Vape Talk Episode 49 Simrell Warhead, Tadpole Pipe, Terpometer & more!


Simrell Warhead

The Simrell Warhead is a unique new take on a classic way to do concentrate from the Simrell collection. An easy way to think about it is a modern-day nectar collector, but this is really designed to work in a different way, as well as fix and improve on limitations of that system.

The Simrell Warhead is made from pure titanium, and it fully comes apart for easy cleaning. You have the a-dab-ter, pun intended, which plugs into your favourite DynaVap stem. The core is this long central titanium piece which also contains and intercooler, and then at the bottom you have the Warhead itself which attaches with a screw in joint. This allows you the option to change out to different tips in the future when they are released. While you can use this with an M for example, Austyn really recommends using this with an MVS or similar system with an intercooler. As you are doing concentrate without any water cooling, the cooling that you get from an MVS or something of that cooling capability makes a world of difference.

The other part of the system is the stainless-steel dosing dish, which screws apart to reveal the iris and moat of the dish segment which you use to complete your hit, and then the lid side has this handy rest which will work to keep your Warhead off the table. The genius in the system is really shown with the dosing dish and how it functions, as concentrates tend to run away when they are heated, but this keeps your hit in place, and allows you to easily finish off the remnants that escaped from the central iris into the outer moat in your initial hit.

Using the Warhead system is easy, you are going to heat the Warhead itself until it is red hot, and a Blazer Firefox is the perfect choice for this job. After it's red hot, you want to wait until you complete your dab, or it will be way too harsh. Austin sells these Terpometers on his website which do a great job to tell you when it is time to hit it, but you can definitely learn it over time without needing to use a Terpometer.

When you first heat up your Warhead it might tell you it's around 800°F, then you want to overheat and wait until it is around 600°F to 650°F, before you go in for your hit.

The rounded titanium bottom is going to melt the concentrate, and the vapour itself will get pulled in these little holes as you inhale. 

To use the system, place your dab directly into the centre of the dosing dish, and gently press the Warhead down to start melting the concentrate while you inhale. If the concentrate jumps out of the iris, you can either move the Warhead around the moat to melt that, or you can go back in for a second heating cycle later. Using an MVS gave me way cooler vapour than I expected, I expected this to be super harsh and make me cough, but rather it had exceptionally good concentrate flavour and I think it was so smooth because of the good airflow that you get.

I really like concentrate but sometimes I find it way too strong, but with this system I am getting nice and strong concentrate hits, without it being over the top. I think the system helps self-regulate as if you are dabbing too big and too hot it will make you cough, but when you use it properly it is a fantastic concentrate experience.

The system is bulletproof and should last you forever, and this a-dab-ter will also work in a Healthy Rips rogue/edge or Planet of the Vapes One, so you can use your MVS as a cooling stem in those vapes with this component.


Tadpole Pipe, Peaker, Mighty Zipper Case

The Tadpole Pipe is almost like a different take on the globe. It includes that spherical main body shape which holds a good volume of water, but on the Tadpole, you get a 45° 14 mm female joint along with this curved mouthpiece. The combination of the 45° joint and curved mouthpiece, means that you don't have to worry about hitting your vape on your nose or on the brim of your hat, it keeps everything well away from your face.

On the down stem it has these decorative green frog dots, feeding into a four-hole percolator for that classic bone chug, but with way better airflow. A spherical body gives you a large volume of water which is going to help cool things down even with this smaller water piece, but because of the way the mouthpiece is curved, you can still pull on this pretty hard without getting water in your mouth, but of course that depends on how much water you put inside and how hard you chug.

This has been my water piece all week and I've been using it mainly with the freight train, and I've been really impressed at the performance it offers, because it is on the more compact side, and the hot freight train stays well away from my face with this setup.

The Peaker recycler brings a totally new style and drastically improved cooling abilities to your Puffco Peak or Peak Pro. The new Peak Pro glass is an improvement on the old version, as it holds noticeably more water to give you enhanced cooling. However, it still doesn't hold very much water at all, and some people still find the device harsh even at lower temperatures. The Peaker recycler will hold more water than the standard glass, as it has a secondary segment that sits off the main body to add more volume. 

Along with the blue internal glass and mouthpiece which just looks cool, the Peaker will give you recycling action when you chug hard on your Peak Pro. When you are sipping it, the water piece will bubble like the standard glass, but when you remove your carb cap to clear it out, you will get some recycling action which helps to add even more cooling than with a large water volume because of all the bubbling. Any third-party glass like this won't fit in your Peak Pro case, but other than that it's the only way I use my Peak Pro as the experience is better with enhanced cooling.

Finally, we have a very straightforward but highly recommend accessory for any Mighty or Mighty+ owner. The Mighty+ is one of my most used portables, as I like its incredibly consistent performance and the fantastic vapour it produces. But it is not a cheap vape, and I don't like just throwing it in my backpack. The Mighty+ Zipper Case is the perfect solution, as it is still reasonably compact and easy to take, but it’s perfectly sized to hold my Mighty+, and keep it in place with a simple elastic strap. The Case is going to protect it from any knocks or bumps it might take, but it also gives you a separate section with an elastic pocket to hold parts and accessories. You can fit a battery bank, charging cable, as well as a ton of dosing capsules in here, making it the ultimate travel case and adding a ton of utility to what your Mighty+ can do. Keep in mind you can put whatever vaporizer you like in here, essentially if it is smaller than a Mighty+, you should be able to fit it in here as well.


Terpometer/Terp Timer

Next, I want to show you a couple of different tools to improve your concentrate experience, and they are both designed to help you dab in a more traditional way, but at the proper temperature. The nice thing about e-rigs is the temperatures are electronically controlled, and when you use something like the Simrell Warhead or a traditional banger, you are more left guessing at what temperature you might be dabbing at, and it is hard to optimize the experience to dab at your desired temperature.

The Terpometer works through contact through conduction and measures the heat of any surface that you place it on. On the one side it features a screw off tool, and there are a few tools that you can put on here to use as a dabber. This makes it a handier two in one system, it can be both a dabber as well as measure your banger to see when it is time to do your dab. On the other end it has the temperature sensor, and there are two springs connected by a piece of metal, which you place directly on the surface you’re trying to measure, which will display on the screen in real time. It has a micro-USB rechargeable battery, and you turn it on by clicking the button three times. This will show you the battery level as well as the temperature as soon as you place it on something.

It arrives at the temperature quite quickly, and you can either keep it on your banger or the Warhead, or periodically touch it to get the temperature. One thing that is cool about this system, is the display will change from blue to green to red, depending on the temperature. This is made to give you a good general guide as to the temperature you want to do your hit at, rather than looking for a specific number, which is super helpful for new users looking for some guidance.

The Terp Timer rather uses a wireless thermal sensor to measure the temperature of your banger rather than using contact. Some people will prefer this as it is a hands-free way to find the perfect temperature, rather than needing to touch something on the surface. The Terp Timer allows you to set a pre-set temperature, and this will either blink or beep to notify you when your banger is at temperature, so you don’t even really need to be paying attention that much.

Simply heat up your banger with a torch, and you don’t have to worry about trying to hit the right temperature, go over the amount you think you need to do. Then you will sit your Terp Timer under the banger, and wait until you hear the beep, then you are at the proper temperature to take your dab. It has a strong magnet on the bottom so you can attach it to something to measure temperature if that’s easier, and the rechargeable battery will last most people a few months of regular use which is crazy.

I find once you start doing dabs at the proper temperature, there’s no going back to the guesswork. I hate doing my dab too hot and burning it on the banger, or too low where it just sort of melts and you waste your dab. Either one of these systems will eliminate those issues completely while still allowing you to enjoy the satisfying analogue method of concentrate usage.


3 Best Things About Vaping Through Water 

The primary reason I recommend vaping through water so much is that I feel it not only improves the experience in a hugely beneficial way, but more importantly it also eliminates some of the most negative aspects of vaping flower. I want to go over three of the main benefits of running your vaporizer through a water piece and talk about how they are going to enhance your experience and remove some of the things that may cause people to not like vaping.

The first thing it is going to do is cool and condition your vapour. The vapour that comes directly out of a vaporizer is very hot compared to the air you normally breathe. It cools down quite quickly in your body and is not hot when you exhale, however your throat and lungs do not like that initial hot vapour.

Running your vaporizer through a water piece is going to allow that vapour to cool substantially before it even enters your system. Removing that heat helps remove a huge amount of the harshness, and it will minimize how much you cough. When I say running it through water conditions your vapour, I mean it is going to help hydrate the vapour and make it more tolerable on your throat. vapour has a very drying effect on your system, and after a long session that can result in harshness and even a scratchy feeling in your throat.

Even running your vapour through a small amount of water like in a bubble straw for instance is going to hydrate that vapour, making it way less dry and harsh on your throat.

The cooling and conditioning alone should be enough to convince you to try vaping through water, but it also has additional benefits, like the ability to take substantially larger hits.

If you think about every impressive vaporizer cloud video you have seen, they are almost exclusively done through a water piece. That’s because you can simply take massively larger hits through a water piece than when you’re hitting a device dry, because it is so intense and hard to take massive hits with a dry vaporizer, and if you do, you’ll be coughing like crazy. When you rip that same vape through a water piece, you can take a double the hit with a fraction of the coughing. For people who are looking to replicate that bong experience this can be very important, as it can be for people who simply need a substantial amount of vapour to have a fulfilling experience.

Finally, once you start integrating your vaporizer with various adaptors and glass pieces, it really enhances the hobby aspect of the experience. if you just have one vaporizer and you use it every day, it does get a little stagnant or even boring after a while. People like variety and trying new things and adding in glass is the perfect way to branch out in the hobby.

Glass does not have to be expensive, so you can experiment with different size and types of water pieces, as I like to run different vapes through different water pieces as the experience is a little different with each model.

You can try different specific adaptors for the same vaporizer as they can physically integrate with the water piece differently, or you can use a multi adaptor like a master adaptor which lets you use multiple different vaporizers through the same water piece. Vaping through water is the number one thing you can do to not only improve your experience by removing heat and harshness, but to also add some fun and interest into your set up.

I hope you enjoyed this episode and check out and where you can find all the different products and accessories you see me using in my videos. 

Thanks so much for watching guys, I really appreciate it.