Vape Talk Episode 46

Hey guys, it’s Sneaky Pete here, welcome to Vape Talk. Vape Talk is the series where I talk about new products that I’ve been using recently, as well as older products in my repertoire that have found their way back into my current lineup.

Joe King Turbo System

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There are a lot of different third-party DynaVap stems on the market, with most designed to give you a cooler and less harsh experience than the default setup. Usually they feature modifications like additional length on the stem itself, or increased air path complexity like on the Simrell Intercooler and the new Revolve Stem, but the Joe King Turbo System works differently than most.

The Turbo System is designed around three removable ‘bullets’ inside the stem which spin physically while you inhale, to add turbulence to your vapour. These bullets can be utilised with the included clear glass stem in a number of different configurations that will give you slightly different results. The glass stem has a carb hole which is not in the middle, but is offset closer to one end. This offset means you can place the bottom bullet (which has an o-ring around it) at either end of the stem, and then stack the other two bullets facing either up or down, which will alter which bullet(s) will rotate and the direction they rotate in.

The rotation of the bullets is definitely angle dependent, if I inhale while the stem is completely vertical and then I continue inhaling as I move it to be horizontal there are a couple of dead spots, but due to the configuration options you can find a position where they will spin at whatever angle you like to use it.

You can fit a condenser inside the bullets, meaning that you can use these in other DynaVap bodies. I didn’t have nearly as much luck with the rotation when I tried them in standard DynaVap bodies, so personally I would probably just use them with the included glass stem or a similar one, but the ability to use them with other stems is a really cool detail that opens the door to a lot of experimentation.

Vapbong (Aromatizer)

The first time I saw the Vapbong I was fascinated. I had never seen a device that looked or was built quite like this. It is truly a unique device in my collection. Each Vapbong is hand made from ceramic, so no two are the same, there are certain styles you can purchase, but each unit is unique. The Vapbong is a substantial device; mine is 11 1/2” inches tall and weighs in at just under 2kg when it’s full of water. It’s both a vaporizer and a water pipe combined, so this is an all in one system with no extra parts or adapters required.

The power comes from a massive ceramic heater that delivers an incredible amount of pure convection heat to your flower, which is held in the removable ball section. The hits that you can get from the Vapbong are absolutely massive, and they are super flavourful because of the pure convection action. Anytime you’re getting pure convection and large hits it’s going to knock you on your ass. I leave my power adapter set to 10.7, and it’s a perfect amount of heat to give my flower a nice light brown with a very thorough extraction.

On the Vapbong website they say you can leave it turned on 24/7, which is a massive benefit to me, I love this one for the anytime, on-demand action. It’s even better when you connect it to a smart plug and have it turn on and off automatically based on your personal schedule. It’s super easy to load and unload, the included loading dish makes it simple to just tilt your flower into the bowl. Just shake the little ball to stir your flower up, and then pour it out when you are ready for a new load.

The look of the Vapbong may not appeal to everyone, but I think it’s one of its most unique selling points. It’s a talking point in your house, if nothing else. With no need to replace any adapters, hoses, or parts, it’s an incredibly low maintenance and fundamentally simple system that is built to last forever while giving you top-level performance.

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Smoked Edition Sneaky Pete Mega Globe

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The Sneaky Pete Mega Globe is our most popular water pipe, it’s been a big hit for us, largely due to the fact that it was designed specifically to use with vaporizers, so it’s perfect for daily use. We wanted to offer it with a brand new look for the new year, so I’m happy to present the new Smoked Edition of the Sneaky Pete Mega Globe. The Smoked Mega Globe shares the same dimensions as the original clear Mega Globe, but features beautiful smokey grey glass. The great thing about this glass is that although the tint looks sleek and sophisticated, you can still see through it, so it remains easy to assess the vaporization process.

The Smoked Mega Globe features a 14mm female joint that feeds down to a stereo matrix percolator which provides massive amounts of resistance-free airflow. Connecting a vaporizer to any water pipe will slightly restrict the airflow, so you don’t want your water pipe adding any of its own resistance. The Smoked Mega Globe’s volume is calibrated to be ideal to use with a vaporizer when it’s filled with water to about half an inch above the top of the percolator. This gives you enough water to effectively cool the vapour down, and the total chamber size is perfect for you to be able to clear it entirely in a single hit. The centred top joint and the large water volume also makes it a super stable piece that will work well with virtually any vaporizer you use it with.

The Smoked Mega Globe package includes a nice long whip with a smoked glass mouthpiece and 14mm 90° adapter, a smoked glass cooling mouthpiece with internal cooling nipples, and a keck clip to lock your whip or cooling mouthpiece firmly in place. Having the option to use the system with either a whip or a mouthpiece is really nice, I find that with different set ups, like a desktop versus a portable, my preference changes.

Oldhead Accessories

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Brian from Oldhead Trading Co. is the guy that brought you the Terp Torch and the Hot Rod, and he also makes really cool accessories that are handy for pretty much any user. Today I want to talk about two of his metal accessories, the first one is the Oldhead Measuring Spoon.

For something that is only 2 1/2” inches tall and half an inch wide at the base, the Oldhead Measuring Spoon is heavy. It weighs in at 37g and is machined from a single piece of stainless steel. Looking at the spoon end, it has a generously sized scoop that has a nice curved bottom, as well as high edges, the top edge also tapers towards the opening. Each of these elements make it easy to use to scoop flower from any grinder, as well as loading up a vaporizer without spilling the cargo.

On the other end is the tamp tool, and this works with quite a few different devices, such as the Mighty+ and Crafty+, the Hot Rod, Sticky bricks, and even for vaporizers with larger bowls, like the ELEV8R. The Measuring Spoon is weighted to give you the perfect tamp automatically, just hold it about an inch above your flower and let it go, the weight of the spoon will give you a nice flat tamp and then you’re ready to go.

The new Oldhead Stir Stick is a sleek tool made from stainless steel, designed to be temperature safe with hot bowls, and easy to clean. It’s a better version of the simple tool that everyone needs. It stands 3.25” inches tall and weighs in at 9g, it feels nice and sturdy, and you would have to put quite a bit of pressure on it to bend it. it tapers into quite a fine point so it would fit in even the smallest space, and the point is rounded so it won’t scratch you or your bowl.

The opposite end of the Stir Stick is flat so it will stand upright on your desk, and it functions as a tamp tool for smaller bowls like in an Arizer stem, or a DynaVap. It’s also designed to help put your CCD into a DynaVap, it perfectly matches that size and fits into the tip. For only US$12 it’s an affordable and useful tool that anybody should add to their setup.

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Glass Add-A-Cap For DynaVap

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The Glass Add-A-Cap is a really cool device that is going to be available in our store soon. We are going to have a couple of different sizes and styles, but they will all work in the same fashion. I like to think of the Add-A-Cap as a glass one hitter. This isn’t just a glass DynaVap tip or a stem, it’s a one-piece tip and stem combo, with a built-in permanent glass screen so you need no CCD or tip, you simply add a DynaVap cap and you’re ready to vape.

You heat it up in a similar fashion to a standard DynaVap, but because it’s made from glass there are some major differences. First, you should give your cap a squeeze so it’s nice and tight on the tip. Make sure you heat the cap at the midpoint so the glass doesn’t get too hot, and it’s best to utilise it as a one hitter, doing one hit per load and then changing it out. The main difference in function is that without having the metal tip to absorb heat, the thermal energy is transferred much more quickly and efficiently to your flower. This results in a nice quick click when you heat the cap at the halfway point, so make sure you don’t overdo it.

The flavour that you get from the Add-A-Cap is absolutely fantastic, it’s as pure as you could hope for because of the quick and efficient heating, and the pure glass construction of the system. To load it you can either scoop or press it into the flower in your grinder, and you don’t need to load it completely, it will work just well with a half-load. Because it works well with a small amount of flower, it’s also a crazy efficient system. I experimented to find my ideal amount of flower to put in a load to have extract to my liking in a single hit. Even though I reload it every time I want a hit, it would take me a crazy amount of time to get through a single gram of flower, and I’m enjoying clean effects and fresh flavour from every hit.

Regardless of which model you select, this is a very inexpensive vaporizer, and even more so if you already have a DynaVap cap. So the barrier to entry is very low for anyone wanting to experience true and pure flavour through this simple and brilliant design.

I hope you enjoyed this instalment of Vape Talk. Check out and where you can find all of the different vaporizers and accessories you see me using in my videos.

Thanks so much for reading and watching guys, I really appreciate it.

Keep it green, keep it sneaky!