, so it has elements of each.  It is the smallest, lightest, most portable and potentially the cheapest vaporizer you will ever own. 

    The DynaVap is elegant in its simplicity.  This tiny simple looking thing is a powerhouse.  It is another “piperizer” like the Sticky Brick.  They ship to you in these plastic tubes.  You can also get Dynastashes that are very cool and can hold lots of herb.  They have a magnet to stand your piece on after your hit.  There are a wide variety of torch lighters that will work well with the DynaVaps.


    They have many different models, from glass to exotic woods to 14mm pieces to 18mm pieces, even titanium.  You can change the depth of the bowl, adjust airflow, or use them with water.  There is a $1 fat rubber mouthpiece that allows the basic model DynaVaps to work on a 14mm joint.  Really, they have a model for everyone and the majority of components can be mixed and matched so you can tweak your individual piece over time.  This modularity is extremely cool and very addictive 😊 you’ve been warned!


    The DynaVap gets heat by a butane lighter.  You can really use it with any heat source though.  It’s the ultimate “lights out” vaporizer as you can use a burning stick to heat it if need be.  Take off the cap and put your herb inside.  You can use ground herb or whole buds.  I recommend whole buds for max flavour and giving it a stir midway, but the biggest hits come from ground herb.  On certain models, you can adjust the screen positioning in the bowl to change its volume.  I think the default size is just fine though because it’s on demand so use as much as need be.

    The OmniVaps can adjust by turning the mouthpiece to adjust the airflow.  This impacts how dense the vapour is, the flavour, the temperature, all kinds of things.  It’s a very cool feature to have.  Once the tip is loaded, replace the cap.  Now you want to rotate the tip with the cap on while heating it with your butane torch lighter (or another heat source).  Several variables including the speed of rotation, distance from the heat source, the type of heat source, and where the heat is applied on the cap/tip will all control how the DynaVap heats up.  Heating it out towards the tip will make the cap click sooner and at a lower temperature.  Heat it farther down if you want a higher temperature at the click. 

    Once you hear and feel the cap do its click you know it’s time for your hit.  You can keep the flame on it for an additional second or two at most for a bigger hit, but any longer than that and you risk combusting.  You can use the carb hole to control airflow.  I usually go for one big hit per heat cycle, but I’ve gotten up to three hits before.  After your hit, wait for the click again to let you know it’s cooling down.  IMPORTANT:  Give it another 30 seconds after the click to cool down before you heat it up again!

    I typically get 2 – 4 sessions per load, but it depends on the quality of herb I’m using, ho many hits, how full the tip is, etc.  It is easy to unload and clear, just bang it against your ABV jar when its warm or use your getter-outter tool.  You can just toss the whole thing in isopropyl alcohol to clean it.  If you want to do more thorough cleaning and maintenance you can easily disassemble it to change O-rings and so on.  It really is low maintenance and an easy vaporizer to keep in good working order.


    The DynaVap is amazing with dry herb or hash and it is crazy good with pressed kief (link to presses) You can use your DynaVap with concentrates too but that’s not really for me.  I feel it would be too messy and I don’t like using cotton or hemp fibre, but a lot of people use it this way and enjoy it.


    Warming up can take 5 – 15 seconds depending on the heat source and technique.  I shoot for the middle at around ten seconds.  It is very fast to heat, an excellent vape for sneaky hits.


    This little thing does not look like much, but it can deliver some very surprising results!  The taste is fantastic.  Those first low-temp hits are unreal and the latter hits taste pretty neutral but not too crispy.  The pulls can be warm but I never found them harsh, which was surprising.  The airflow in such a small device really cools the vapour down somehow.  Leaving the shotgun open will make more airflow for a cooler hit, though it will also be less dense. 

    The tokes can be ridiculously massive.  Several times I was sure I had combusted as the hits were so big, but I never actually burnt anything, it was just the DynaVap being awesome.  The vapour quality to size ratio is the best I’ve ever seen.  This is kind of counterintuitive, normally the larger devices produce better vapour, but the little tiny DynaVap somehow gets amazing vapour out of its diminutive size.


    Your material will go a long way with this piece.  A small bowl can get you many good hits and I find that I take my herb further in this than in other vapes.  If you pack it really full it will need a stir midway for best results.  This can be a little messy.  Ultimately it is very efficient but the Sticky Brick does beat it in overall efficiency.


    Depending on the model these things can be bulletproof.  The OmniVap can be driven over with a car and still function just fine.  In fact, legend holds that the OmniVaps are forged by the same Dwarven blacksmiths who made Thor’s hammer long ago, but we can’t 100% confirm this yet.  Some DynaVaps are made from glass or wood and naturally, they’re more fragile than the stainless steel and titanium models.  If a part does break it is always replaceable, or even better, upgradeable.


    You won’t have a stealthier vape than the DynaVap.  It is the definition of concealable, like the Grasshopper it is the size of a pen.  Although, you'll need a heat source too.


    They’re about average.  They didn’t really provide the intensity that I get from Sticky Bricks, but the effects are certainly adequate.  It’s very easy to control the dosage and two heat cycles will get anyone going.


    DynaVaps (VapCaps) range from $35 to $169 USD.  If you’re not sure about them, get the cheapest one.  You can always upgrade later if you like.  The $169 OmniVap is made from grade 2 titanium and manufactured to incredible tolerances.  Do not let the simplicity fool you, this is a great design.  We have several models available on our websites and don’t forget that with a $1 rubber mouthpiece you can use any of them on a 14mm water piece like our Globe or Predator.


    The simplicity!  Anyone who had a one-hitter will like this vape.  It is a modern-day one-hitter.  All the units perform really well, you’re mainly paying for looks, materials, durability, and some added function like adjustable airflow.  There are some nice looking woods available.

    The DynaVaps are so easy to sneak into places.  They’re just around the size of a cigarette, and you can use almost any heat source.  They also have surprisingly good flavour and vapour quality, you’re not sacrificing anything here by going small with the DynaVaps.  To the contrary actually, the DynaVaps produce superior vapour to many of the big boys out there.  True story.  The clicking cap is very cool, that what initially drew me in, it just feels like magic.  There is some very clever engineering here, it seems dead simple but it is much more than meets the eye.  There are also a lot of options for materials so customize your DynaVap as much as you want.


    There is no precise temperature.  You go totally based on the “click” and feel and experience.  Some people won’t like the draw resistance, it doesn’t bother me but others may find the airflow to be too restrictive.  When you’re out and about it is best to keep your DynaVap in one of the tubes which detract from its stealth, but a DynaStash helps out with this some.  It can also be difficult to change the CCD screens and it’ll require a little time.  Not really something you can just do on the fly.


    The DynaVap is another vaporizer that delivers tremendous results without a battery.  It is so flexible that you can use it with any heat source and so small you can take it and use it anywhere.  It has great vapour production and quality and the clouds are never too hot, something that’s tough to do in a vape this size.  If you’re interested, drop $35 to try one out.  You will likely upgrade later on though, almost all of us have fallen in love with the DynaVaps and own multiple units.  As mentioned, they can be addictive.  Overall, I highly recommend this vape, it has a permanent place in my lineup.



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