What Is The DynaVap HyperDyn? (Top 5 Things To Know) Experience unparalleled vaping with DynaVap's HyperDyn – bigger bowl, all-titanium build, and unmatched durability for the ultimate upgrade.

Introducing the DynaVap HyperDyn: The Game-Changer in Vaping

Hey guys, it’s Sneaky Pete here! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen the new HyperDyn from DynaVap. This is the most interesting release from DynaVap in a long time and, to use a cheap pun, definitely their biggest release ever. The HyperDyn is the first DynaVap to deviate from the standard size tip and cap they’ve used up to now. So, here are 5 things you need to know about the new DynaVap HyperDyn.

1. It Has a Way Bigger Bowl

The bowl on the new HyperDyn is the first thing you notice because it’s way bigger than the standard-sized bowl. There’s been a number of people yearning for a bigger bowl on their DynaVap, and their prayers have been answered. The new bowl is about 2.5 times the capacity of the old one, now fitting a crazy 0.25g per load. You can put an M7 with a cap on in this bowl and still have room leftover. While there’s no half bowl position on this one, it still uses the same CCD that you find in the other tips.

2. It Has an All-Titanium Build

DynaVap already has titanium devices, but the HyperDyn takes that to the next level. For this build, everything is made out of titanium except for the 4 x o-rings and the thermostat disc on the tip. DynaVap has made the HyperDyn cap out of titanium, which is a first for them. The cap is also machined like the Armoured Cap rather than pressed like the normal cap, making it thicker and more durable than a standard cap. Overall, it’s the most durable device that DynaVap has ever released.

3. Compatibility with Any DynaVap Stem

Even though the HyperDyn is such a radical new design, it’s still compatible with all of the stems in DynaVap’s lineup. The big new tip connects to the stem using the same sized connection as a regular tip, meaning you can use your HyperDyn tip with an M7 stem, and you can even use the HyperDyn stem with an M7 tip. It also uses the same o-rings and CCD as the OG models, meaning you don’t need separate parts to maintain it.

4. It Has a Really Good Adjustable Airflow System

The condenser doesn’t need any o-rings, which is great, and has seven different positions it can click into the mouthpiece in. This is how you adjust the airflow. You can go from maximum restriction, which is perfect when using it in a water piece, to maximum airflow, which opens the thing wide up. Most people will probably settle somewhere in between, but there is a huge difference between open and closed, so experiment to see what you like the best.

5. Gorgeous and Super Durable Body

The HyperDyn is gorgeous, the lines and styling of the device are just stunning. The airport and rocker concept is totally different on this stem; it has a flatter profile that draws your hand to the right position like a magnet. It also works with both a 10mm and 14mm water piece so you can take full advantage of that larger bowl. The whole thing has their new DuraDyn finish, which not only gives it the beautiful rich color but also makes it super durable. Raw titanium is quite soft, but with this DuraDyn finish, it’s not 100% scratch-proof but is extremely scratch-resistant.

So there you go, that’s the new bigger, badder HyperDyn. What’s your favourite feature on it, and are you getting one? Thanks for watching and see you next time!

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