Jyarz Classic

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Sneaky Pete Says:

I love these storage containers!  Jyarz come in a variety of sizes, and they allow you to store and transport your herb in glass rather than plastic.  The protective outer layer is made from recycled milk jugs, and it houses an inner glass container to store your herb.  Jyarz seal through the outer thread and the inner gasket, meaning they are highly smell and water proof.  With that tight seal, you also get UV protection, meaning that Jyarz are an ideal way to store your herb at home or on the go!  

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Key Features:

  • 3.5g capacity
  • 3" tall x 1.25" wide
  • odour and moisture protection
  • stores your herb in glass rather than plastic
  • rugged and durable
  • modular and long lasting

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A Great White North Vaporizer Company Customer
Sylvia G.

Always with me

Love this thing. I've always have it near and it is perfect for what I wish to have with me. Keeps light out also which can age herbs very quickly. It might be waterproof to, I'm not sure. I use the lid as a stand for the glass section. I will probably be buying another one soon.

Neil K.

Good storage container

I got 2 classic - red for Sativa (red in the head) and yellow for indica (yellow is mellow). Because I’m trying different strains to see the different effects, I’m buying only 2g at a time. That’s the perfect amount for this size container, anything more you will have to squish the nugs a bit and I would recommend a larger container if you have more than 2g. Smell proof, lots of colors.... it’s great for small amounts. One minor annoyance is that for a fatter nug at the bottom you have to hold it upside down and shake it or stick your finger in there because it’s so narrow and gets stuck. If you have fat fingers that could be a factor.

malcolm m.

Dope storage ;)

Jyarz are awesome! I've never owned a purpose built herb container before, used to always just use baggies or pill bottles or random Tupperware or tins to hold my stash. These little dudes are perfect smellproof stashes and they keep your herb as fresh as the day you got it, love that the inside is all glass, really quick to clean get get little shake crumbs out of. I'm strongly considering completing the jyarz collection going forward :p. Ordering from vapenorth is a pleasure, super cheap and reasonably fast shipping, and the candies are always a welcome bonus!



I called Pete and he personally recommended this product to me. I decided to take the risk (they're not cheap). I am extremely happy with my purchase :) I take this with me with ground flower in it, it's the best way to vaporizer try it out yourself and tell me I am wrong