The Insider Bubbler For Puffco Proxy - Product Demo The Insider Bubbler for Puffco Proxy is a substantial piece of glass with a large water reservoir for serious cooling.


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Push Your Proxy To The Limit

The Puffco Proxy is renowned for not only its powerful engine, but the ability to take said engine and modularly and connect it to different devices. You know we love the water pieces, and the Insider Bubbler for Puffco Proxy is a girthy, substantial bubbler that is heavy and robust, just like your fifteen-year-old bong, but much sexier. The Proxy is really designed to be hit at the highest of temps, and with a water piece like this, a scorched throat will be the last thing on your mind.

Substantial Cooling Water Piece For Proxy

Some of the water pieces we’ve come across for the Proxy are a little on the thin side and definitely seem to be geared towards the portability of the Proxy, not its ability to put out massive, choking clouds. But if you’re not using the highest temp setting on the Proxy, you are doing yourself a serious disservice. Now, you definitely don’t want to turn it up to 11 natively, but a solid bubbler like the Insider is your ticket to smooth-ville.

Full Sized 7.5" Tall Bubbler

The Insider stands at a respectful 7.5” tall and has a nice wide base so you can really bear down and giver. The intake joint was designed specially to fit the Proxy perfectly and it also protects all of the internals with the joint. The internal connection takes advantage of a small recess to make it incredibly difficult to accidentally turn it on. The intake leads to a super wide disc percolator with a phenomenal amount of air slits to provide super free airflow to help you take those large, silky hits.

Go Ahead & Turn It Up

While you don’t have to fill it up the entire way, the Insider Bubbler holds a substantial amount of water. Luckily, the glass is shaped to pull water back into the reservoir, not your mouth. Finally, the mouthpiece itself sits quite far from your Proxy giving you an open view of your workspace and lots of room to work with. You really need to turn your Proxy all the way up to take full advantage of it and the Insider Bubbler is the sizeable step up from your pocket-sized glass that’ll keep you coming back for more.

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