The Elephant (In The Room) Pipe - Product Demo The Elephant Pipe stands at a towering 9” and on a wide base that provides the stability you desire.


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The Elephant (In The Room) Pipe

How would you describe the sound an elephant makes? Is it more like a trumpet mixed with a cat’s purr or a brassy growl? Regardless, elephants are known more for their trunks and stability, and our Elephant Pipe brings plenty of both. Well, less of a trunk and more of a downstem, but you feel me.

9" Tall With Angled Intake Stem

The Elephant Pipe stands at a towering 9” and on a wide base that provides the stability you desire. The downstem of the water piece, or the trunk if you prefer, has a popular 14mm female connection that includes a bolstered arm to echo the stability from the base. Rather than sitting straight up and down, the trunk sits at an angle so you’ll be able to use larger and wider devices than you could with non-angled glass.

High Airflow Stereo Matrix Percolator

The trunk leads to a stereo matrix percolator that is, once again, bolstered to the bottom of the pipe. This style of percolator emphasizes high airflow and that means bigger, cooler hits and with the large body on the Elephant Pipe, you can really hit it hard. The percolator sits close to the bottom of the reservoir, and as you only need to add enough water to cover it, you can skimp on the liquid for a more flavour focused session. Of course, you can add substantially more water if you want to prioritize coolness and also add additional weight.

90° Whip For Easy Placement

The Elephant Pipe includes a 90° silicon whip for maximum flexibility in both the placement of your water piece and your seat. Want it on a counter and sit on a nearby chair? Giver! With its superior visuals, stable base, angled trunk, and stereo max grid percolator, you really can’t miss using the Elephant Pipe with all your concentrate and dry flower rigs.

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