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Vape Talk Q & A

1)  Are Cartridges Safe?

    I’ve seen this question on postings about dry herb vapes, so there is clearly a lot of conflation happening here.  Not all vaping is equal.  There are many activities that people refer to with the blanket term “vaping”, clearly more specificity is needed.  A Grasshopper loaded with ground cannabis flower is very different than an e-cigarette filled with nicotine salts.  Based on everything I can find, the problems are coming from pre-filled cartridges people are buying on the black market.  I wouldn’t vape anything that's not from a legitimate source.  Personally, I prefer to get my own distillate and fill my own cartridge.  That way I know not only what I’m vaping, but what I’m vaping it in.

2)  What is a good vape pen?

    These were popular long before cartridges took over.  It seems like the development of traditional style vape pens really fell off – most companies are producing larger rigs with water like the Carta.  Some people are using rebuildable drip atomizers like the TRVP Atty because they’re customizable, affordable, and give amazing flavour and performance.  Do you use any kind of vape pen that isn’t cartridge-based?

3)  Can I hit a bowl and come back to it later?

    We covered this one a while back, but it gets asked often and I wanted to add to my original answer.  Yes, you 100% can.  You don’t have to finish your entire bowl in one session, you can finish it a week or month later, but you will lose some flavour and it’ll be a little dry and stale.  One thing that will help with this – try adding just a little pinch of fresh flower to the top of that old bowl.  You’ll be amazed at how much that little bit of new bud enhances the taste.

Currently Vaping

The Grasshopper

    I originally reviewed The Grasshopper back in August 2015, so it’s been over 4 years, and a lot has happened since then.  This vape is known for being kick-ass when it works…  The company has struggled with reliability issues and there are horror stories about warranty repairs taking 9 months, replacements breaking on their second use, etc. and a lifetime warranty doesn’t matter if your vape is always at the manufacturer for repairs.  Lately, they’ve been talking a lot about the upgrades/improvements made to the Grasshopper, so I decided to give it another try.  So far, it has been awesome.  The back end doesn’t heat up at all which is huge for me.  They don’t include this silicone tip for some reason any more, which is a shame, I think I prefer it to the performance front end.  I’m planning on putting some heavy use through this new Grasshopper and re-reviewing it sometime soon.

The Vapwood Timber

    The Timber is a full convection handmade wooden vaporizer that is a more complete package.  The upper wood section houses a stainless-steel coil and the stem is made from wood with a glass interior.  The Timber also features a DNA 75 control board built directly into the vape, so you don’t need to add an outside mod.  Some people will really appreciate that as adding a mod and dialling it in can be confusing if you haven’t done it before.  This one is already tuned and ready to go.

Wet-winder and WoodScents

    The Wetwinder is a ton of fun and my favourite new way to use my DynaVap through glass.  It’s similar to the Sidewinder, but it has a 14mm male joint on the end and a shotgun near the top.  You can get some huge hits from this piece, and the extra draw resistance creates very fast extractions.

    I’m also using our new 2019 WoodScents by Ed’s TNT.  This species is Mexican Bocote, only available at Sneaky Pete Store and Great White North Vape Co.  The kit includes an insane amount of stuff, you get a great log vape, but you also get lots of extras including a full DynaVap setup.  If you want to invest in a top-quality desktop unit that also includes a lot of DynaVap stuff, the WoodScents is a great choice.

Mini Nail micro e-nail

    The Mini Nail is a small e-nail made for concentrates.  It is entirely made in the USA, which is cool to see.  They have a few different options for use.  I’ve got their Swiss honeycomb tube, the quartz hybrid deep-dish nail, and it’s all linked to this blue microcontroller box.  The system all feels high quality.  I’ve used some cheap e-nails, and this feels much better made.  Temperature regulates very consistently, I like hitting it on the low side, between 500 and 600F for the best flavour.  They also include a sweet Space Needle dabber/carb cap combo.  If you like dabbing but aren’t a fan of torches, an e-nail is something to consider.  It can dial in the exact temperature without any guesswork or chazzing.


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