Double Dragon Cooling System - Video Demo Dual 10mm & 14mm joints and designed to excel wet or dry, the Double Dragon Cooling System doubles down on function.


Double the Options, Double the Fun, Double the Dragon

The Double Dragon Cooling System is a glass piece that's designed to give you options that each make an impact and the first one that will grab your attention is the dual joints. The design includes both a 10mm and a 14mm female joint and simply, this allows you to use the Double Dragon as either a 10mm or 14mm piece. We would never stop there, of course, and the unique thing is that you can also use both joints at the same time to double your power, double your fun. Ah, the Doublemint Gum Twins. Where were we? Right.

Two Different Sized Input Joints Open the Floodgates

Conveniently, there is a glass stopper included for each of the joints. If you want to use your Double Dragon as a 10mm specific piece, remove the 10mm stopper and keep the 14mm in place. Conversely, if you want to use it as a 14mm piece, put your 10mm stopper in place, take out the 14mm stopper and replace it with your device.

Something that you will love about the optional second input, even if you're not going to use two devices at the same time, you can utilize it to easily empty your piece. For example, you can be inhaling through the whip and then just lift the remaining stopper out to clear the piece instead of having to lift the physical device out of the glass piece; it's just a lot easier.

If you follow the dual joint down towards the main reservoir, you’ll find an arm that bolsters the glass joint to the main body for additional stability and it then the joints connect to a large, central tube section. The large central tube section has a second, green-accented cylinder inside of it and finally, the airpath feeds out to a mouthpiece.

There are a couple of things that we want you to notice about the mouthpiece, and the first is that it is angled. This angle was chosen so that the included whip mouthpiece sits in the joint a lot more naturally, and it also lets you use a glass mouthpiece if you prefer. There is not a glass mouthpiece that’s included with the piece, but it is optional if you prefer that solution to using a whip.

Designed to Cool Down Vapour, Wet or Dry

The second option that the Double Dragon offers is a choice: do you prefer to use the DD as a dry piece or do you want to use it as a water piece? We really like to utilize both options. It's great to use the Dragon as a dry piece because it has 3D indentations on both the down stem as well as on the mouthpiece arm of the unit. Those indentations are going to help to pull some of the heat away from the vapour as it passes by, making for a cooler experience overall. If you use the Double Dragon as a dry piece without water, it still cools down your vapour tremendously as the long airpath creates additional time for it to pass through glass and that is going to pull some of that heat away from the vapour. Also, the dry airpath provides additional time between when the vapour comes out of the device and into your mouth and this helps with both the cooling and to reduce harshness.

If you want that next level of cooling, though, simply add water to the Double Dragon just like you would with a normal water piece, and it will function just like a traditional water pipe. You're not going to need to putt a tonne of water in the DD, you’re just striving to get the next tier of cooling If you find using it dry doesn't give you exactly what you want in that department.

We Prefer the Purity of Dry Hits

For us, we prefer to use the Double Dragon as a dry piece because of the cooling that it does provide without having to use water. This results in the absolute purest possible flavour that you can possibly pull from your vapour without any of it getting lost in the water or getting coloured by having murky water in your piece.

In the video review of this glass piece, we show you how it acts with two different hits. The first that we take will be a 10mm hit dry without water and next, we take a dual hit with a device in both a 10mm and a 14mm with some water added to cool the vapour down a tad.

The Double Dragon is a very functional and flexible piece. It offers two different sized joints so that you can use either a 10mm or a 14mm piece and if you really want to kick it into the next gear, use both of them at the same time. If you prefer using it dry, it is going to give you the absolute best flavour and the purest vapour that you can experience while still getting some of that really necessary cooling or you can even add some water and it's going to function more like a traditional water piece. Whichever way you decide to use the Double Dragon, it's going to do a great job at cooling down your vapour and it's going to look pretty cool while doing it.

Keep it green, keep it sneaky; we'll see you next time.

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