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Question and Answer

Infinite spin or back and forth?

    In my HydraVong review, I asked which method you all prefer for heating your DynaVaps.  I prefer back and forth, it seems uneven when I do infinite spin.  Which way do you do it?  Let us know down in the comments.

Is vaping hard on you?

    That’s a tough question as it depends on the individual, and it’s definitely not smoking.  I consider it one of the healthier vices, but in general, I recommend some cardio because heavy breathing helps the lungs.  Practice deep breathing exercises.  Also, vaping through water helps me.  A little water doesn’t just cool, it also conditions the vapour making it smoother.

Should I get the new Volcano Hybrid?

    I’ve had this question a lot lately.  I try to not tell you which vapes to buy – I want to give you good objective information and then let you decide what vape is right for you.  For me, the new Volcano is worth it without a doubt.  It is a different calibre of vaporizer than most, if not all the others.  The company is probably the most reputable in the industry and this is their flagship model.  If you’re on the fence and kind of wanting one, I will say you won’t regret it.  My Volcano has been rocking my world daily since it joined my lineup.

Currently Vaping

Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid

    If you haven’t already checked out my review of the Volcano Hybrid be sure to.  I thought I’d use it less after making that video, but I am still using it like crazy.  One of the main reasons is its ability to work with water.  You can use your water piece via the whip or with a 14mm male-to-male adapter for balloons.  It’s allowed me to experiment with higher temperature settings and it’s another aspect I love about this vape.

The Cart Rocket

    This is a cool cartridge vaporizer that we’re going to be selling very soon.  It’s an easy way to use your cart dry or on a water piece without needing an adapter.  The Cart Rocket fits natively on any 14mm or 18mm female piece, but it is a little tall, so you’ll need to make sure there’s room in your downstem.  There is a removable 18350 battery that’s capable of a crazy amount of hits per charge and it has three power levels plus the option of inhale or button firing with preheating.  If you enjoy ripping carts through water as I do, you’ll enjoy this vape.

The Devil’s Pitchfork, The Mini Can, and The Master Adapter

    The Devil’s Pitchfork was an idea I had that we were able to do in both a dry and wet version.  It holds TWO DynaVap tips, doubling your capacity and potency.  You heat it up just like normal, it takes a little practice, but just pay attention for the extra clicks - once you get the hang of it this thing is a little beast.

    The Mini Can has a 14mm joint and is available in both orange and dark grey.  It’s a very portable piece that goes with me all the time.  It’s small enough to travel but still hold plenty of water to condition your vapour.  As you can see in the video, this particular joint is too short for the Cart Rocket.

    The Master Adapter is a killer new accessory that fits many different vapes to different water tools.  It’s actually a two-piece adapter, you take out the little interior section that has stepped tiers for most round mouthpieces and the larger piece fits more vapes.  It’s silicone so it’s very flexible and durable.  The Master Adapter has been very useful for me and it may replace several adapters you’re currently using.

    Finally, I got an interesting new product to try called The Cartsdom.  It hold’s up to 8 cartridges and you rotate it to get the one you want.  It’s a neat idea, some silicone at the bottom would be good as it’s a little clingy.  But the innovative solution for cartridges is interesting.


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