The Ispire Wand Review - DynaVap Induction Heater & More Satisfy needs you didn’t even know you had and experience the future of dabbing. The Wand is the only induction heater that works with concentrates or DynaVaps.


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Physically, The Wand feels like a big beefy remote control, it weighs in at 250g with the batteries inside, and it measures 159mm (6.25”) x 44mm (1.75”) x 32mm (1.25”), so it’s quite portable and easy to take on-the-go with you.

The batteries are housed under the sliding plate on the back, and on the bottom of the device you’ll find the USB-C charging port, USB-C is always nice to see. On the top of the device there are three buttons which control operation, along with the screen that displays your information, and finally, outlined with red is the induction heater itself. To allow for use with the induction cups the induction heater area is much larger than one you would typically use for a DynaVap, but that doesn’t stop it from working just the same to heat one up.

There’s a good amount of kit included to get you started, you get the Wand itself, two 18650 batteries, two concentrate induction cups, two different styles of 14mm joint banger (one is straight and one has an angle which will work better on certain water pieces), a USB charging cable, and a carb cap.

The way Ispire has designed the cups really is ingenious, when you look at them you’ll see there is an inner ring of metal which absorbs the heat, but that metal is completely encased in glass. This means your concentrate or flower will only come into contact with glass, and that you can clean it like regular glass since the metal is completely covered. It’s a really smart idea and it works well.



The included batteries are 2900mAh 18650s, they’re going to give you a lot of heating sessions if you’re heating up a DynaVap, but less if you are using the induction cups, because you’re going to be running much longer cycles that way.

Overall, I am really impressed with the battery life I’m getting and it’s lasting way longer for my mixed usage than I expected. Keep in mind that not only does it have USB-C charging so it recharges quickly, but it also has replaceable 18650 batteries, so you can just pop in fresh batteries at any time to give you essentially infinite battery life.

While the battery life is good, I don’t find the battery meter to be terribly accurate. After a full charge it will usually show me three bars after the first hit, but then go up to four bars and then go back down to three, it doesn’t really have an impact on the operation though.



To turn the Wand on, press the large button five times, it'll flash the Ispire logo and then tell you your firmware version, my one is running version 00.15. I have seen a version that has an option to change between oil and flower mode, but my version doesn’t seem to feature this and it just shows the oil logo. The oil mode works perfectly with concentrate, flower, and DynaVaps, so it’s not an issue.

The + and - buttons change the temperature in 5° increments, it has a massive range, going from 120°C (250°F) all the way up to 425°C (800°F). To switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit, just hold the + and - buttons at the same time. When turned on, The Wand stays in standby mode for quite some time and you can just press a single button to get it back to life, it does automatically turn off completely after a long period of time though. If you want to manually turn it off completely, press the large button five times.

You can use it in one of two modes, either manual mode or automatic mode. To use it in manual mode, hold the large button down until the cup or your DynaVap reaches your set temperature. When you first hold the button down the Wand will blink with a red light, then once you put over something metal it will engage the induction heating and pulse a white light while it’s heating up. When it arrives at your set temperature the white light will stay on, then you can go ahead and start your hit.

To use it in automatic mode, double press the large button, and then place it on the induction cup or put your DynaVap in it. One great thing about automatic mode is that you can take it off and on throughout the cycle and it will just re-engage the heating, so you can sort of feather the heat while in use.

I think of the Wand as more of a manual induction heater than the automated ones we are used to, obviously you can use it in an automated fashion but it really shines in manual mode because it allows for user customization in terms of technique.

Ispire also makes a little tripod for the Wand, so you don’t need to hold it while it heats up, this could be quite useful as it can take a while to reach concentrate level temperatures, I haven’t tried it but it looks pretty handy.



The great thing about this system is that you can consume concentrate without having to use a torch, while still having your concentrate only come into contact with glass. It’s also nice to be able to dial in very specific temperatures, similar to something like an enail. I have been using it at 375°C (710°F) myself, but I recommend that you experiment with a range of different temperatures and find one that works best for you.

I like to use auto mode, so I double press the button and then place the Wand over the cup. As soon as the light goes completely white, which takes about 50 seconds, I take the Wand off, load the dab in there (which will melt right off), and then put my carb cap on. I would recommend inhaling while you load your dab, so you don’t lose any vapour, and I wouldn’t recommend inhaling super hard, as you will pull a lot of heat away from the cup if you do.

Since I don’t like doing massive dabs this is a really good system for me, you get a nice consistent and satisfying hit without it being ultra intense. If you prefer massive dabs I’m not sure if this is going to retain enough heat to really accommodate them and I think it might bubble and make a mess. Aside from massive dabs though, the system works well and produces really nice tasting and smooth hits.

After your hit, make sure you use a Q-tip and clean the cup out thoroughly, it's also a good idea to clean both the cup and the banger in isopropyl alcohol regularly. I'm starting to get a little staining or buildup that's not coming off with alcohol, but I'm pretty confident I could get it off with something a little stronger like dark crystal cleaner.



I often find that devices like this, which are designed for concentrate, try to add flower functionality to expand who it can be marketed to, but it usually doesn’t work very well. In this case though, it actually works better than I expected, the Wand makes a convincing conversion to a dry herb vaporizer and I have been able to get some pretty decent and strong flower hits from it.

The thermal extraction taking place for flower is in the form of conduction, the metal ring inside the glass retains heat and that provides the heating to your flower. Because this is a conduction device and since there is a hole in the bottom of the cup for the extraction to flow through, I find I’m getting far better results when I pack my material in there reasonably tightly, similar to how I would for a device like the Pax 3. If you go for a loose pack you’re going to get a lot of flower coming down through the hole and into your water piece, so I put my finger over the hole from underneath, and then use my Ed’s TNT Pack and Stir Tool to pack it down so that it sits flush with the metal ring.

For flower I use the Wand anywhere from the lowest temperature, which is 120°C (250°F), up to 150°C (300°F), I wait until the light goes amber and then I hit it while using my finger to feather the carb on and off. You can also use the carb cap from the Focus V Carta, which fits quite well. Doing it like this I get consistent results and quite an even bake on the material if I stir in between hits. I’d recommend starting your hit very gently as soon as you see vapour and keeping it gentle throughout.

The hits are decently tasty and it’s extracting pretty consistently overall because it’s nice and packed in there so the conduction is able to work properly. I do think it’s worthwhile to experiment with the Wand for dual purpose use, you can get some rippers out of this setup.



When using the Wand with a DynaVap it is a little different compared to other induction heaters you may have tried, but it’s one of my favourite functions of the device. I consider this to be more of a manual induction heater compared to an automatic induction heater, like the Orion for example. What I mean is that the open design allows you to add a lot more user input than a regular induction heater would. For example, I like to have my tip poking out the top, so I focus the heat on the fins and the chamber for a few seconds, and then I put the tip in so I get a later click. You can also just put your Vong in a water piece and then hold the Wand on top while moving it around, or even put it back on mid-hit to add a little extra power to your session.

The easiest and most consistent way I found to use the Wand with a DynaVap is to utilize the included banger. Just put the banger in the bottom and then hold it with a finger. Put the Wand on auto mode, and then just place your DynaVap into the banger to let it heat up. It takes a while to heat up like this and I would recommend heating for about two extra seconds after the click, but this is by far the easiest way to do it and you don’t need any extra equipment other than what is included.

It took me a bit of time to get a handle on how it operates but this has become one of my favourite induction heaters in my collection.


I love how versatile the Wand is. It works really well as a concentrate system, decently with the dry herb extraction cup, and amazingly as a standalone DynaVap heater, so you’re getting 3 in 1 functionality.

The fact that the kit includes a lot of stuff that you will actually use makes it really good value, and when you add the fact that you’re getting three functions from one device it makes the Wand a crazy good investment.

The battery system has pretty much everything you could want in an induction heater, USB-C charging and replaceable 18650 batteries. That adds so much versatility and longevity to the device, which is awesome, I just wish the battery meter accuracy was better on screen read out.


The temperature readout seems like a timed calibration, rather than actually measuring the temperature. For example, if I heat it up to 300°C, turn the device off, and then immediately heat it up to 300°C again, it will take just as long as the first heat cycle and take the temperature way beyond 300°C. So it does seem to be quite accurate in terms of the temperature you are trying to use it at, but that seems to be a timed calibration from a cold unit rather than actually measuring the temperature.

It can be a little awkward to hold while it heats up to a high dab temperature as it takes a decent length of time. If you are using this for concentrate I would definitely recommend checking out the tripod.

I’d like to see them give a little more design attention to the flower cups because I think as a conduction extraction device it has a lot of potential. It really needs some sort of screen at the bottom so you don’t get bits of flower in your water piece. It also works better when you use some kind of a carb cap and the one that’s included doesn’t work well for that, so a few small changes could really improve it.



Overall, I’ve been really impressed with the Wand by Ispire. I figured I would only want to use it as a DynaVap induction heater, but for someone like me who doesn’t do massive dabs, the system works really well for concentrate and gives you very predictable hits. I think with a little work they could really improve the flower induction cups, but it definitely has potential and they’re a great addition for anyone who wants to thermally extract flower on the odd occasion.

This is one of my favourite DynaVap induction heaters I’ve ever used, as I really like the manual addition to the process. You can heat it low on the tip, right on the very end of the tip, or you can just do it in the banger, which just makes it a hands-free and super easy process. Also, because of the shape it’s really easy to use something like a Vong directly in a water piece and then just place your induction heater on it, rather than heating it first and then placing it in your water piece.

With the awesome battery system, the multi-use flexibility, and the value this device offers, I find it easy to recommend the Wand, especially at this cost, and I think even if you plan to purchase it only as a DynaVap Induction Heater it would still be worth every penny.