Dr. Dabber XS Review The Dr. Dabber XS brings great battery life, tasty hits, and a travel-friendly size to the e-rig space.


What Is The Dr. Dabber XS?

Hey guys, it's Sneaky Pete here and today I want to show you a look at the Dr Dabber XS. This is a new concentrate vaporizer from Dr Dabber and as you'll notice from the design, it looks like a mini Boost Evo, which looks like a mini Switch, so essentially, they have a really small, a medium and a large version of a similar device but they all work differently. The XS is the smallest one and is clearly made for more portable use and it is quite a portable device in terms of being small, but it's not going to fit in your pocket. It has an external glass piece that is reasonably large and heavy in terms of being portable, but as long as you have a little case to put the device in, it's very easy to take it with you.

Glass & XS Components

The XS consists of a few different parts: the main unit, the body, the brains, the power, and the bowl, there’s everything you need to make the XS go. Finally, this is your water bubbler, and it is actually a couple different parts itself. It has a carb cap as well as a tether it’s attached to. The actual glass bubbler is quite small, but it does a really good job of not letting any water get into your mouth. The carb cap is a necessary tool to get those thicker hits and the tether does a couple different things; not only does it keep it in place, but it also acts as a bit of a seal. As it is a nice tight seal, when the carb cap is covered, you're going to get the thickest hits. The glass piece is easy to get on and off, just keep in mind it is a pressure fit, I can get it to drop off, but in general it is going to stay in place; there's no threading or anything similar to hold it on. 

USB-C Charging

On the back side of the XS you see the USB-C charging port that is going to bring it to a charge in 30 to 60 minutes depending on how dead it is and what you have it plugged in to. It also has pass-through charging so if it's low on battery, just plug it in and you can use it. I found the battery life to be really good for something this small and you get up to 35 heating cycles on a single charge which is very good for a portable. 

Quartz Chamber Stays Clean

The quartz chamber does all the actual vaporizing on the device. I've done a number of hits on my device and thought it's not like I've had this for two years, but it remains very clean. I'm actually really surprised there hasn't been any build up on this so far and I have been using it at the higher temperatures. Ideally, make sure after every hit or two, clean the bowl out with a Q-tip. You want to get rid of any residual oil, so it doesn't have a chance to bake on over subsequent hits. Just remove that extra oil as soon as you're done your hit and it'll stay way cleaner. 

Small Bubbler Works Well

A bubbler this size obviously won't hold a tonne of water, but you really don't need too much to make a substantial cooling difference. The bubbler has a line marker so that the user knows how much water to put add but do a couple dry test runs make sure you're not going to be inhaling it. It's a little awkward to fill the bubbler, but one thing that's cool is they give you a loading funnel to fill it easily. I was able to fill it from a normal tap just the same and it worked fine for me, but it's cool they give you a funnel because it just shows that they actually thought through the process and how the user will actually use the device. 

Single Button Operation

The XS is super easy to use, it even has single button operations. It's a straightforward system, you're going to click it five times to turn it on. It's going to tell you the battery level and four different battery markers of 25 percent each. You can select heat pre-sets between 475-, 525-, 575-, or 625-degrees Fahrenheit. I definitely prefer temperatures three and four; I find temperatures one or two a little bit light on the vapour side, but it's nice you have the low options because if you’re using super flavourful oil, or if you prefer the lower temperatures, at least you have the choice. I've been using this device at number four lately because I find that gives me the exact hit that I want. 

How To Use

It takes between 9 and 12 seconds to arrive at temperature, depending on what temperature you select, and it does vibrate to indicate it's ready to go as well. When you have the device turned on, the battery indicators stay lit up, so you know what your battery status is. If you want to change between those temperatures, you're going to click the button three times. That's going to heat up to purple which is the lowest temperature. The next highest temperature is blue, the second hottest is teal and then finally to green which is the highest. This is a little weird to me. I wish there would be a consistency across devices where red should be the highest or white should be the highest. Sometimes people make it purple or in this case green and if you're ever wondering what temperature you're at, just press it one time and that'll illuminate, indicating what temperature you have the device set to.

Demo Session On Temp 3

Going to do a small dab of some wax, I'm going to drop that right in the middle and then heat up to temperature 3 first. Next, I'm going to do a larger jab at the highest temperature. This is what I’d say is an average dab, and I can do this at the second highest temperature. When you are ready to do your hit, hold the button for three seconds and it's going to vibrate to let you know it is heating up. As you can see, the light is red to communicate that it is heating up. We're going to wait till it vibrates and then inhale. You can see it's producing vapour already as it heats up quickly. You’ll get a super tasty hit on the second to highest temperature. It's not ultra thick but it is reasonably thick, it just depends how cloudy you want it to be. I use the Proxy a lot on the go and one thing I notice about the XS is the heating cycle is way shorter. You may prefer this; I find that I do. Sometimes on the Proxy, it's too long and the XS just seems to get your hit in you a little bit quicker, rather than extending it. 

Demo Session On Max Temp

I want to show you one more hit around the same size. This is a bigger dab than I would do at home, but I’m not at home right now, so I’ve got to do a bigger dab. Let’s amp up to the very highest temperature for this dab. I'm going to triple click the button and now we see it's at green, the highest temperature. Net, you’ll hold the button in so that it's heating up and wait till it vibrates. Now, we're ready to go and you see a little bit of vapour coming out almost right away. It heats it up very quickly and it may be a little bit of waste, but it's just part of the concentrate process; such is life. While lower temperatures provide great flavour and a nice amount of vapour you can see when you turn it up to temperature four and put a good size dab in, that's when the real vapour production starts, and I am definitely feeling that one. 

Pros & Cons

Overall, I'm quite liking the XS as a portable concentrate rig; that's what it's meant to do. It's meant to take out of the house, to go where you go, and I think it does a good job of that. It charges up quickly with the USB-C charging, you get a tonne of hits from one battery charge, and I find that the hits on the highest temperatures are totally adequate for how I use it. If you're a heavy-duty dabber, I don't know if this one's going to hit quite hard enough for you, but at the highest temperature, you're going to have your best chance. I like that it doesn't have an extremely long heating cycle. I find the one on the Proxy a little bit long sometimes, but I find it's almost borderline too short on this. I would like it a little bit longer but only by two or three seconds. Dr Dabber do a way better job with the actual timed heating cycle on the XS and it's not too long. They sell the XS for 160 US dollars, so compared to something like a Proxy this is way cheaper. Whether or not you're going to like it better than the Proxy, that's really going to come down to your personal preference, but overall, I think they did a great job with this little portable concentrate rig delivered at a reasonable price to get nice, tasty hits that are of adequate size, but just not massive size if you're a real cloud chaser.

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