DynaVap Armored Cap Demo - 4 Draws In One Heating Cycle A demonstration of a slow roasted DynaVap Armored Cap heatup - 4 hits from one heating cycle.


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Essential DynaVap Upgrade

The new DynaVap Armored Cap is such a great upgrade for pretty much anyone who owns a DynaVap. The Armored Cap has a number of advantages compared to your standard cap but there's a few primary ones that are going to appeal to the vast majority of people and we’re going to cover those briefly.

The first major benefit, and a major quality of life upgrade, is that you no longer have to spin the cap while heating it to make sure that you get an even vaporization. Instead, just aim the torch at cap until it’s reached its activation point and then inhale. Personally, I like to move mine around a little bit so that it doesn't get too red, but because this Cap is much thicker, the spinning is totally optional.

 Also, because this Cap is thicker and it has more thermal mass, the Armored Cap can absorb an extensive amount of heat in its core. As you see in the example, I raise the temperature up slowly and watch it heat in steps. First, you’ll want the tip heated to its peak temperature, then the cap and finally the material itself. After the flower is up to temperature, you’ll hear the familiar DynaVap click and then you’ll start to inhale. Now, because of the increase in thermal mass, not only is this Cap going to drink up more heat, but it's going to retain that heat for much longer as well.

 What I'm going to demonstrate is four hits off of one heating cycle. I have a full bowl loaded and I only heated it up the first, initial time. The total heating time was 52 seconds end to end, so, it is a substantial period; really lean into that and heat it low and long. The amount of vapour that I was able to get from one single heating cycle was impressive. I was really surprised that the 3rd hit was one of the, if not, the thickest hit of the bunch. I did not expect that at all. By the 4th hit as you’d expect, the vapour started to come out fairly wispy. The Armored Cap is made from stainless steel, and at 12mm wide, it will work in any induction heater that will fit it. 

Another thing that really impressed us was the overall look of the ABV. You would think with that with the large amount of vapour, the ABV might be pretty charred, even black, but our results were closer to the light brown, medium brown sort of side. So, if you wanted, you could probably push this for even one more hit, but we’re getting greedy. At the end of the day, we’re really impressed with the amount of vapour produced from a single heating cycle.

More Thermal Mass = More Vapour

Classic Cap geometry and unique branding features ensure that this Cap maintains its signature look, classic digger outer included. The stainless steel body has been given a matte-grey finish for long-term wearability - though it will acquire an attractive patina with use. You'll also enjoy enhanced, thicker extractions courtesy of the additional thermal mass, to allow for more thorough extractions and thicker vapour whether you're at home or out on an adventure.

No Spinning & Machined Heating References

The DynaVap Armored Cap is a must-have for any DynaVap dry herb vaporizer fan. Not only does it feature an enlarged design with more oomph, but it has a smaller logo that can be used as an aiming point while heating it - allowing for a more repeatable and consistent experience with no added effort. And don't worry about storage; this cap fits perfectly into every DynaStash!

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