The NEW DynaVap B With George! Entry level pricing with better than expected performance.


๐Ÿ›’ DynaVap B ๐Ÿ›’

Join me for a live interview with George from DynaVap, where he shows us DynaVap's latest device, the B, in detail!  George has a fantastic way of explaining, and this interview offers incredible insight into the thought process of the design, the intended goals of the B, and the best tips on how to use this exciting new low cost vaporizer!  Read more about the new DynaVap B below:

Be excited, Bโ€”E excited, DynaVap has created another amazing product and weโ€™re proud to showcase the DynaVap B! This new, entry level vaporizer is super affordable and has unbelievable value.

The DynaVap B has been designed to hit harder off of the first hit, providing high-level performance for that entry level price. We love to use it dry with the airport wide open for exceptional execution and ease of use.

The B features a silicone body that can handle exceptionally high heats โ€“ way higher than weโ€™d ever approach โ€“ and allows for easy cleaning while showcasing a pentagon shaped, anti-roll design. One of our favourite features of the B is that DynaVap has gotten the build down to five parts in total: no more o-rings! 

Designed to work dry or with 10mm accessories, the B has the ever-popular half-bowl capacity that provides better flavour and performance.  The efficiency is off the charts; youโ€™ll be able to recoup your money in no time from what you end up saving on flower. 

The DynaVap B is a perfect entry to the DynaVerse, the performance enhancements make it a must buy, even for the most hardcore collector.