Volcano Hybrid Onyx Review The best desktop vaporizer on the market gets an exciting new performance update and adds a whole new way to use - with a balloon or a whip!


Faster Than Ever

After more than a decade in the making, the Volcano Hybrid modernizes the worldโ€™s premier desktop vaporizer and positions it to lead well into the future. Beginning with a more powerful double-helix heat exchanger, your new Volcano will be at vaping temps within 45 seconds; three times faster than older models. The new heating system is a patented hybrid design that combines primarily hot air convection with a metal conduction ring and a more durable valve. Not only is the heating system hybrid, but its operation is now dual use as well. You still have the classic balloon option, but there is a new whip/tube on a freely rotating valve that can spin 360 degrees. The dual-use function is perfect for one person enjoying a balloon or a group of friends passing around the whip with your Volcano vaporizer as the party centrepiece.

Customize with Intuitive App

To top all the improvements off, a wonderfully executed mobile app lets you control basic and complex functions of your new Volcano Hybrid. You can turn on/off and preheat, but you can also program workflows to fill your balloon the way you prefer. Like all Volcanoes before it, the Hybrid is made to the absolute highest of quality standards and will last you for years and years.

The Only Medically Certified Vaporizer Company

Storz & Bickel is currently the only company in the world that produces medical grade herbal vaporizers. They are certified in ISO 9001 and 13485, fulfilling all essential requirements to legally develop and manufacture real medical devices. For the team at Storz & Bickel, this is about the actual applied science of healthcare. With the upgrades, the overall user experience, and the quality of Storz & Bickel, this vape is definitely worth its price tag. Purchasing a Volcano Hybrid isn't just buying a vaporizer. It is making a sound long-term investment in your health and in a hobby that we all love and partake in on a regular basis. We believe your health is worth every single penny.

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