Venty Glass Accessories & Water Pipe Adapter While the cooling unit on the Venty is one of the best around, these new glass stems & WPA will take things to a whole new level!


Cool Down the Hottest Portable Vaporizer Around

Hey everyone, today we want to show you a few custom accessories we recently produced for the VENTY portable vaporizer from Storz & Bickel. The VENTY is one of the smoothest portables available, but if you think the VENTY can give you the same level of cooling through the included cooling unit as it could through a full-size water piece, you're kidding yourself. Clearly, it's going to be way cooler through a water piece, so, we want to show you a few different options that we have that you can use with a VENTY if you don't want to use the included cooling unit.

The Rocket Stems Makes It Easy to Use you VENTY Plenty

The first piece that we want to show you is the VENTY XL Rocket Stem. This glass piece is near identical to the XL Rocket Stem that we make for the Tinymight 2 but of course is optimized for the VENTY. The Rocket Stem comes apart into two different pieces: a silicone base that has a built-in, permanent screen and the glass piece itself. The glass section will be the piece that will need cleaning and we’ve made it dead simple to clean. To get your glass looking brand new, all you need is a plastic bag and about an inch of isopropyl alcohol. Next, you’ll simply put the glass piece into the plastic bag, let it sit for an hour, give it a shake and it is going to look brand new. Of course, this method works with most glass pieces, making it easy to clean any piece of glass, even something with a lot of complex beads like this. To install it, take your VENTY’s cooling unit off, put the glass section back in your silicone base and twist it on to your VENTY. You’ll be able to see it lock into place and that secures everything snugly.

The Rocket Stem is going to help cool your vapour down two different ways. The first stage of cooling is the installed glass beads that are going to absorb a lot of the heat from your vapour. Essentially, the heat is going to stay in the beads and it's simply not going to be inhaled by you. The second cooling element is that the natural airpath forces your vapour to pass through all of these beads so that it's not just a straight, direct shot into your lungs. Anytime you have a level of complex air flow, you're going to notice a significant increase in cooling. As a bonus, the beads are also going to act as a filter, so if any particular matter does make its way into the stem, the beads are going to catch those bits before you have a chance to inhale it. Personally, we don't mind the plastic on the basic cooling unit, but some people just simply don't like it and having something like the XL Rocket Stem on your VENTY allows you to bypass all that plastic in your cooling unit and instead, you're inhaling through glass. This is our first dry stem for the VENTY and we’re super happy with how it turned out.

There is Nothing a Little Water Can’t Fix

It's no secret we love using water to cool down our vapour and the Curved Bubbler is our first creation for the VENTY.  The great thing about using a water piece like this is that it has a self-regulating water level. You won’t need to guess how much water to put into this Bubbler; you're really not even able to make the decision if you wanted to. This water piece is designed to autofill, so you're just going to hold it under a tap for a few seconds, let it fill, turn the tap off, and it's going to drain most of that water out and once it's done, just inhale and the water is going to get situated inside perfectly. You really only need that much water to get effective cooling with the Curved Bubbler.

Like the Rocket Stem, you'll find the Bubbler is made from two parts, the silicone base with a permanent screen, and the water bubbler itself. The Bubbler section is going to be the part that you clean in ISO; don't soak it though, just give it a good rinse. Don’t soak silicone in ISO, though, just put the glass piece back in place, then attach the Bubbler onto your VENTY. Once the Bubbler is on your VENTY, you can rotate it until you get the perfect orientation, but just having that curved end on the bubbler situates it in a very comfortable position so that you can still hold the device as you normally would. We would recommend that you still orient your head as you normally would so that you don't have to get over top of your device which is the number one way to drool during a session (it happens).

When comparing the Curved Bubbler to the Rocket Stem, while the Stem is your dry option, the Bubbler provides a little bit of moisture; they're both going to do a good job cooling your vapour, but some people just find that little bit of water really helps with the hydration and reduces that harshness even more than you can do with a dry stem. Personally, we think it's great to have options and we find we that we use the Rocket Stem more while on the go, and then we use the Curved Bubbler more often while at home.

Adapters For Everything Else

The last device that we are going to show you today is our silicone Waterpipe Adapter for the VENTY. The cool thing about this Waterpipe Adapter as you might notice is that it has that same screen on the bottom that you’ll find in the previous two devices, but when you turn it around, you can see that the stem has a metal lining. The VENTY is a tall and heavy device and if this was solely constructed from silicone, it'd be all floppy and it would fall over while in your water piece. Having that security of the added metal piece inside gives it way more rigidity and it does a way better job of staying in your water piece.

When you look at the top of the adapter, you’ll notice that it has a taper and that's intentional as this Adapter will work in either a 14mm female joint or in an 18mm female joint. Even though all of the accessories we addressed today have a screen on the bottom of the silicone, we would recommend using dosing capsules. Ideally, with dosing capsules the whole situation is going to be much cleaner even though with any of the pieces we went through, there really isn't going to have much maintenance at all even with heavy use. But, if you do use dosing capsules, you're going to be cleaning even less as there’s no loose flower to get caught in anything or gum anything up.

While the cooling unit on the VENTY is one of the most effective out there and it gives you some of the craziest smooth vapour you can get from a portable in its default setup, it's hard to compare the dry cooling unit with something like a larger glass dry stem or especially when you're running your vapour through water. If you like your VENTY native, you have to try some of these third-party accessories, we think you're going to like it even more.

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