DynaVap M Plus Review - Single Hit Extraction The DynaVap M Plus brings the largest chamber yet with single hit, full extraction capabilities.


The Newest DynaVap Vaporizer

The DynaVap M Plus is the newest member to the DynaVap lineup, and it is the first new M that they've released since 2021. This isn’t just another iteration of the M for DynaVap, instead it is a new model completely and it has some significant enhancements on the last M, and let’s take a quick look through what to expect from the DynaVap M Plus.

What Is A DynaVap?

First, what exactly is a DynaVap? Essentially, the DynaVap is a battery-free, dry herb vaporizer that is heated up with either a butane torch or an induction heater. Theoretically, one could use a variety of different heat sources like the engine of a car or a campfire as well, but most people stick to a butane torch or an induction heater. DynaVap devices heat up very quickly and can provide massive clouds, and they're also very efficient as they do not take much material at all.

Captive Cap Included

If you purchase an M Plus it comes in a newly designed green cardboard box and that's pretty much it. There’s also a QR code that’ll take you to their website if you want to see the instructions which can be handy if you need some help when you're using it for the first time, and it comes with the standard DynaVap captive cap. The cap has the captivations on the side to hold onto the tip and it is the standard cap, not the low temperature version.

M Plus Offers Single Hit Complete Bowl Extraction

Can you use DynaVap’s new Armored Cap on this? Yes, you can. Do you need to or should you? Honestly, that's going to be up to you because this is definitely a more powerful cap, so I'm not sure if you need to be focusing on the tip. That new tip is an important part of the M Plus and there's a couple reasons. The first reason is that this is DynaVap’s first finless tip. There are no fins on this tip whatsoever and that's going to accomplish a couple of different things; for example, you will have a faster overall heat up of the oven as well as adding the potential for more power. The new M Plus is capable of one hit extraction, so you’ll be able to completely vaporize your load in one heat cycle. This feature hasn’t really been advertised other than the B, but the B has that half-chamber, and the M Plus is a full-sized chamber with those same capabilities. 

The Largest DynaVap Bowl Ever

Not only is it a full-sized chamber, but this is also the biggest tip that DynaVap has ever released. With a 15% larger capacity as compared to the last M, this tip hopefully will satisfy those desiring a bigger DynaVap bowl; this is currently the largest volume DynaVap bowl that you can find. Keeping with the pluses, the M Plus tip does still allow for the Adjust-A-Bowl feature though, meaning that the half position is still available if you can get your CCD to land there properly. If you can’t get it in there as snuggly as you’d like, you can use our Half Bowl Converters with the M Plus as well. I prefer our Converters; they’re just much easier to use. The end of the tip itself is kind of sharp and that is also very intentional. You can actually use the tip of the M Plus as a grinder! All you need to do is just plug the pokey end into your flower and then use a technique built around twisting and pulling to grind up your flower and then load your tip directly.

Easy To Assemble With Less O-Rings

The final new improvement on the new tip is that DynaVap lowered the number of O-rings down to two. Improvements don’t always have to be complicated, sometimes less work and a better fit is enough. Inside of the new stem, you're going to find DynaVap’s standard stainless-steel condenser, and another two O-rings are going to hold that in place. Getting the condenser in and out is super easy and the nice because it has indentations inside of the stem it gets back into place perfectly and very easily. 

Incredible New Wood Stem Texture

The design aesthetic on the M Plus is stunningly gorgeous. Featuring a wood texture inlay with an intricate design, you’ll notice the new stem immediately. Other companies tend to chase DynaVap’s design, and this will be incredibly hard for people to try and copy. Oh, and we have to mention just how grippy it is as well. DynaVap always get better with the grip on every single iteration of their stem and this new M Plus is insanely grippy. The machining skills are absolutely top drawer; I think this is insanely intricate and really cool to see in a device.

New ‘Squareport’ And Pyramid Rocker

If you look towards the centre of the stem, DynaVap’s new Square Airport will be front and center, and there’s good reason for that. Not only is the Square Airport just easier to grab, it looks bad ass; it's easy to make a circular hole in a device but it's hard to make a square hole if you will. Really, DynaVap are showing off their engineering chops with this but it's also very functional as well because the Square Airport is indented into the stem, rather than just being a hole on the surface, making it a natural landing spot for your grip. The back side of the Square Airport holds the power of the pyramid. Err, I mean the power pyramid, a rocker of sorts that is, again, just so easy to find with your finger. When you pick the M Plus up, it's almost impossible not to just naturally put your finger and thumb in the correct place. The decision to include that pivot on the back of the stem with the Square Port equates to a simple side to side roll of the device between your fingers to let in a little airflow.

Mouthpiece Fits In A 10mm Water Pipe

Finally, let’s take a look at the mouthpiece. This mouthpiece natively fits in a 10-millimeter female joint so if you have an adapter, you could use the M Plus in your 14-millimeter water piece or alternatively, if your water piece fits 10mm, you can plug the M Plus in directly to use your DynaVap through water without needing to have an adapter. 

How To Get The Biggest Hit Possible

Now, if your goal is to use your M Plus to get that maximum power single hit extraction, and really, it should be, first of all I would recommend using the full chamber and not the half because if you're aiming for output, you’ll want to utilize that 15% larger capacity for your hit. From our testing, we found that the best technique was to fill your chamber to capacity, put the cap on and then aim your torch at the little divots that you see dotting the tip. Those intentional little divots act as the target you’ll want to aim your torch at. You can move the torch back and forth or rotate it a bit, but the idea is that you're pounding heat into those divots to sync heat into the tip at maximum possible capacity because the weight of this tip is at the back, near the finless section instead of at the front. Essentially, that's going to help act as a heat reservoir to give you that full extraction. 

No Need To Hit It Hard If You Don't Want To

I've been really impressed with the single hit extraction on the M Plus, but just keep in mind if you don’t want hit join the ranks of the hardcore, you don’t need to; you can heat the cap just like you’re used to with other DynaVaps and if you want an even cooler hit, don’t cover the airport to let in a little bit of fresh air when you're hitting it to help to cool things down while still giving you a nice satisfying hit. 

Top Features On DynaVap M Plus

So, what are our quick three favourite things about the new M Plus? First of all, it’s definitely the look. Not only does the stem look super cool, but it also feels super cool, too. There are just some things you really need to get your hands on to truly appreciate them and this really is one of those things. Our next quick favourite is one DynaVap fans have always asked for and that is the single hit extraction capability.  It’s really satisfying to empty a full oven on one heat cycle. Add to that, this is also a device where you no longer have to spin it, as long as you’re focusing the heat on those divots. If for some reason you're heating it on the cap, I would still recommend spinning the stem, but with the Square Port that’s easier too. Still, this is now a DynaVap that can kill a bowl in a single heating cycle with a 15% larger bowl capacity. The people wanted a DynaVap with a bigger bowl and while it's not double, or triple, it is 15% larger and that is going to help and combined with the single hit extraction capability, the hit that you can produce for that single hit can be massive. 

A Couple Of Things Could Use Improvement

On the flip side of that, when they have a new look like this it's always going to be polarizing. Some people are going to like it, some people aren't, so if you land on the side that you don't like how the new stem looks, well keep in mind of course you can utilize this new tip with any other stem in the DynaVap system. The 15% larger bowl is definitely nice and appreciated, but I would like to see 50% maybe because that'd be a real selling feature. They would need to totally re-engineer the tip, and that’s a whole different can of worms. We’ve already seen a bigger tip now, as well as a bigger cap and although that’s totally different, over time I think that's people would really like to see like a silly big bowl. 

A Great Value At $89USD

The M Plus sells for $89USD and is a pure medical-grade stainless-steel device that really should last you forever. So, even if you have a million Ms, I don't know if you want to get this latest one as well, but if you're looking for a DynaVap that has the biggest bowl capacity, single hit extraction, that you don't have to spin, I think that they've done a really nice job with the M Plus, especially that dope wood pattern.

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